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  1. Airboss/oc

    Broken Steering Lock 2012 500 EXC

    I guess steering lock isn't very high on the tech list were still searching
  2. Airboss/oc

    2010 KTM 530 Six Days, Can't Find 6th Gear

    that bike is usually bulletproof might have bent the the shift fork
  3. some confusion here , the rail doesn't richen nor do they claim it richens fuel , it states the fuel system wont ever starve from lack of flow with the better more fluid dynamic rail. and really for a few dollars you bag on the product . you are the snake oil sales man peddling untrue facts
  4. a hot engine has more compression due to friction. when was the last time the battery was replaced ? have you tried tuning a little richer ? might try a KTM rad fan
  5. Airboss/oc

    Best Torx Set

    I don't use imported tools from China , they just don't last . if you want tools with value buy American Made
  6. using pressure washers ?
  7. Airboss/oc

    Best Torx Set

    Wiha are ok but if you want it to last get the Matco or Snap-on
  8. Airboss/oc

    2017 - 18 500 EXC - MODS

    some people don't know the difference between a great running 4 st and one that just runs good. ive been riding the 300s a long ,long time because all the big bore 4 st bikes sucked at tech stuff, the big 2 st are almost impossible to stall which makes them very hard to beat in the crud and holes. my 17 500 had all the tweaks and still wouldn't run as I needed so the Vortex was added as a last attempt and it is the winner
  9. Airboss/oc

    2015 500exc popping on decel

    engine tuned too lean, great for acceleration but sux when you let off the wrist. only thing that completely eliminates the problem is a Vortex !
  10. totally agree the Vortex rules and you can change power settings easy
  11. Airboss/oc

    Ktm 350 vs 450

    correct sir and that is what makes the 500's so appealing. with proper gearing and ecu control these bikes are easy to ride and are lighter than a jap MX
  12. Airboss/oc

    Ktm 350 vs 450

    opt for bigger is better, if you want to "control Torque" try not twisting the throttle wide open like you would with your 125
  13. I respect others and always opt for the FMF Q4 SA or on the smoker its a Turbine Core. good power , torque and quiet
  14. Airboss/oc

    Connected Battery Backwards - aghhh!

    do it ! oem sux
  15. Airboss/oc

    Thermo fan

    KTM Hardparts