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  1. Yeah, no issues that I can tell but... it’s winter here so aside from a blast in the snow a few weeks ago I don’t have any real time with it in the woods. From what I’m experiencing it’s working fantastic- and by that I mean it engages every time just as you’d expect it to and, more importantly in my case- DISENGAGES PERFECTLY. Every time. And this is with barely any adjustment (just the basic free play gain at the lever and nothing else done) No amount of fiddle-facking around could produce those results with the old EXP ring in there. I’m chalking it up to “one of those things” They stood behind it and made it right. My buddies who run them (everyone I damn near ride with) and everyone else brags about how maintenance free theirs are... I think I’m there.
  2. Finally got around to calling Rekluse and they sent out a new EXP ring (complete, disassembled) Not sure what is different but I can tell you it was clearly different as soon as I put the halves together and put the springs in. No hanging of the weights at all. Popped it in and did my setup as I've done before, didn't really overthink it at all, just got the free play gain where I needed it. Works perfectly as far as I can tell (it's been shitty and rainy- I didn't do much testing on it) but the starting/stopping I did was amazingly smooth compared to what I had been experiencing. And I'm back to the medium engagement springs... all I did was a stepper reset to get the idle back down as quickly as possible. All seems well! Now off to Florida to work for the next 10 days which killed a Dual Sport event for me last weekend and makes me a no show for another next weekend. Timing is everything. Bummerrrrrr
  3. Looks like good fun there. 30-1/2" is my magic "don't hit em" number for Wisconsin woods. And I still hit em! Shoulder checked one real hard last weekend (not the bars!!) and it sent me off into no mans land... I somehow shook it off and got back on track- I could hear the hooting and hollering from the guys behind me who were apparently dazzled by my skills (or more likely my ability to take such a shot from a pine at 25mph and keep on truckin)
  4. To be fair, if it turns out there is an issue with my EXP ring it's a pretty rare thing. I've got a pretty big group of guys I ride with who all run them and have zero issues season after season. And they just keep getting better. A buddy of mine is a beta dealer and they set up a LOT of new Betas with auto clutches and have no issues. Not that things are always perfect, as the case would be with me. But Rekluse has been pretty awesome to deal with. Loads of support and finally they just said "we're sending you a new one, send the old one back please". Done deal.
  5. Holy hell! That's cooked pretty damn good. I'm curious to see what mine looks like. Ran a dual sport last weekend and just defeated the Rekluse cause I didn't have time to put the stock stuff back in... and I was pretty rough on it.
  6. That's awesome man- never thought to mic the pads... when I took my ring apart 3 of them stuck to the ramp and came out of the weights... I measured the thickness of the assembled EXP ring but not the pads! I mentioned it but he kind of just brushed it aside (maybe because I told him the clutch only had around 3 hours of use on it) Out of curiosity- what was your bike doing once the weights started sticking?? Would it really fight to disengage? Starting to wonder if my weights were machined too deeply or something. I'm gonna pull it apart and compare the measurements you got with mine later tonight. Thanks for that!
  7. Thanks- and I do have it on top, I know some bikes run it the other way but the install sheet for the beta has it on top so that's what I did. I got on the phone with one of the Rekluse senior techs and we found that I've got a weight in the EXP ring that wouldn't retract on its own... they are sending me a new ring.
  8. This is what I needed to hear. Music to my ears... don't know why I never thought of this. Thanks.
  9. You are probably reading it right- hard to move in neutral even with the clutch in. The part I didn't tell you- I started it, seemed normal, shut it off and all was well again (it moved easily in neutral). Brakes/driveline not an issue, I did a single track ride a few weeks ago and I always go over the bike top to bottom after any kind of ride. I'll take a look at the idle speed- the voyager that's on there isn't the greatest indication of engine speed though... it's got to be around 1200-1500rpm? Doesn't sound overly fast although when you re-start it (say after the clutch doesn't unlock) the revs do go noticeably higher for a few seconds (I realized this early on and simply clutch the bike till it settles back down as it's "high" idle is over the engagement speed of the Rekluse) Crazy thing is- after the initial install/breakin (per the manual) I ran a dual sport event and the clutch worked great for the first few hours- only needing adjustment at that point (which I was told it would need) I've just not been able to get it back to that point since then. I only asked about the ball bearing because I've had it apart several times now to inspect the plates/fibers (look like new) and to change springs (went to "medium" and now back to "low") Just trying to cover all angles- not saying "it's the clutch" but I'm sure it's the setup of the clutch... I'll see what Rekluse says today. I've spoken to them at length 3 times, the last time we settled on "you're not setting the free play gain with the clutch warmed up" and "you need to slow down your idle speed". The first thing, yes. I was hoping it was as simple as that. Second thing, um... nope. I wish I could.
  10. Pulled it apart again, its in there. It was a long shot but I'm at that point now. Noticed it was hard to push the bike around in neutral this morning- even with the clutch engaged. Super confused now... is the EXP ring staying expanded possibly? Every time I pull it apart it looks just fine. I'll call them again today but geez... it can't be this hard. I'm a pretty good wrench and this is a pretty straightforward install. Am I the only person with a Rekluse in an injected Beta?? When I was on the phone with Rekluse they wouldn't believe that there wasn't an idle screw on the bike. They happen to have a brand new 430 in their shop though- they said "let me go out and find the idle adjustment for you" Of course there isn't one, he couldn't believe it. I think the high idle is what's killing me.
  11. Had it apart again tonight and as expected- at about 14 hours old the pushrod shows no sign of wear. Here's a question- where is there a bearing (meaning is there one that rides against the end of the pushrod??) My manual doesn't show one... I found a loose ball on my garage floor and that's starting to freak me out.
  12. Alright... I'm still messing with this thing and losing my mind. Warm up the clutch (I'll ride around my neighborhood for a while. Get up to 3rd gear, it's warm) In neutral- check freeplay. With my finger on the lever: right at 1/8" (where Rekluse says I need to be). With the orange band they send: rev past 5k, lever moves in 1/8" but won't return. Whats up with that? So here's where I'm at- Seems to work, lots of creep at idle (but I'm back to low engagement springs) No issue, fine. Works as intended sometimes, but just putting around my yard in 1st gear- it will refuse to disengage. If I feel it starting to lug the engine and just jab the clutch it'll unlock. What gives?!?
  13. Taken with a grain of salt... no worries. I know I probably don't "need" a damper for the stuff we ride. My original question revolved around being able to buy a mount for the fastway to fit my 430 due to the free nature of the damper... I've run a damper in the woods previously and I personally like what it did for me in the rocks/roots/ruts. But no, I wouldn't call that kind of riding high speed by any stretch! At any rate, I appreciate the input. Even from "highly opinionated" guys... (I've probably read every one of your threads KRAN, I love how you get some guys wound WAY up)
  14. Well there ya go... even for the low price of free it sounds like I'd be better served without it. Thanks.
  15. Low speed adjustability is key... I used to run a WER which only has one damping circuit but by design has little/no damping just off center in both directions. It worked well for me.