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  1. KTM SX pegs are lower and wider
  2. jetting if carb or ecu if efi is the problem. you free up exhaust you have to add fuel
  3. yes I would opt for the new 500
  4. pull the magnet from the oil sump and take a look. mostly whats needed is valve adjust and clutch along with oil and filters. your yammy is a dog compared to the KTM it will make you happy
  5. your going to be amazed , my Dunlop AT81s were crap compared to the golden fatty front and the Parker DT rear. I keep my Tubliss at 105psi and 8psi front 4 psi rear they have over 500 miles and are wearing very evenly across the knobs. I ride 95% rocks and crap trails and every once in a while a few forest roads and pavement. this combo is sticky to say the least. I'm an old trials guy riding a 60hp 500 and it sticks good with this set-up '17-500 De-Smog Horn Blinkies Tail light Delete FMF Q4 14/52 gears and best of all Vortex
  6. I'm 6'3 and run mine '17/500 all the way forward with scotts damper under bar mounts and its very comfy standing or sitting
  7. check the slave cylinder and fluid levels then bleed it
  8. agree this is a better option all oem KTM. turn/horn can be eliminated and the entire control cluster can be replaced with a push pull light switch from XC-W
  9. Golden tyre front , Kenda DT rear and tubliss = more traction anywhere
  10. the 250 is FUN it has a good hit from 5K-8Krpm and rides light . just don't take it out on the first ride and hammer it , grow into the bike.
  11. your more likely to get bucked off with that old obsolete suspension where the 15 will soak up the terrain much better. the one thing that changes dramatically is suspension. for the past 3 decades its been more or less the same till around 2012 and since then theve gotten even better.
  12. hurry up and make the deal ! your '06 is a pig compared to the '15