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  1. I wonder how a belt would hold up in that environment
  2. BetaDale

    Kickstart lever alternative

    I like this solution
  3. I loved my Provue goggle insert. It changed my game for night MX under the lights. Now, I wear glasses & enduro helmet, or ride during day with normal non-prescription goggles
  4. BetaDale

    Mud screen ideas

    Why can’t you shape it to pipe & attach in a few areas with safety wire?
  5. BetaDale

    Mud screen ideas

    Hah, ride a XR280 in those conditions and it bakes ceramic around Engine & pipe! I wanted to fab a screen to go on each side of down pipe but never did. The bike would be so heavy with mud it was miserable, sold it & went back to water cooled. The fender extender should help though.
  6. I happen to work at Allison transmission distributor, but if you go on Allison’s website, they have a look up for dealers all around the world.
  7. I’ve been running Allison Transynd in my gearbox for last year. Been pretty happy with it. I can buy it at right price, clutch works great & gears feel same as the Motul oil. It is made by Castrol, synthetic and made to deal with clutches & gear shear loads in HD Allison commercial transmissions & PTO gearboxes.
  8. BetaDale

    Beta 500 RRs issues

    How many miles or hours on bike? Have you performed the recommended long warm up cycle recently, no throttle until fan comes on + couple minutes? The only times I have had issue were 1> during break-in period up to about 20-25 hours, 2> big elevation change, 3> big temperature change. On days I remember to do the extended warm up, I would say 95% glitch free.
  9. BetaDale

    Who else rivets their master link(s)?

    Yeap, have same Motion Pro tool. It’s not a very quick process but has proved very reliable. I think I’ve done about 6 chains since getting the right tools.
  10. BetaDale

    Who else rivets their master link(s)?

    I rivet street & dirt chains, carry a regular master link in the pack. I figure better to never need it & have it on hand, than face the alternative.
  11. BetaDale

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Yes, 2016 500RS in Northern California
  12. BetaDale

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    New DDC sprocket, 14/49 gearing from 15/48 gearing. Still motors down HWY at 65 seems about 4200-4500 RPMs. DDC sprockets are spendy but beautiful & should last long time.
  13. BetaDale

    Milky transmission oil in 390RR

    Plastic or bling oil fill cap? I say this because I had problems every time I creek or deep puddle crossed with plastic plug, even after oring change. I haven’t had problem on trans side since I changed to aluminum plug, but did pick up a little moisture on crank oil side last ride. I’m hoping it was condensation from stopping & resting a couple of times in really deep snow. We’ll see
  14. +1 on snow condition, snow thickness & ice. This was 1st & 2nd gear most of the day.
  15. BetaDale

    Can someone help me identify this bike?

    This guy ran the frame vin, and it gave you results for that. And it appears to be XR200 Engine. I would like to see pics of airbox to carb to see how that was handled. The air intake & no lower frame or skid plate would concern me. If the frame is not built right, it could pull the engine cases apart quickly. Being newbies, it should be looked at by a competent frabricator.