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  1. How many miles or hours on bike? Have you performed the recommended long warm up cycle recently, no throttle until fan comes on + couple minutes? The only times I have had issue were 1> during break-in period up to about 20-25 hours, 2> big elevation change, 3> big temperature change. On days I remember to do the extended warm up, I would say 95% glitch free.
  2. Yeap, have same Motion Pro tool. It’s not a very quick process but has proved very reliable. I think I’ve done about 6 chains since getting the right tools.
  3. I rivet street & dirt chains, carry a regular master link in the pack. I figure better to never need it & have it on hand, than face the alternative.
  4. Yes, 2016 500RS in Northern California
  5. New DDC sprocket, 14/49 gearing from 15/48 gearing. Still motors down HWY at 65 seems about 4200-4500 RPMs. DDC sprockets are spendy but beautiful & should last long time.
  6. Plastic or bling oil fill cap? I say this because I had problems every time I creek or deep puddle crossed with plastic plug, even after oring change. I haven’t had problem on trans side since I changed to aluminum plug, but did pick up a little moisture on crank oil side last ride. I’m hoping it was condensation from stopping & resting a couple of times in really deep snow. We’ll see
  7. +1 on snow condition, snow thickness & ice. This was 1st & 2nd gear most of the day.
  8. This guy ran the frame vin, and it gave you results for that. And it appears to be XR200 Engine. I would like to see pics of airbox to carb to see how that was handled. The air intake & no lower frame or skid plate would concern me. If the frame is not built right, it could pull the engine cases apart quickly. Being newbies, it should be looked at by a competent frabricator.
  9. With the pedal adjusted to bottom of travel, the reservoir may have never had a chance to come into play either. I know on these bikes, it’s a small reservoir, but as pads wear, the reservoir needs to add fluid to compensate.
  10. A 430 vs 500 comparison I hadn’t seen before
  11. Here is the discussion and after rereading it, KRAN had probably best word on passive reset I did remove EVAP & plugged the fitting on intake manifold. I still need to add better check valve to fuel cap as it dumps fair amount of fuel when I crash, though. No perfomance difference.
  12. My ‘16 500 had a few stall issues early on. Do some searches on stepper motor reset. Quick version, cold motor, start without touching throttle, let it idle until fan comes on plus a minute or 2. And that should do it. But do a search, Chris Cullins had good input on this topic. With motor broken in & stepper motor reset, it has been a different bike.
  13. I live in Colfax area of California and noticed that Auburn Extreme is now a Beta dealer. I stopped in and talked to them for few minutes. They already have Capital Yamaha beat by actually having bikes on the floor. He said they were asked to move 30 bikes a year. In 2 months, they had sold 22! There has to be some people on here that can give feedback on how their purchase went?
  14. I fought the speedo for a while, changed magnets, kept messing with plug behind headlight. I switched speedo input to GPS input, and not ecstatic with it, but is much more consistent & I worry about more important things like dust.
  15. I used the MX9 with visor in top position and helmet was super noisy at speed, & jerked my head around. I lowered visor to alternate position and have been much happier. If not riding dirt, I use the conventional street bike helmet. Nobody wants to have 3 helmets, but sometimes it will always be a compromise with some aspect. I tried regular MX helmet & goggles for 6 years, but eyes would water badly at road speed. MX9 came available at right price. I should probably just use MX9 with goggles , if needed, & get rid of my regular dirt bike helmet, but it’s paid for & super light