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  1. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Thanks for the response Baldy! I've now got a few rides on this thing and I'm very happy with the performance increases thus far. I've got a different problem though. On my first longer ride (~15 mins into) Friday morning, (I changed the oil & filter Thursday evening) I was waiting at a light for a little while and the engine started to smoke. I didn't think too much of it as I figured there was plenty of oil on the external surfaces and it was getting good and hot (outside temp was ~75) by sitting at idle. Just excess oil burning is all I thought! Well fast forward to yesterday morning and the same thing happened at the same stop light on my way into work. When I got to work, I couldn't pin point where the smoke was coming from so I removed the dipstick from the frame and there was smoke coming from inside the reservoir. I went into panic mode and thought I wasn't getting enough oil flow causing me to cook my oil. But it turns out the smoke was coming from the breather tube on top of the valve cover. The crankcase breather does not have smoke coming out of it. I know I have oil flow as I've loosened the top banjo and it is pumping. Could it not be pumping enough and I am indeed roasting the oil? There is a small amount of oil sputtering out of the breather which is clean not black. When I lapped my valves I did not replace the valve seals as they appeared to be in really good shape. I am now going to replace them, but I'm wondering if there is anything else I should look at? It does not smoke on start-up, no exhaust smoke (unless I snap the throttle all the way open then I get a tiny bit of what I believe to be white smoke as I have it jetted a little rich), and it does not smoke out of the breather tube until it is really hot. That's what's got me confused is the not smoking until hot thing... here is a little video of the smoke color, kind of has a blue tinge to it but is smells like exhaust. http://vid1266.photobucket.com/albums/jj537/JimmyRose/XRL breather smoke_zpsinovl2es.mp4 Appreciate any and all feedback!
  2. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    FINALLY got her all put back together, broken in, oil changed, and jetted. Boy was that a frustrating few weeks getting the cylinder bored. Local machinist couldn't do it because he didn't have torque plates for that cylinder. But he didn't tell me that, just put my parts on a shelf for a few weeks?!? Thanks to Steve (mcma111) for the recommendation of sending it out to Mike at Engine Dynamics. 1 week turnaround and I'm very pleased. Found an error in my Clymer manual though. When I reassembled the starter gear reduction assembly, it shows 4 washers. 3 of which are for earlier model bikes. But the one remaining for my 06 should have gone on the left most shaft, well I did that and it wouldn't seal (actually the starter was dead-stalling). So I looked at the exploded diagram on Partzilla and it shows the washer on the bottom right shaft?! Tried that and voila, it works great! Question for you carb experts: does the slide on these things get sucked up by vacuum? The "mechanical" lift only brings my slide this far up (simulating WOT): Is that normal? Seems really weird to me that pulling the throttle cable fully only opens the carb throat this much.
  3. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Rebuild is moving along nicely. I've got the bottom end back in the frame with the right and left side assembled. Just dropped my new piston off this morning so I should have this thing up and running by next weekend if my 102mm gaskets get here in time. I found out that the little green seals go on the oil lines, thanks Steve! After reading through other forums, I decided I should order a new front sprocket to combat the spline wear that these pigs experience. I went with a 15T from Fritz, fits like a glove! I'll definitely order another one from him if I decide to drop a tooth on the front. Just wanted to stay with 15 because of the highway. I took the downtime to install the WPS taillight on the rear fender. Noticed that my bike does not have the fender frame mounted to it, so I'll have to address that when I decide to add cargo space on the rear. All in due time though! I want to get some miles on her this season and then make some mods next winter. Do people typically remove the frame to drop weight? I also went ahead and took apart my carb, re-installing the needle washer, swapping the main from a 138 to 155, and the pilot from 48 to 52. I had to lean it out so much because of the leaking exhaust valves and the burnt up piston just to get tuned. I'm sure there may be some adjustments to the 155/52 setup but I'll get it dialed in!
  4. JimmyRose

