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  1. Goofy-Foot

    Advice for Baja500 spectating/activities?

    Thanks for the great advice guys. We've decided to skip the surfing and hangout in town. And Soylent, good call on bringing our race radios - I would have forgotten to do that. Now I've just have to program in the race freqs. Hoep to see some of you guys down there and best of luck to all the TT racers! -Marty
  2. Goofy-Foot

    Advice for Baja500 spectating/activities?

    Sounds like we should stay in town on Friday - can't miss the Tecate girls! Can anyone attend Contingency or is it only for entrants and support crews? Any other suggestions? Thanks for the info Rudy - I'll buy you some Mexican "T" when I see ya.
  3. Goofy-Foot

    Advice for Baja500 spectating/activities?

    I've been down to Baja plenty but never attended a SCORE race. Five other hooligans and I are staying in Ensenada Thur/Fri/Sat nights for the race and wondering if anyone had advice on where to spectate, parties, activities etc etc. We plan on arriving at out hotel late Thur and taking in some of the local beverages, and adult entertainment spots. Friday, we'll be surfing most of the day and then heading back to town for whatever we can find. Any advice on how to make the most of the weekend?? Also, if any fellow TT'rs want to join up with us drop a PM and we'll set up a meeting spot. Thanks! -Marty
  4. Goofy-Foot

    June Baja Ride V2.1

    Mike, It looks like I can't make this ride after all. I've got family coming to town on top of a work requirement that's forcing me to say near home. Let me know if you have any trouble filling my spot. I feel bad about bailing out and want to make sure that I'm not leaving you in a lurch. If you incur any costs associated with my lack of attendance, pm me and I'll reimburse you. Sorry to be missing this one - you guys will have a great time. I'll see you at the 500. -Marty
  5. Goofy-Foot

    BAJA ride - RSV to LH - SAT the 15th.

    Johnny, Sorry I had to bail-out last weekend. But this Saturday I'm all in! I'll be coming solo, so if needed, we can stick another bike in my truck (Tacoma) or I can jump in with someone else. I'll probably meet you in Clairemont and do the caravan thing. I'll bring my radio and my Sat phone just in case. And no worries about the weather - I'll go riding in any conditions. You know what they say "That which doesn't kill you - gives you better stories to tell" or something or other... I think you have my email already but I'll pm you just in case. -Marty
  6. Goofy-Foot

    Riding Santa Veronica to Hanson - Single track style (SATURDAY, 8th)

    Already left a pm for Johnny, but it looks like my buddy (Cbow) and I will not be able to make it this weekend after all. Sorry we're going to miss you guys. You're going to be riding some killer trails in killer conditions. Enjoy and be safe out there. -Marty
  7. Goofy-Foot

    Neutral light comes on in gear?

    It comes on in 6th gear to tell you that its time to stop shifting and start ordering new sprockets instead
  8. Goofy-Foot

    TE AC/DC system... and a small issue.

    What about the Trail tech? http://www.trailtech.net/racelight.htm
  9. Goofy-Foot

    Riding Santa Veronica to Hanson - Single track style (SATURDAY, 8th)

    There was a sea of red bikes at Mike's on Saturday so I'm sure they were there. But with so many guys/bikes its hard to keep your own group straight. Hey it looks like we're going to be joining you for the day trip to Ramona's this Saturday so you'll have 2 TE450's to keep your 510 company. I'll pm you later this week to arrange the rendevous time/place. Thanks for the invite - looking forward to riding together. -Marty
  10. Goofy-Foot

    TE AC/DC system... and a small issue.

    The stocks lights are wholly inadequate for riding at any sort of speed off-road (and are marginal for on-road use IMHO). I'm still debating on the best solution and waiting on others to be the guinea pigs on this effort. My riding partner is having his stator rewound at BD this week so we'll see how that works out. And, Electrosport is getting in a TE510 this week (I think its the Rob Barnum/Mike Kay race bike) to test their KTM (270w) stator. Once those are done we will know about the power options, then its on to choosing which HID lamp setups to deploy.
  11. Goofy-Foot

    Riding Santa Veronica to Hanson - Single track style (SATURDAY, 8th)

    Johnny, We did just did the RSV-Ramona's-Trinidad-Mike's route last weekend and had a blast. The trails up around Laguna Hanson and Ramona's are awesome - just have to watch out for fellow riders. I might just join you on Saturday - let me check with my riding partner and see what he thinks. What time are you planning on leaving Clairemont? Maybe we can met up with you at the border crossing and caravan to Veronica's. -Marty
  12. Goofy-Foot

    June Baja Ride!

    Ron - thanks for the pics! You and Eddie did a great job capturing the ride. I was too busy trying to hold-on to take any pics. Can't wait to ride with you guys again. As for Kent, anybody in that good of shape should be made to carry extra weight - maybe make him carry a backpack full of beer for the rest of us or something. He was flat ripping on the road up to Mike's (and everywhere else). MikeKay, glad you're capping the number of riders on this next ride 'cuz it could get ugly otherwise. I hope I get a slot! Well I'll let you guys keep debating the June trip. I've got to go change some gearing and load up for this weekend's Baja adventure. If anyone else is headed up to Mike's tomorrow night you will find me there, dirty, dusty with cerveza in hand. Later -Marty
  13. Goofy-Foot

    June Baja Ride!

    Hell yeah, I'm in - I need me some of that Mexican "T"!!
  14. Goofy-Foot

    What's the latest news on IMS 06 tanks?

    Funny - I just did the same thing. Got a Baja ride this weekend and didn't feel like schlepping extra fuel bottles around. Lucky for me that GP had an 05 tank in stock. Wich it was 4 gallon instead of 3.5 but at least its in my hands (and soon to be on my bike). Hope the rest of you get yours soon.
  15. Yep - I just left GP and Josh said they had 3 TE 450s that are not spoken for as yet. They were surprised that they received these even, so grab 'em while you can! BTW, we've had great experiences with GP so far and I'd definitely buy from them again - in fact I have this hankering for a supermoto... hmm those SMR 510 are awfully tempting...