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  1. OMG that's funny, your dealer didn't do anything see a professional !
  2. find another XR70 and use it for spares the parts you don't use can be sold
  3. ask your dealer what fits and they most likely have them in stock. always use accessories as barter when buying a new ride. most dealers will work stuff into the deal
  4. one thing we rarely worry about in SoCal is rust
  5. Agree most police don't give a darn unless your popping wheelies all over town, just obey the laws and you become invisible
  6. make a hole of fill the openings
  7. that's what happens when you improperly install the battery tender and twist the eyelet
  8. KTM runs every engine at the factory they are almost ready to race just a couple rides and its done
  9. after 500 miles it will work perfectly just needs time to loosen up
  10. keep air filter clean 45-50 HP depending on tuning 14/52 gears = 100 mph max check valve lash oil and filter get a KTM Manual for your bike
  11. the brake will make them rattle a bit if not secured proper. also as plastic wears the mounting holes enlarge and loosen fitting
  12. isn't that how you start your Harley
  13. best combo for all out power and performance; 14/52 gears Vortex ECU FMF Q4 slip on Scotts under bar damper Emissions delete new tires