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  1. Airboss/oc

    2018 500 exc-f Timing Jumped

    me too , but the valves and piston share the same space in the combustion chamber (interference fit) so if it slips then the valves would be bent and there wouldn't be any compression. easy to check doesn't take a dealer remove a spark plug. lets see what the "dealer " says. only had luck with one or two of them in my life.
  2. Airboss/oc

    Header heat shield 500EXC 2012

    P3 best protection and value
  3. Airboss/oc

    Newbie: 500 EXC 2016 vs 2018

    weight ! the newer bike weighs less that's the main diff
  4. Airboss/oc

    Plated Bike

    I ride the 300s and love them same as you , unfortunately the only way to match the power is with a 450-500 exc. when I first purchased my 17-500 it was a turd and could never keep up with the 300 in the tough stuff. now with all the right mods a 500 is as good and at times better than my 300 and it gets ridden the most. it seems that I will be selling my 300 soon as it collects dust.
  5. Airboss/oc

    Tusk Radiator Cap with Temp gauge

    why is it so necessary to see your temps ? run it till it boils and add water
  6. Airboss/oc

    500exc Speedo parts?

    clean it up and lay a bead of some adhesive after you dry it out
  7. Airboss/oc

    Husaberg or ktm

    theres a 30lb weight penalty on the berg . I had one back in '02 it wasn't fun in the tough stuff
  8. Airboss/oc

    No kickstarters on the F models...ugh.

    whats a kickstarter ? we use them on HVAC systems to give a boost (capacitor) during spool up. on a Motorcycle its a longish lever to rotate the engine by foot. eek who the hell wants that ? my rule is to replace battery every 3 years no matter how many times its used . LiFe chemistry changes all the time so you want the latest and greatest which in turn will help you forget that lever to rotate the engine as in early 20th century
  9. I use the vacuum and a paint brush
  10. Airboss/oc

    Could this be a good deal?

    tell them youll pay $2100 if they make it run
  11. Airboss/oc

    New to me 2002 KTM 250EXC

    looks and sounds like a good deal. ride it
  12. why ? the OEM stuff is great
  13. who's carrying the spare tires ? those rides would use up quite a bunch