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  1. noacluck

    Left case removal

    I was able to pry it off using the tabs. THank you!
  2. noacluck

    Left case removal

    2008 crf250r, I removed the 7 bolts around left case/cover and the oild filter because Im trying to put the timing chain back on. It fell off the sprocket when I dropped in down in the engine. After removing those bolts, I cant get the thing to come off and I have tried tapping around the perimeter with a hammer. Is there something else to remove so it will come off?
  3. noacluck

    Knocking sound after rebuilding top end

    Loving the sass. Ill post a video in a bit, thanks for the help
  4. noacluck

    Knocking sound after rebuilding top end

    So its a normal thing after rebuilding the engine? Or did i mess something up? Sorry, kind of new to this...
  5. noacluck

    Knocking sound after rebuilding top end

    what does that mean
  6. 2008 crf250r, in the process of finishing up a top end rebuild, and after installing the timing chain onto the cam I deciding to hand crank the engine slowly with the kickstart to see if everything was alright. There is a distinct knock that sounds like it is coming from somewhere in the cylinder each time I turn the engine over. What would be causing this sound?
  7. noacluck

    Head Bolts Reusable

    Wondering if I can reuse the head bolts for this bike or if I have to get new ones every time i rebuild the top end? its a 2008 CRF250R
  8. noacluck

    Intake cam cover busted

    Considering buying a 2007 kx250f to fix. The guy says it was spitting oil out the head cover and found that the intake cam cover was in two pieces. Seems like it could be an easy fix but what would cause this and how expensive could this be to fix myself? What kind of stuff should I check for before buying it?
  9. noacluck

    Bike wont kickstart when hot

    So if it was a rod or crank bearing like they said is that something that they wouldve even touched in a top end rebuild? They really only did new rings and gaskets
  10. Just got my bike from the shop and had the top end rebuilt. Started it up in the parking lot and ran it till it got hot and the engine kind of bogged down and died. When I tried to crank it back up, I could stand on the kickstart and it would budge. The engine had locked up so I took it back in and the technician said it could be that the cam chain tensioner hadnt set yet. He took the side of the motor off and manually tuened the engine over and got it goin after it cooled off. I took it home and rode it for about 20 minites and it never died, but I shut it off to check something and it wouldnt start back up. The shop I had it at said it might also the a worn crankshaft bearing that expands when heated up and keeps the bike from turning over when hot. They said it wasnt covered under the warranty of the work that they just did. Is this true? Whats the process for fixing this and how much would it cost?
  11. So I dont have to get a new gasket if I take it back apart?
  12. Probably a minute, at the most. I was afraid of it doing damage. Should I have let it heat up for a bit?
  13. I just got done replacing the head gasket and rings on my 2008 ktm exc and when I started it up for the first time it was blowing a lot of white smoke out the exhaust and even continued for a minute after shutting the bike off. I know thats typically a sign of a bad gasket but I just replaced it. I torqued all the bolts down corrrectly and I saw no problem with the head. Could it be something with the water pump? Or maybe i still screwed something up when putting it back together.
  14. noacluck

    KTM Radiator Fan quit working

    So for better reference, here is what Im working with. I know this should be very simple but Im not sure which one of these wires is the switch your referring to. And where do I get 12v? Is that just the battery on my bike?
  15. I have a 2008 KTM EXC that had an aftermarket radiator fan installed by the previous owner and worked fine up until some heavy trail riding a while back. Im pretty bad with electrical stuff and havnt even owned a bike with an electric start until now. Ive heard having a fan on these is pretty much a necessity so Im trying to get it working. Ive heard I can test if the fan will work by touching two wires together but I dont know which ones. Also how can I check to see if its a fuse or something else? Thanks!