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  1. I’m definitely not an a/b rider but that would be awesome. Maybe keep up with a very slow b rider lol
  2. Pretty sure I covered that when I was talking about steep access roads. I brought up the rear diff mainly talking about driving down rutted out trails. You know where your tires are down in the ruts and you have little ground clearance on the parts under your truck? Hauler does have a ramp, and this truck pulls trailers. Dropping the receiver down will even out the trailer instead of pointing in the air. What do you care if I use a drop, don’t use a drop, load in the back of the truck, or use a trailer??? OP asked for advice and gave mine Sit on it and spin
  3. My rear differential is closer to the ground than the lowest part of the hitch hauler. If I’m dragging something I think I have bigger problems. I enter/exit some pretty steep access roads, never drags.
  4. I don’t have any great pictures but here is my 8” drop hitch. Works great when I need to pull a trailer or just using my hitch hauler.
  5. Foul

    The 300 Club

    First actual trail ride on the 18, bike did great. Feel like I’m on borrowed time with these stock tubes though. Have tubliss on my other bikes, wanting to try mousses.
  6. Foul

    Ideas for shop?

    Just bought my first place a few months ago. I’ve got a small garage. Very dark. Would love to clean and paint floor. cover and paint walls. It’s a mess at the moment. Hope to work on it some this fall. brighten it up, build some benches and storage.
  7. Foul

    are the 18 250s and 300s all still screwed up

    Yep that’s it.
  8. Foul

    are the 18 250s and 300s all still screwed up

    I knew about the reeds and jetting problems before I bought my bike. Rode the bike for 3 hours stock. Definitely rideable. Rich, but with a rev here and there it cleared out. No problems idling or starting. I bought reeds and 36mm PWK for peace of mind. It runs much better and I’m confident in my equipment now. I would rather spend $450 for a carb and reeds right off the bat for a KTM than purchase those Suzuki’s you mentioned. The Beta, I’ve contemplated a Beta for a few years. Small suspension shop about an hour away can get betas and he seems like a good person, I just never see them out anywhere where I can ride one and see if I like it. Bought one bike without a test ride before and now I have a Honda 450 I don’t like a whole lot lol
  9. Foul

    are the 18 250s and 300s all still screwed up

    Which bikes are you considering if you cross the KTM/Husky off your list?
  10. Foul

    The 300 Club

    Stock reeds had a couple small gaps. Replaced reeds with vforce4, went with 36mm keihin and jd jet kit with no changes to the instructions under 3000 feet and Hot! ( red needle 3rd position, 165 main, 38 pilot. I went 2 turns out on air screw.) Heaps better than the bog I was getting with the mikuni. 1st bike I have ever opened a carb or messed with jetting. I’m still not confident in jetting so I’m going to read up on that some more. When to rejet or change needle positions, if/when I should just adjust air screw etc etc Air filter cage had a burr at the point of the cage. Sanded it down before it could rip a hole in my filter. ( read about it in another thread on here a couple days ago)
  11. Foul

    The 300 Club

  12. Foul

    2017+ 250/300 talk

    haha Meh, I got a 250 too.
  13. Foul

    2017+ 250/300 talk

    Show your bike, ask questions, talk about modifications and protection items. What you like/don't like. What you've learned. 2018 300 XCW, picked it up today, POURED rain the whole way home. Put it in the garage and dried it off. Did a couple short riding sessions around the house. First impressions: Ergonomics feel great. No vibrations. E start lights up quick. Brakes and clutch feel great. I like the headlight, even if I never use it. Thinking about installing Tubliss. Maybe nitro mousses. Mousse front/Tubliss rear? Don't know yet. Mikuni carb jetting & reeds: The bike isn't crisp at all in the low and even into the mid range. I knew most with 17s had issues with jetting and reeds. Should I just get the JD kit and vforce reeds now and save myself time and headaches? I like the looks of the AXP skid plates. Anybody have other recommendations? I'll probably just get a carbon fiber pipe guard.
  14. Foul

    2019 300 xcw TPI only

    I was pretty set on waiting for a 2019 300 xcw tpi to come in. The plastics and orange frame looked sweet. Dealer had a 2018 300 and I couldn’t pass it up. Think I’ll wait a few more years for the tpi.
  15. Foul

    The 300 Club

    I do like that pipe