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  1. This is what I needed to hear. Music to my ears... don't know why I never thought of this. Thanks.
  2. You are probably reading it right- hard to move in neutral even with the clutch in. The part I didn't tell you- I started it, seemed normal, shut it off and all was well again (it moved easily in neutral). Brakes/driveline not an issue, I did a single track ride a few weeks ago and I always go over the bike top to bottom after any kind of ride. I'll take a look at the idle speed- the voyager that's on there isn't the greatest indication of engine speed though... it's got to be around 1200-1500rpm? Doesn't sound overly fast although when you re-start it (say after the clutch doesn't unlock) the revs do go noticeably higher for a few seconds (I realized this early on and simply clutch the bike till it settles back down as it's "high" idle is over the engagement speed of the Rekluse) Crazy thing is- after the initial install/breakin (per the manual) I ran a dual sport event and the clutch worked great for the first few hours- only needing adjustment at that point (which I was told it would need) I've just not been able to get it back to that point since then. I only asked about the ball bearing because I've had it apart several times now to inspect the plates/fibers (look like new) and to change springs (went to "medium" and now back to "low") Just trying to cover all angles- not saying "it's the clutch" but I'm sure it's the setup of the clutch... I'll see what Rekluse says today. I've spoken to them at length 3 times, the last time we settled on "you're not setting the free play gain with the clutch warmed up" and "you need to slow down your idle speed". The first thing, yes. I was hoping it was as simple as that. Second thing, um... nope. I wish I could.
  3. Pulled it apart again, its in there. It was a long shot but I'm at that point now. Noticed it was hard to push the bike around in neutral this morning- even with the clutch engaged. Super confused now... is the EXP ring staying expanded possibly? Every time I pull it apart it looks just fine. I'll call them again today but geez... it can't be this hard. I'm a pretty good wrench and this is a pretty straightforward install. Am I the only person with a Rekluse in an injected Beta?? When I was on the phone with Rekluse they wouldn't believe that there wasn't an idle screw on the bike. They happen to have a brand new 430 in their shop though- they said "let me go out and find the idle adjustment for you" Of course there isn't one, he couldn't believe it. I think the high idle is what's killing me.
  4. Had it apart again tonight and as expected- at about 14 hours old the pushrod shows no sign of wear. Here's a question- where is there a bearing (meaning is there one that rides against the end of the pushrod??) My manual doesn't show one... I found a loose ball on my garage floor and that's starting to freak me out.
  5. Alright... I'm still messing with this thing and losing my mind. Warm up the clutch (I'll ride around my neighborhood for a while. Get up to 3rd gear, it's warm) In neutral- check freeplay. With my finger on the lever: right at 1/8" (where Rekluse says I need to be). With the orange band they send: rev past 5k, lever moves in 1/8" but won't return. Whats up with that? So here's where I'm at- Seems to work, lots of creep at idle (but I'm back to low engagement springs) No issue, fine. Works as intended sometimes, but just putting around my yard in 1st gear- it will refuse to disengage. If I feel it starting to lug the engine and just jab the clutch it'll unlock. What gives?!?
  6. Taken with a grain of salt... no worries. I know I probably don't "need" a damper for the stuff we ride. My original question revolved around being able to buy a mount for the fastway to fit my 430 due to the free nature of the damper... I've run a damper in the woods previously and I personally like what it did for me in the rocks/roots/ruts. But no, I wouldn't call that kind of riding high speed by any stretch! At any rate, I appreciate the input. Even from "highly opinionated" guys... (I've probably read every one of your threads KRAN, I love how you get some guys wound WAY up)
  7. Well there ya go... even for the low price of free it sounds like I'd be better served without it. Thanks.
  8. Low speed adjustability is key... I used to run a WER which only has one damping circuit but by design has little/no damping just off center in both directions. It worked well for me.
  9. That was my reasoning with the 430... I wanted a bike that I could connect trails on. And here I n Wisconsin there are so many opportunities for riding IF you have a plated bike so I went for it. If I could afford a 300rr I'd have one as well, the guys I ride with are all on 300 betas, one X trainer so I've got my work cut out for me. 2t betas are getting street titles in WI for now too, I probably should have just gotten a 300!
  10. Maybe it's just me being used to the damper I had on my GasGas?? Maybe I don't want to admit that the extra heft of my 430 is noticeable in the shit??
  11. Thanks for the heads up!!
  12. No headshake, the beta is really stable (especially at speed- and with a good set of tires) but I noticeably fight more with it than the GasGas in slippery "baby head" rock sections and through stumps/roots (especially when wet) The reason I've ended up with the fastway- a buddy who owes me some $$$ has one for a CR woods bike build that he abandoned. He said if I could use it- take it. Nice looking unit but if it doesn't fit, it's a moot point.
  13. Anybody running one of these on a Beeeeta? I'll call them tomorrow... website is confusing at best. Lists a clamp for my 430 but doesn't list a post (under OR over bar mounting) but I ask- why would they make the clamp if they didn't make a post that worked with it?!? I ask because I stumbled onto a brand new damper- just need the mounting... looks trick compared to the WER I ran on my GasGas. Anyhow, I'll call tomorrow. But if there's a chance for instant information I'm all for not waiting! Kyle
  14. Nope, zero control over idle. Stepper motor controlled, dealer may be able to alter it- not sure.
  15. mtngoat- when you say stiffer springs are you referring to the "all blue" they send with the clutch? And to answer NW_drZ- these injected betas idle high and there's no way to simply turn down the idle... so that's why I (and mtngoat, and others I'd guess) run the heavier springs in the EXC ring. I know mine was past the engagement rpm when I'd start it (the idle is EXTRA high for the first few seconds after starting it) Not a deal killer if you're in neutral- but when you're stalled and trying to start in gear you gotta remember to use the clutch normally if you're in a hurry (like when you're blocking everyone who took the correct line 👍🏻) I find that with the heavy springs there's no slip at all and actually (again, I'm idling high) provides a real nice "snap" that wasn't there when I was just barely below the engagement rpm. Lofts the front end like nothing now!