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  1. Keep us posted on what you get or what you're looking at. I already have a bike but bike shopping is fun so I'm living vicariously through you.
  2. +1. Just focus on finding the right bike condition wise rather than worrying about color. unless the color is orange...then it's a hard pass. j/k🤣 I ride a 2018 beta 300rr and I still love swapping and riding my bro's 2007 rm250. it's a really special bike and he picked it up for like $2500 very clean and it's an absolute delight in any terrain. Your budget is more than enough to get you a bike you'll be starry eyed for.
  3. Bachnok

    Oil injection first startup?

    I remember when this post was about Tau showing off his new beta's. I'm still happy for him. I'm sorry his thread got jacked and turned into a pissing match. I think it's time for this thread to get on topic or go wherever threads go to die. There's plenty enough beta OI threads that read just like this one. We don't need any more.
  4. Bachnok

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    EE disc guards!
  5. I can say without a doubt 0w20 is a fuel economy gimmick. Still gotta jump through the hoops if you're under warranty. After that I'd run 5w20 as well.
  6. Bachnok

    Oil injection first startup?

    There's already a long thread where i've shared my story in detail. Long story short it was severly over oiling. tank empty in 50--60 miles. dealer warrantied the pump with no change in symptom. Major spooge running off the swingarm within 10 minutes of riding. If other people's oi work thats awesome for them and I have no problem with them using it. Mine turned into a hassle so I yanked it. Different strokes for different folks. Not sure why people get so hostile about things that quite literally do not matter.
  7. Bachnok

    Oil injection first startup?

    ...I'm broken. I own an 18 300 rr and I look at pics of other betas and my knee jerk reaction is "I want that!" beautiful bikes. I hope you enjoy. Personally my OI was funky and I ditched it. Mixing is no biggie and guaranteed. If the OI had worked great it would have be nice not to mix tho.
  8. Bachnok

    2018 EX Race bike

    [emoji108][emoji7][emoji7] stunner for sure. Anyone know if ty cullens has an Instagram? That’s how I follow my dirt bike heroes.
  9. Well, I thought I got dielectric in all the connectors on my 18 300 until I saw that video and though "what the hell is that thing he's holding" lol.
  10. Bachnok

    Why would a DRZ have a salvage title?

    A vehicle can also get a salvage title if it is stolen and the insurance pays out on it and then later the vehicle is recovered. Got a good deal on a 2wd tacoma that way a while back. Zero accidents, super clean, saved big $$$.
  11. When you lower the fastways they naturally shift down and rearward because you’re just putting them on the upper or lower half of the pin which is diagonal. I ended up putting a shorter crf250 shifter on my beta to bring it closer. I found that minute rearward move made it possible to get my heel caught on the peg on upshifts.
  12. Bachnok

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    I love posting my crash videos. I'm not a fast rider so it's the only gopro video I get worth watching.
  13. I'm much shorter at 5'10" but I can vouch that that small amount of movement of the fastways made a huge difference in comfort for me. Literally quintupled the amount of time I spend standing.
  14. Bachnok

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    First ride out with the bell. Definitely saved my noggin. I could definitely feel the 3 layers of different densities absorbing the blow. Got myself a minor concussion, sprained thumb and scuffs and bruises on my shoulder, knee, and elbow.
  15. Bachnok

    Best off-road helmets under $350.00?

    I'm definitely not laying on my couch watching tv and wearing my new helmet right now...