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  1. Well the iggornant 17 year old that I am decided to rip the carb off without checking the service manual first for proper removal of the TPS connections. instead of discounting the connector at the wire harness I unscrewed the torx head screw to remove the whole thing. When I put it back together I noticed I wasn't getting the normal amount of power. Kinda suspected I didn't get somthing right in the carb. So I took it back off again the same way I took it off and double-triple checked my work and still had the same issue. So after further research in the manual I noticed that it said removal of the TPS was a no no cause it would result in loss of power. Is there a proper way to reinstall the tps sensor? I've searched numerous times on the topic of install but could never find a direct awnser. Any help you could give me would be appreciated thank you! I can awnser any questions you may have
  2. HunnerBunnerGo

    Need help with jetting :(

    Just get this off by saying I have pretty much no idea what to do when it comes to Jetting! could anybody help me out? I recently bought a 2004 yz250 and it started leaking a ton of sludge out of the power valve breather and sludge leaks out between the exhaust flange and expansion chamber... a lot of it! Another thing is the sludge pretty much covered my silencer side number plate in one 2 1/2 hour ride. I am assuming it has to with jetting and I haven't gotten around to fixing the issue because I'm not sure what jets I should be using. its been running sluggish to even after the rebuild. Could somebody give me some guidance! what I do know is its way-way to rich and it needs to be leaned out. Any question you got I can answer!
  3. HunnerBunnerGo

    Can a loop in a brake line stop it from bleeding correctly?

    Yeah... I know i bought a new line but. I got a dice run on the 30th and the new line won't be here until the 2nd of January. just wondering if it could be done for a redneck hack just to make it through the run. (yah gotta say it in a quilty voice)
  4. The title says it all, I bought a galfer line and it was too long for my yz250 so I ended up having to roll up the excess in a loop and stick it behind my number plate. I feel like I'm not getting enough pressure after numerous bleeds. I also feel like it may be the master cylinder leaking on the seals for the lever. not for sure though I just rebuilt the master cylinder, not even 3 rides ago
  5. HunnerBunnerGo

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Removed A pebble from the groves in the venturi of my carb! Causing it to shudder and die! depebbleazation complete!
  6. HunnerBunnerGo

    2004 YZ250 Dieing at higher rpms...

    Well, I think I figured it out... well, there was a small pebble in the venturi stuck in the cut grooves removed it and slapped her back together and decided to rip to the local track and it felt like it had more power and winded right out no problems at all also kinda surprised I took the pipe off and looked at the piston and rings thing looks brand new! A freaking craigslist bike with a new top end! oil is still seeping out the exhaust port though a lot? Now the kinda big problem. the second I turn her off since I de-pebbled the carb it just starts pouring gas out the overflow. I'm thinking that is just the float height, thinking i may have bumped it and bent it a little. So! she is basically fixed other than the carb raining gas when shes not running! so thanks for the help
  7. HunnerBunnerGo

    2004 YZ250 Dieing at higher rpms...

    So I recently bought a mint looking 2004 yz250 it runs nice all way around but first rides out I fouled a plug and about 30 after that, we decided to raise the float height to the recommended spec and I stopped fouling plugs. (I have no idea why I said that it was irrelevant) Since I got it if I winded it out past 3/4 it would sometimes die or sputter like crazy them start to idel weird, when it dies only way I can restart it is to pop start her. when it sputters and idels weird and when I turn her off and try to start her again I have to pop it, it won't start by kicking it after these things happen. Anybody know whats up with her? need help fixing it cause going around the track is kinda hard not being able to wind her out! If you have any more questions let me know
  8. HunnerBunnerGo

    2004 Yz 250 front plate dimensions?

    Well I messed up, I drove 4 hours in a rush to a pool tournament forgot to bring the paper with my plate dimensions... I was gonna get a front plate decal made for me and we'll no paper no dimensions for the sticker size. Im basically asking what are the dimensions of the 2004s yz250s the plate is the oem one so could one of y'all help me out!
  9. HunnerBunnerGo

    Cr250 RC valve? What is it and how does it work

    Alright, thanks dude for all the help! when I go up tomorrow ill take a look at em and probably buy that bike.
  10. HunnerBunnerGo

    Cr250 RC valve? What is it and how does it work

    Ahh so electronic then, I knew it had something to do with the powervalve but that's about it... your right though I do need to do some homework on the honda bikes! I've always despised them for some reason so never took interest in learning anything about them. My old yz and kx did not have it so I had to get the info about this strange "RC" doodad! Thanks for letting me know what it is, though anything ill need to watch for with the RC?
  11. So I'm picking up a 2004 CR250 tomorrow and it has the RC valve on it... I have no clue what it is or what it does! So yeah could yall tell me what it does and the pros and cons of having it. Also, I have comprehension problems so could you guys like dumb it down a bit. Thank you