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  1. You really can't hone nikasil unless you have a diamond hone. And in the pic the plating is looking a little thin. If you know how, take the 6 measurements and see where your at. But I think it'll be a little out of shape and the plating needs addressed
  2. I'd send that cylinder out with the piston to be plated. Sone wear on the one side it looks like
  3. Sheerider11

    problem with rebuild

    Well the more I started the bike trying to diag it the easier it got. It's to the point that I'll go to it after sitting for 5 days, probably 40ish degrees, third kick. Struggle on the second then on it's own by third. Maybe the assembly goo was to much in the way, maybe just needed to free its self up. But so far so good. Now just need the spring time. Also still need to resolve my clutch issue. That has been a battle.
  4. Sheerider11

    problem with rebuild

    Timing is dead on. Runs super rich. think one of my sensors went out. Really leaning on coolant sensor. It starts super easy with hot start. then runs great. Puts out a nice puff of black smoke too.
  5. Sheerider11

    problem with rebuild

    Just rebuilt my 14. When I can get it to start, it has a slow idle, knocks a bit, and then gets to a normal idle speed and sounds normal. No knock but sounds like a pop at the stab of the throttle and will cut out. I'm really leaning towards the timing being of by a tooth. Any good rmz guys in nj? I didnt check valves yet. Figured they should have been in spec. The shop did all new valves seats and everything.
  6. Sheerider11

    2014 rebuild

    Well all done. Fired it up for a few seconds and shut it down. Need my front sprocket and chain on. But it started and ran.
  7. Sheerider11

    Some parts I'm not sure where they go

    Yup I got it thank you. Had the manual downloaded but damn computer pooped out.
  8. Sheerider11

    Some parts I'm not sure where they go

    Cant remember where they go. Think the washer goes behind the idler. The spring I'm lost.
  9. Sheerider11

    Which ecu map plug

    Usually a exhaust will lean the bike out. So it would make sense to have the rich map in. But try them both and no plug. See what you like. Also yeah a dyno will be the best for everything.
  10. Sheerider11

    18 Handguard install

    The cycras can for sure take some work.
  11. Sheerider11

    Rmz450 engine reed valve

    14 reed valve is all the way at the bottom
  12. Sheerider11

    2014 450

    Then I have an issue. I've rebuilt the caliper, new pads, SS line, and bled the system 5 times. Still feels mushy and has a hard time locking up the wheel on dirt
  13. Sheerider11

    Equip '13 Rmz450f with Rekluse or...

    I have a rekluse on my race atv. Best thing I have ever done. I race xc/gncc. I will never go back to the standard style clutch. I can't wait to see if I can find a used set up for the rmz.
  14. Sheerider11

    2014 rebuild

    Put these stickers on my parts. Already told my buddies it's a full yoshi factory build.
  15. Sheerider11

    2014 450

    I was reading about front brake upgrades, but its was for 08s and old bikes. The brakes on this bike are not as good as others. Anyone have anything? Is the Honda master still the way to go?