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  1. Ginger256

    kx125 nikasil

    Just a quick question I cant seem to find the answer for. What years did kawi use nikasil in for the kx125?? Just curious more then anything. Cant find the answer and its bothering me so I am asking the forum because you all seem to know everything at times haha. Thanks for any answers. Always appreciate it.
  2. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    ALRIGHTTTTTTT!!!! Well it has been a couple days and a whole hell of a lot has happened. Last time i posted i had just put the 50 power jet in and it made a world of difference. I had ordered the 40 jet from rocky mountain and was just waiting. Well Wednesday i took the bike out and just rode it around in the hills just to see how she did and do a little tuning. Bike ran really good. you could tell it was a little doggy when it was cold but once it warmed up it actually ran really good. So i rode it for about an hour and a half and decided to head back home. When i got home the jet was there!!! So i didn't even take the bike out of the truck!! i tore the bike apart and threw the jet in and BAM!! bike ran like a beast!!! So, I mixed some more fuel and took it back up to the hills and man this thing runs good!!! I rode so long i used 7 gallons of fuel hahaha. So end of story you guys are geniuses when it comes to carb tuning, and I am definitely going to miss this bike along with my others while i am gone even more now. Thank you guys so much!!!!
  3. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    I will definitely keep posting as I can. I am in the Air Force and go on a deployment next Tuesday so hopefully i can get it going good and get a ride on it before i leave!!! Thank you for everyone's help. Very much appreciated.
  4. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    Well i couldn't get a 40 today but i had a 50 kicking around the garage and WOW. i set it to exactly what you said to haven't tweaked it at all and A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!!! Incredible, so going to order the 40 and see if it gets even better!!!
  5. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    UGGGGGGG local power sports place cant even get it. guess im waiting a couple days UGGGGGGG local power sports place cant even get it. guess im waiting a couple days
  6. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    Okay ya. I have no idea what carb that is. Ive look at 98-2002 and non of them are that carb. So who knows. Am i able to get that #40 jet just anywhere? Should be a pretty common thing?
  7. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    I have a carb for what i was told was a 2001. I looks identical other then it does not have the fuel cut solenoid valve or the hole for it. Would this be a better option?
  8. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    Okay Thank you again and sorry to ask another what feels like a dumb question. What is the "leak jet"?? I thought carbs only had two jets? Like I have said before I do not know much about carbs that is why i made this post.... And where is that jet??
  9. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    That has been a concern that has bounced around my head but when i rebuild the bike i set the cylinder off and had the power valve serviced at the same time. They replaced some parts and adjusted it. Not saying it couldn't be the problem just not sure how to tell if that is the case? Is there a clearance in there you can check or how to you make sure that everything is in spec? Thank you all
  10. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    What do you mean by clip position??
  11. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    Oh I also didn't mention the plug looks good. It is not black or white it actually looks really good. so that also confuses me. Thanks again.
  12. Ginger256

    YZ250 jetting

    To start off I found a killer deal on a 1999 yz250. So Its a 1999 YZ250 that i got for 50 bucks!! Bike is 100 percent complete and came with a paddle, a stand and a bunch of other stuff. Bike had been sitting since 2009 and was locked up. So i got the bike home and took the top end off. Found out the wrist bearing has seized up and a couple other things were wrong with it. So i decided to do a full rebuild. New crank, New bearings, everything. I have done rebuilds like this before so no real problems up until now. Got the bike built and all good to go, fired it up, two kicks runs like a champ. Got the bike all broke in and was ready to open it up and use full throttle and it just falls flat of its face on the top end. Pulls great through the rev range until it gets into the top end. My dad has been helping me with the carburetor issues because I am not to keen on carbs. He thinks that is doesn't have the right jets in it. I rebuilt the carb with the rest of the bike and it has the stock jet (170) in it. I live in Idaho at about 4200 feet. Does anybody have any suggestions on jets or ideas on what the problem with the bike could be? If so it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  13. Ginger256

    Well.....this sucks

    trust me when I say this. havnt "jury-riged" anything. this bike is gorgeous. upon further research the head I got is from 96 and back. So. Buying another head it is.
  14. Ginger256

    Well.....this sucks

    So ihave been doing some work to a 2002 cr80 and it has been giving me a world or troubles, like you would not believe. So long story short I fund a good deal on a cylinder and head and everything and put it all together not really thinking much, just taking things slow trying not to mess anything up. just want this thing out of my garage. so when I had the head all on and everything like that I went to put the coolant hoses on and one of the ports on the head is different?!?!?! its off to the side not facing the back of the bike. I thought about it didn't think about the pipe and just made a piece of hose work. when I went to put the pipe on....didn't work. SO whats going on here. I'm stumped. I didn't realize there was more then one style of head. NEED HELPPPPPPP
  15. Ginger256

    2002 cr80 cylinder bore?

    So I need to get a top end set for a 2002 cr80 and am going cometic because I've always had awesome luck with them but they only offer a 48mm and up but I thought these bikes were a 47mm bore. Can anyone help me here?