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  1. Airboss/oc

    2019 KTM 350 EXC-F power mods

    de-smog all the crap. get a FMF slip-on , skid plate , change gearing , XC-W taillight/fender combo , carbon pipe guard ,blinker/controls/relay delete , acerbis mirror (1) , larger fuel filter ,Reed Delete , quick turn throttle cam , steering damper and most important get the Vortex ! that should do it unless you add Tubliss for some sticky riding
  2. Airboss/oc

    Looking for a be for a new to me bike

    12K miles jeez my bike would be a wreck. I go 3 years regardless of miles and sell before value drops. this way I get to try out all the new goodies as they evolve , suspension has seen the biggest gains in comfort and performance over just 5 years ago then add EFI , Bingo ! its a winner. cant wait to get my new 300i
  3. Airboss/oc

    Carb issues

    at that altitude you should get a bike with EFI then all the crap your going through now will become history you don't want to repeat
  4. Airboss/oc

    Why is EXC running too lean again?

    dump the plumbing ! save it for the guy who buys your bike "used one owner"
  5. Airboss/oc

    18 exc 500

    that's a great question and it makes laugh my ass off. think about all those noisey ground pounding HD's out there. cops wont notice you unless your hanging a wheelie through downtown. ive been riding KTM dirt-bikes with a plate , fake mirror and a NiCad battery to power my tail light since 1997 but as long as the regi is good your cool. my 17 500 lost 4.5 lbs of garbage a week after I bought it and has been everywhere without a hitch. got pulled over on the 405 in OC one day for speeding , the cop said "you know how fast you were going ?" I sad "full throttle" about 83 mph I estimated quietly. he looked at the bike 1988 XT 350 and told me to be careful and no ticket. Vortex makes the 500 come to life
  6. Airboss/oc

    EXC 500 tire size

    that combo size is same as mine 2017 500, I use the Tubliss system to lock the bead and rim the rear is Kenda Parker DT at 4 psi front is Goldentyre Fatty at 8 psi been running this for about a year on second set of rubbers with same tubliss have had 0 flats and they stick to everything just by adjusting psi
  7. Airboss/oc

    Oh my God RAIN

    no-kidding its a blessing from the off-road gods
  8. sounds like a dirty carb or air leak
  9. at 140hrs it needs a going through , whats the drain plug, oil filter and magnet look like ? open the airbox and wipe your finger around looking for grit.
  10. Airboss/oc

    2009 KTM 450 exc

    3K is a good price if the miles are correct , what is the hours, should be around 80hrs at 2500miles unless it was a commuter ? this is a good bike but if its backfiring and popping on decel it might need a ecu upgrade like Vortex and all the smoggy crap sent packing. gearing is another issue the EXC's are geared too high so I swap to 14/52 or 13/50 I ride the '17 500 and put it on a dirt only diet and it lost 8lbs of wasted street stuff and now its as agile and fun to ride as my '15 300XC. needs a steering damper also
  11. Airboss/oc

    Plastics conversion?

    the 2017-18 wont work but use the plastic for the bikes year
  12. Airboss/oc

    2013 KTM xcf 350 backfire

    a Vortex will fix it , sounds lean
  13. Airboss/oc

    2013 KTM xcf 350 backfire

    how did it run before the service ?
  14. Airboss/oc

    500 people’s comments

    its hard to ride my 500 with other brands because they always need water or tow from boil-over. I was an XR600 guy and Scott was my Hero after I saw him deadlift the XR600 it immediately made me realize its not the bike . sure miss that big fat cushy seat on those beasts, felt like a couch compared to the new bikes
  15. those bikes were heavy and had issues save your $$$ and get something from 2012 or newer