    Need help with xr650l transmission

    A gear could be installed backwards and is not allowing the dogs to engage properly. Or a thrust washer is missing? Did you install the gearshift drum cam (the star piece that goes below the clutch on the outside of the tranny) along with the stopper? Just to make sure you are "fully" in 3rd and 5th?
  5. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Quick update: ended up ordering the 102 mm 9:1 JE Piston. Didn't want to have to worry about gas on road trips and it'll keep the reliability in check. I've got the cases back together with the new 2nd gear installed and the right side reassembled. In the bottom end gasket kit there are two small green seals. I assumed they were for the oil pump, to go around the dowels, but the originals are o-rings. I searched the forum and couldn't find any info; anyone care to enlighten me on where these go and if I should replace or toss?
  6. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    So I'm about to order my piston and I'm having an internal debate with myself. What would you recommend: JE Piston, 102 mm bore kit, either the 10.5:1 or 9:1? My concern comes with cooling the higher compression. I don't want to put a cooler in because this thing is heavy enough already. Also not going to upgrade the cam, yet. Exhaust is in the plans, but not in the budget right now. Am I over thinking this or should I get the 9:1 so I can keep the reliability and not have to worry about gas octane?
  7. JimmyRose

    Big Gun Jetting in Colorado

    Main is easy to figure out; Get on it with WOT and kill the bike. Pull the plug and adjust as needed. As Joe said, when the engine is warm and idling, pull the choke. This will tell you where your pilot is. Look up a diagram for 4 stroke jetting. It'll make a lot more sense.
  8. JimmyRose

    XR650L Android App

    Exploded diagrams with part call-outs would be very useful!
  9. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Cylinder sleeve got honed and it's no bueno. Going to need a bore. Took the transmission apart tonight and all the gearing looks solid, so I've started the cleaning process. I ordered my bottom end gaskets and the 2nd gear from an NX as I didn't like the gap between 1st and 2nd when on trails. Hopefully I will have the bottom end assembled by the time I get my new piston (whatever that may be, although I'm leaning towards the 10.5:1 JE kit). I really appreciate the tips and help thus far!
  10. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    I saw that thread but didn't want to hijack it. I'm impressed that your motor runs! Before I split the case, there was definitely something jammed in my transmission. I couldn't spin it but maybe 3/4 of a rotation before​ it locked up. Once I split it, whatever was interfering dropped out. Here are a few of the bigger chunks that I pulled out so far!
  11. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Thanks fellas, appreciate the feedback. I'm going to order my gaskets today. Anything you'd recommend upgrading internally while I have the whole thing disassembled?
  12. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    Thanks for the reply Tbahr. I dropped my cylinder off at my machinist shop this morning. He's going to hone it tomorrow and if it needs to be bored, we'll discuss the oversize if needed. I tore down the valve train today and my valves were in great shape minus all the buildup. I got them all cleaned up and lapped. They now seal up real nice! I just finished splitting the crankcase and everything looks like it's in good shape. I'm going to take apart the mainshaft and countershaft tomorrow. I believe there is some aluminum galled in a few of the gears. I think my countershaft is in good shape. Would anyone recommend replacing this while I'm in here or am I good to go?
  13. JimmyRose

    '06 XRL rebuild

    I bought a bike back in February and was having some issues with it. I posted on here and got some good feedback about the carb jetting. I still felt like there was something wrong so I decided to take a peek at the top end today. The exhaust valves are not sealing when I do a solvent test. Not a big deal, I'll service them. Then I advance my piston from tdc to the bottom of the stroke and notice some wear on the cylinder wall. I pull the cylinder and reveal an exploded piston. So here are my questions: what would you upgrade in this rebuild? Should I upgrade the intake and exhaust valves while it's apart? What size piston would you go with? 101 or 102? Anyone recommend a specific one? The cam is still in spec and there doesn't appear to be any abnormal wear going on. Should I upgrade anything there? I plan to take apart the bottom end to dig out all the metal scraps and hopefully don't find any damage, but I'll update tomorrow with findings. Thanks for the help!
  14. JimmyRose

    XR650L Android App

    Very handy, thank you!
  15. JimmyRose

    Strong gas/oil smell in garage

    Check the drain screw on the bottom of the float bowl. If you just had the carb cleaned, the o-ring on the screw could be old or missing. Or the screw may not be fully seated.