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  1. BoogieWater

    Tronsen ridge/Devil's gulch conditions

    Rode a bunch of trails out that way yesterday and they are mostly still dusty, with a little tacky dirt here and there. seasonal closures in effect for Tronsen area stuff. saw a "trail closed active logging" sign for red hill at the red hill spur intersection. some new downed trees on mission ridge but all easy to ride over. DG should be good to go. Get it while it's good boys!
  2. BoogieWater


  3. BoogieWater

    Upper Mad River Season Opener!

    Quick timelapse of the cougar creek fire from tumwater mountain today
  4. BoogieWater

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Rode on up to wedge mtn, scrambled up to the tippy top. Holy hell it's hot out here... is it legal to ride in your birthday suit?
  5. BoogieWater

    Devils Gulch conditions

    It was growing quickly as I was watching it over the course of a few hours while riding. Hopefully they get this sucker contained sooner rather than later!
  6. BoogieWater

    Devils Gulch conditions

    Spotted a new fire up at the end of sand creek road. Watched it grow in size thoughout the day. Hopefully it doesn't get too big!
  7. BoogieWater

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    New fire up sand creek road. Looking at it from the tronsen/red devil trail intersection.
  8. BoogieWater

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Backyard ripping around makes me happy.
  9. BoogieWater

    Devils Gulch conditions

    Ya, the trail was greasy in spots even down low where I was riding. Made sure to take it easy. Hopefully we get some sunny weather and primo dirt soon! On another note, anyone know what the deal is with that hillbilly compound at the fork in the road? Pretty amazing collection of junk they have piled up there [emoji38]
  10. BoogieWater

    Devils Gulch conditions

    This was on devil's gulch. Didnt make it to the first creek crossing.
  11. BoogieWater

    Devils Gulch conditions

    Had a quick ride around some of the trails at the base of devil's gulch. Lots of blowdown across trails in the area. Took care of a handful of smaller trees, but came across Big Bertha about a mile+ in and she was way too much woman for me to handle. Gonna need a gas powered beaver...
  12. BoogieWater

    Riding Video Editing Software?

    Adobe premiere pro is great. you can find cs5 or cs6 online as a torrent. Google would be your friend in making this happen.
  13. BoogieWater

    Mountain bikers at Devil's Gulch

    Yeah, IMO the only area that really needed some love is that landslide zone
  14. BoogieWater

    Mountain bikers at Devil's Gulch

    I rode DG on tuesday, and passed by the Evergreen guys doing trail work. To say that they're making the top half of the trail 6-8 feet wide is uh...quite the exaggeration... Mostly, they're fixing up switchbacks, scraping out drainage, and doing some benching of trail. There were certainly spots that the mini excavator has made a mess and the trail is a wide and jumbled up, but volunteers with hand tools are working their way down to clean up after the excavator. The dirt is still really dry up top so it's not a great time to be digging anyway, but I'd give them a chance to get past the "roughing in" phase of the trail work before assuming quads are going to be blowing by us on the trail.
  15. BoogieWater

    Yearly Devils gulch inquiry

    I checked out the lower trailhead near cashmere yesterday. snow free around that area but i'm sure there is snow at higher elevations. Cold month of april for these parts.