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  1. My ole girl is 12 & wearing down. I feel ur pain man. Sorry.
  2. havaride

    Home prices rising faster than pre-crisis boom

    Yeah man, some actually make it thru our havasu summers as well. Pisses me off, the city tolerates them living & sh!tting down by certain areas of the lake. These same areas I'd not b allowed to camp over night at. In fact we recently had a fire @ one of these locations & volunteers couldn't even help clean up due to all the used needles & filth.
  3. I just ate a plate of cookies for dinner. They were delicious. Girl scout?
  4. Sir! If u can't lift the soda, u don't need the soda! And during this whole damn thread we thought riding dirt bikes was dangerous, we thought riding without boots was dangerous....nope! Sugar man! Won't break ur foot, but it'll get your foot cut off
  5. Sorry man. Settle in & watch some awesome motocross this season. And Erzberg rodeo is soon. Can't ride, might as well watch others. Keep that fire burning so you'll itching to get back at it
  6. havaride

    Home prices rising faster than pre-crisis boom

    Best way to get rid of drugged out parasite homeless bums is 120° weather.
  7. That's great! Good carry over from the shut down trail beer thread!
  8. My pops, 68yrs old, had a rough go of it this memorial day. Nothing broken but maybe his pride, which is ridiculous. He loves riding, hates that his body doesn't do what his mind wants but we tweak things to make it work. Like new ktm 300xc, knee braces, rekluse, etc. You'l recover & b a better, smarter rider 👍
  9. U either love it or u don't, like the others said people will buy ur bike n gear, hell maybe u even turn a profit. Or learn from your crash, heal up, meet up with some riding buddies or make some riding buddies, and give it another go.
  10. havaride

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Just ridin the local dry desert in Havasu. We need rain!
  11. havaride

    At war with ourselves

    I feel ya man. Out here in havasu AZ our single track gets poached by SxS all the time. They have TONS of technical rock crawling type terrain, tons of high speed washes that they've washboarded out so bad a dirt biker is n danger of biting his tongue off or having a head on collision. Yet they c r ST and can't resist! Ugh man, & we get labelled the bad guys cuz for our safety, sanity and enjoyment we cut n new trail. I'm not a big regulation guy but man a lil help would b nice.
  12. havaride

    Trail Beers

    Yep, some good ole punk rock sums this baby up
  13. havaride

    Trail Beers

    I drank a beer once....lived to tell it too.
  14. I think this is a great direction for Honda. Updating older platforms, while growing their line as well. I'm a proud own of a crf450rx & friggin love that machine. A lot of talk that Honda doesn't care about riders wants & needs but this proves other wise. Hopefully all the updated & new models sell well, and maybe Honda gets some market confidence back, gets its swagger back...then maybe we'll c them take a stab at the 2 stroke market again.