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  1. Bachnok

    18 crf 450 front brake to grabby

    Does the wheel spin freely on a stand? Wondering if the brake is always engaged to some extent. make sure the lever is releasing the master cylinder completely. You could also try chamfering the leading and trailing edges of the pads with a file. would give the pads a smaller contact patch? I'm not convinced I have any great ideas. Just trying to get the conversation rolling.
  2. Bachnok

    Tubliss Armor All

    $70 for a shinko cheater, $50 for the fatty front. do that once, maybe twice a year... the travel to and from riding locations costs significantly more per year. Not to mention riding a $9000 bike with $2500 in mods. I'm also a 31 year old male with a spouse who works full time and we don't have children. We aren't wealthy but we do well enough that I don't have to think about it... if the tire performance decreases... add to cart.
  3. Bachnok

    First bike

    Definitely interested to hear when you get it running. That bikes a screamer but if you take your time you can learn it. Better to have a bike you can grow into and maybe can’t even outgrow. Even if the growth is slowed by taming a fire breathing dragon.
  4. Bachnok

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    I'm running flexx bars with a fairly high bend. I don't think I'll be swapping bars. I think before I spend any money I'll lower my pegs and see how she feels. from there I'll consider whether my bars need to move. And save the seat for last probably. I've been eyeballing the brp rubber bar mounts (which raises the bar 1") with scott SUB stabilizer. Just haven't had the heart to drop that kind of coin yet. Trying to save up for a big vacation next year
  5. Bachnok

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    What I'm taking from that is that I'm not crazy for thinking my bars are too far away from me and making me work too hard to stay in the attack position. I'm just shy of 5'10" 32" inseam and 71" wingspan. Which I think makes me the average height, average leg length, and a just a touch shy on arm length. No doubt conditioning will help a lot but if I've only got about 30 seconds of attack position in me before my back gives out maybe moving the bars a little closer would help me out. I feel like I'm just crouched a little too low when stand up riding and if I could open up a little more I'd save mountains of energy.
  6. Bachnok

    Show me your...BETA !

    dude! stunning. I'm so jealous! Where is that?
  7. Bachnok

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    I did a byob so she came with handguards, pipe guard, rad guards, case saver, skid plate, high flow water pump, sprung for my weight, basically as much stuff as I could think of that I knew I would want to do anyway.
  8. Bachnok

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    Bingo. Companies choose their business model and goals and proceed. Some have goals that include their customer’s best interests and company pride. Knuckles to bermudacat.
  9. Bachnok

    2018 300re premix

  10. Bachnok

    X Trainer hard to start?

    Dr oz has also written about lithium batteries hating the cold. Short stab on the starter button warms up the battery. Second try the battery can output the amperage to spin that baby round!
  11. Bachnok

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    I’d be interested in trying an xt pipe on my RR if someone has one to sell. Seems like a fun experiment.
  12. Bachnok

    Show me your...BETA !

    Oh okay. When I saw the video on rmatv it looked like it was supposed to buckle into the belt of the backpack setup or something. Or maybe I was making shiz up. I modded my chest protector tonight. Used the dremil to make some slots and attach a maxpedition molle pouch so that I can have a place to put my cell phone, keys, maybe a quick snack, and my pistol if I’m going to be anywhere anywhere I feel the need for that. (I usually don’t) I love this molle pouch. I own a few. They’re very slim when empty and practically disappear but if you feel like it you can load the hell out of them. Super versatile and the quality is truly combat ready.
  13. Bachnok

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    Ain’t that the truth. I’m totally guilty of having fixit man disease when it comes to my equipment while turning a blind eye to the number one source of problems and fixes... me. When you say take a few click out.. do you mean a few clicks out or a few clicks in. Cause when I read it I thought slowing the rebound in the shock might help me not feel so disconnected.
  14. Bachnok

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    I've got the fastway pegs. Hearing everyone's input makes me think maybe I'll get the lower seat high which would be nice since I'm not a tall guy and then lower the pegs to help compensate. I struggle a bit with center of gravity issues. It's part of what makes me uncomfortable standing up riding. I feel like I'm on the verge getting bucked off all the time. Also I think maybe I have short arms or something cause when i'm standing the bars feel miles away from me. Any opinions are raising the bars if you're not a tall guy? I feel like i'm average in literally every way. (except...)
  15. So, Despite my desires to work on standing more while riding I'm finding I still feel more at home sitting down. The seat on my 2018 beta is actually really good. doesn't leave me sore unless i've been riding really lazy. (even when i'm riding seated I still focus on keeping my weight on the pegs and not on my butt) That said. I'm considering a Seat Concepts seat. My thought was this and i'm hoping someone will correct me if my logic isn't sound but: I'm not a tall rider 5'10" but if I'm sitting a lot. wouldn't a taller seat help keep my knees a little less bent and make popping up out of the seat to absorb impacts less strenuous? I find my knees bark a little if I try to pop up off the pegs too fast. I've considered a lower seat too thinking it would make touching the ground easier for me. Touching the ground hasn't been too big of an issue for me but maybe it would be if I put a taller seat on? Opinions or experiences would be much appreciated. Also, If anyone has an opinion on whether to pay the extra money for a complete seat vs swapping out the foam and cover on the original pan let me know. I originally thought I'd buy the complete seat but now I think if I ever did get a different bike and tried to sell the used seat separately nobody is going to pay me more than the price difference for a used seat. Chime in. make me feel dumb!