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  1. I went broke just looking at it lol. NICE!!!
  2. The hot rod runs rich when the engine is cold. When it is at operating temperature it gets off the cold start map and goes to normal map. That temp is right around when the thermostat opens up. The thermostat helps the bike warm up by recirculating the same water. In super cold conditions it closes so the engine stays at operating temp. With that said I live in so cal and our "cold season" is 60* so I took my thermostat out, our warm season is 90-100. The fan kicks on for me even when riding out at 60*. I have the EU map and TPS set around .70 I have the blue samco hoses because of bling, it has a thermostat delete.
  3. Well, you know the two good tricks.
  4. http://www.warp9racing.com/product/axel-sliders/ These are cheaper, but the slide moto looks like it sits out further.
  5. What sliders are you runing front and rear?
  6. Oh, no one told you the trick yet, you have to be rolling to get it into neutral.
  7. The app on the phone does it. I have my phone going when ever I am riding. It is off maybe 10% from what I can guess on the speedo VS GPS speed.
  8. I have been in there where you can, but I do not bother, I have a cellphone mounted for that. When on the street on the Sumo I am not getting crazy like its a sport bike on the freeway, I barely go 75 MPH.
  9. I Hope this works, let me know if it does not https://photos.app.goo.gl/QBMCAbzDSa9YhztE8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/oeQ78CGRqKjD4Pwp6 This is where I have problems: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bJWLL6yhn8VtXdT19
  10. Not that I noticed, I will check tonight when I get home. I am sure I did not cut it, I will see if it is rubbing.
  11. I cut two slots in the fork guard where the tire goes. It was tedious taking it on and off so I could make small cuts and wouldn't cut a huge hole out of it....... it turns out it needs a huge hole lol.
  12. That looks amazing and expensive.
  13. If you are rolling when trying to put it in neutral it makes it a lot easier.