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  1. bradluke0

    why doesnt the bottom of my air filter seal???

    I always hook the air filter bracket on the rubber kick stand holder .
  2. bradluke0


    I gave up on garmin and just use my phone , its a lot easier and better for me . The " a " trail is probably a medium trail with some tech stuff and some flowy . If I can ride it almost everyone can . Its 9 or 10 miles long with no bail out so bring plenty of gas and water . Guys , I will have to find my dang tracks , I changed phones and you know the rest...…..
  3. bradluke0

    New 2019 300 XC-W TPI

    Congrats on the new bike ! I added a JD tuner , Slavens screw , RK tek head and a Rekluse . You dont need to go balls to the wall and get the $900 version , the $600 version works just fine . Chip Munn recommended the cheaper one so I bought hand guards and Odi grips with the money I saved . BTW.....put the Rekluse in and quit messing around .
  4. bradluke0


    You are not supposed to ride in the jeep parts but we do anyway . I wouldn't ride in there on a weekend as there is a lot of jeep traffic . We always go Sunday and Monday , Monday we ride the stuff off limits . If you are plated you can ride 20 minutes to the GARTRA trails in Oconee forest . The "A" trail is a little bit tougher than the moose trails and is well worth the trip even if you have to trailer . I have some gps tracks of some of our rides if you are interested .
  5. Hard pack clay and rocks . Weather changes a bunch . They feel about 12 psi when new and about 6 or 8 when worn in pretty good .
  6. Using the same tires with tubes and mousses I get better traction with a mousse . I also like that dead feeling of a mousse and the ability to just bash over stuff without picking a smoother line .
  7. I will do my best here to explain it . When a tire with a tube and 12 psi hits a rock the pressure in the tire goes up . So the rest of the tire , that is trying to grab other rocks , might be at 14 psi . A mousse doesn't act like that . Hope that helps . It was shown to me , not explained , I hope I got it right .
  8. bradluke0

    Quick Question: 18 300XC Front Sprocket Size?

    Microfiche says its a 13 .
  9. bradluke0

    Advice on new boots

    I just bought a pair of the Sidi Crossfire 2 srs's for $295 with free shipping on ebay . I guess the 3's are the latest and greatest but I couldn't pass up a good deal .
  10. The trick to getting the valve through the rim is to put the tube in the tire , add a little air . Then push the tire against the rim , put the valve through and put the nut on . Finish mounting the tire ….easy .
  11. bradluke0

    Before you spend $1,000 on your Xplor Suspension...

    I have xplor suspension on my 2019 300xcw tpi . I respung for my weight ( went up 2 rates ) and I really like it . It seems really good at the enduro type riding I do .
  12. Watch a bunch of you tube videos and they will give you all the right tips . I have a Rabaconda tire machine and I can take a tire off in less than a minute and get a new one back on in less than 3 . 2 years ago I couldn't change a tire . ( the rabaconda is like cheating tho )
  13. bradluke0

    Fat bikers?

    Dang , I came here thinking this was a thread about fat guys that ride bikes . I am fat and have a Trek Fuel , can I still follow this thread ?