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    Joined the club

    Wheelies will always be cool to me. I can’t ride one for a quarter mile though (but I wish I could) maybe with more practice? I can wheelie fine for my applications- step-ups, downed tree crossings, etc. When wheelies are NOT cool: I’m doing 70 on the expressway and some DOUCHE NOZZLE rockets past me, mono at 90 miles per... scares the shit outta you. These are the organ donor guys. I’ve got no hate for guys learning wheelies in a parking lot.
  2. No arguments here, I know they aren’t for everyone... I’ve gone through the POD filter mod, also had a tendency to shake its head above 80mph... but I ended up dealing with that as well (yz fork swap got rid of it) although I was able to mostly make it disappear on the stocker by correctly tightening the steering stem bearings. The stalling however was almost my breaking point... I had a buddy with a BMW G650x-country with the exact same issue (so it wasn’t limited to the TR’s) and I watched him throw dollar after dollar into “fixes”. After all of them failed (and he gave up and sold the beemer) I took my collective research and did 2 things that I believe are mandatory on the TR- installed the bigger BMW fuel injector and a Pulstar spark plug. Hasn’t stalled in 2 years and I’m happy about that. At any rate, not a very popular bike and not everyone’s flavor- but the fixes are well documented and the hardware itself is very reliable. After owning several other of the big dual sports I can say that the TR does almost everything better and more comfortably.
  3. kyle01

    Tacoma big enough?

    You know it!! DT100... the kids start out on this and then graduate to a CR125 once they have mastered the mechanics.
  4. kyle01

    First bike

    79’ xr75, blue jeans/t-shirt/tennis shoes/snowmobile helmet/wing/prayer!
  5. kyle01

    Your Best Garage Hacks

    AB 160! Long gone now but still one of my favorite frequency drives! Amazing what you can accomplish with them, I’ve used the newer version (powerflex 40) to run both my mill and lathe. They’ll run forever.
  6. kyle01

    Silicon radiator hoses

    Well, the gasgas has been passed down and I’m on my second Beta now, a 300rr that I’ve got more or less set up EXACTLY to my liking (tires, rekluse, steering damper, suspension, etc) and rad hoses are nowhere on my radar... but if they were I’d be getting good ones. Someone up above said they actually had sticks puncture their silicone hoses and I’d believe it- they are softer for sure. I’ve got no experience with higher quality hoses on a bike- but I’ve used some spendy ones on a car (turbo project) and there was no comparison. So, gasgas was kind of a beater but my new Beta is like a hot rod to me! So if I decide to do something I’m gonna stick to “do it right, do it once”
  7. kyle01

    Silicon radiator hoses

    My gas gas is still using the wrong clamps several years later… I’m not saying they won’t work… But they make specific clamps for silicone hoses for a reason. I’m sure zip ties would work as well… Still don’t make it right. If I used silicone hoses again I would do two things differently – I would buy the expensive hoses… And I would use the expensive clamps. But it’s well proven that any mixture of expensive/cheap hoses and expensive/cheap clamps gives ya the same basic result! And as far as cutting them is concerned… I had to cut mine as well. Easy to do with a sharp blade and way easier than using a hose stretcher!
  8. kyle01

    Silicon radiator hoses

    I put these on my GasGas after I crashed and had to get new rads... the price was right- but they aren’t the greatest in terms of quality (compared to say a samco hose) They are lacking the layers/thickness/durability (on the outer covering specifically) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you’re doing any worse than plain old rubber hoses but there’s a reason that top quality hoses run 3x the price. Just make SURE you use the correct clamps- as a regular worm drive hose clamp will chew these up quick.
  9. The wife will occasionally throw a leg over me, that’s it. If I wanted my wife to come along with me I’d start golfing... it’s nice to get away now and again.
  10. kyle01

    Tacoma big enough?

  11. I should have remembered to add this- rode my Hypermotard to a local bike night... I’d gone a few times before and it was a mixed bag but fun enough... well this time is completely different. The majority of bikes are sporting underglow lighting, a bunch have giant extended swingarms, chromed out wheels, friggin sound systems with SUBWOOFERS (on sportbikes!!!) So I’m gonna just turn and burn- but before I can leave the hyper is getting some attention from the crowd... I’m answering some of the usual questions (these dudes have never seen a dry clutch, etc) and one guy boldly proclaims “YOU NEED YOU A BUSA’ WITH BOOSTA’S” To this day I’m not sure if the “boostas” were referring to his turbo setup (that I could definitely verify was for real) or the giant nitrous tank strapped to the side (not sure if it was legit or not... but DAMN) Now any time someone in our group can’t make a climb or an obstacle- “you need a busa with boostas” is my go-to
  12. My buddy owns a bike shop, tells me (regularly) about the dudes that’ll walk in and browse the used sportbikes, strike up a conversation so that they can tell him how many times they’ve had their buddy’s (CBR/GSXR,etc) doing 200mph- and - this is no shit- will look my buddy in the eye and with a straight face ask: THIS IS ONE UP, FIVE DOWN - RIGHT? Lemme guess BRO, you’re used to GP shifting?!? And then they’re all butt-hurt when they get denied a test ride!
  13. kyle01

    any wisconsin riders on here ???

    I’d love to come up and ride... my cabin is in Keshena, couple hour ride from your place. I spend hours and hours with my “big bike” on the ENDLESS fire and logging roads by my place but would love to have more singletrack. Fire roads are fun on the 300 but the singletrack is a lot MORE fun!
  14. kyle01

    Tacoma big enough?

    I love it- folds like a convertible top in seconds- or unsnap it, pull 2 cotter pins- and voila, it’s removed. One guy can do it easily. Of course it’s not gonna keep anything secure, but that works for me.