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  1. whats a carb or jet ? oh yeah people use those on lawnmowers
  2. I don't know what this 6,000 ft rule is but mine has been way beyond without a hiccup (vortex)
  3. check KTM spec and measure bore and piston
  4. the lithium will last at least 2 X longer and the weight is the best savings
  5. if anything it will be a bit rich and will run cooler as a result . that's why we all run the efi bikes
  6. this isn't an old school carb engine its EFI and controlled by the ECU
  7. save your money and GET a VORTEX !!!
  8. that's funny stuff. you wont find the ranger racing out to check for smog delets
  9. I use acerbic , 2 bolts up front snaps into place at rear
  10. I have not tried the JD tune but the Vortex has 10 maps to choose from and adjusts very simply. the 500 skid plate uses the 2 front mounting holes and snaps on at rear, very simple and excellent protection from KTM Hard Parts (acerbis)
  11. 1) De-Smog including Reed 2) Vortex (best of all) 3) Scotts Under Bar Damper 4) Skid Plate 5) 14/52 (hardcore enduro) 6) FMF Q4 or OEM (no header needed) 7) add a couple oz wheel weight to opposite from rim lock 8) XCW Rear Fender/Light
  12. for those doubters the Vortex is awesome and the JD works also. I use the Vortex and it made huge improvements over the stock unit. performance was increased dramatically also and the bike runs much cooler plus it never flames out when in the tight rocky stuff. The 500 in OEM form would compare to the 250-350 class bikes in performance. My 15 300xcw would run circles around a stock 500 , it needs the upgrades to truly be "open class" big bore.
  13. all of the above must be delt with to correct issues. big-boy spring will require better valving/damping
  14. might just need a fresh oil change. some of the clutch discs with the syth oils will get real sticky from sitting. if that don't work check clutch master and bleed the slave