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  1. cutlass455

    2014 crf450r Throttle Bog! HELP!

    I had a 06 yz450f that was carbureted and could snap the throttle with zero bog. So a fuel injected bike should not be worse. Thanks for the advice! I’m going to check those and hopefully come up with an answer!
  2. cutlass455

    14 crf450r throttle bog

    I never did I bought the bike last week, and idk if the guy before me ever did
  3. cutlass455

    14 crf450r throttle bog

    Yea it does it when it’s warmed up, but even though it goes great on the track, it’s still a weird fuel issue I can’t figure out
  4. The bike runs and rides flawless! When I’m riding I can throttle it and it goes! But when I have it idling and snap the throttle it bogs down, and if I snap it and hold it it bogs and dies. No hesitation or hogging while riding at all! Please help!
  5. Hey everyone, I am new to this site. So a couple days ago I bought a 2014 crf450r and once I got it home I started it and it runs flawless! I was snapping the throttle and assumed because it was cold it was bogging, but once warmed up after riding for a couple hours every time I snapped the throttle it would bog. If I snap it fast and let go it bogs and goes back to idle, but if I snap it and hold it it shuts off. Any I have been searching the internet for awhile trying to find a solution and I see a lot of people posting but never posting a solution. I have had carbureted bikes that when I snap the throttle its very responsive so I know something is wrong. I have never had a fuel injected dirt bike before so I am kinda lost right now. Other than that the bike runs flawless, once I going I can throttle it and there is no bogging or hesitation. Only at idle I snap it and it bogs, any help would be great! Thanks in advance!!
  6. cutlass455

    06 yz450f idle/backfire

    fuel screw is backed out 2 turns. what's the slide and release plate exactly? and no on the pilot jet, everything is the same since i bought it.
  7. cutlass455

    06 yz450f idle/backfire

    So i have been having huge problems with running my bike. i took the valve cover off to check the valve clearance, which was good! put it together and i got it started but the pipe got extremely red hot and would backfire like crazy. i took the carb out and cleaned it twice, the second time i put a fuel filter in the line. i unplugged the killswitch and still nothing, thought maybe it was shorting out. i don't know where else to go with it! anyone have it solve this issue?