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  1. Check out my last ride in Baja Mexico!
  2. Hey Everyone! I went on a fun ride in the hills east of San Diego. It was super fun trails and the conditions were great but we almost ran into two different riders coming the opposite direction. Check it out!
  3. Check out this cool compilation of Colton Haaker riding
  4. BMar

    Epic Single Track Ride

    Awesome! Sounds like you guys had a great ride. I want to leave from Pine Valley next time I go out there too.
  5. @the Riddler. You fell asleep watching this? I assume you fell asleep before watching the whole thing, so it took you less than 8 minutes to fall asleep. That’s impressive, but I would also be worried because that isn’t healthy. Would say you have extreme and unexplained tiredness? If so, there’s a strong chance you have HIV/AIDS and judging by your gender, which say “Not Telling”, I would say you do. Better go get checked out. Good luck my friend!
  6. That comes with the new GoPro Hero 5 since it is GPS enabled
  7. Hey! I went on an awesome ride this past weekend. The conditions were great and everything was green from the rain. Check it out!
  8. Hey Guys and Gals! I went on a really cool ride at Corral Canyon OHV park in SoCal. The conditions were epic since we've been getting all this rain recently. I also got a new camera mount so let me know what you think!!
  9. BMar

    Quick Edit of our last Trip to Mikes Sky Ranch

    Check out my new video! I went to Superstition Mountain and rode some tight sand washes . The camera was facing down too much but I tried to make it work
  10. Hey everyone! I went out to the desert last weekend and decided to record it. We rode mostly tight sand washes. Check it out! PS Turn up the resolution and the cameras were faced too far down but I tried to make it work
  11. BMar

    Quick Edit of our last Trip to Mikes Sky Ranch

    Thanks guys! Yeah, the new GoPro has gauges you can add in. It helps give perspective on how fast your'e going. I'll have a new video soon recapping my ride to Superstition Mountain!
  12. Mods Please delete
  13. Hey Everyone! I recently went on a ride down to Mikes Sky Ranch in Baja Mexico. Mikes is about 200 miles south of the border and is one of the best places to check out in baja. Take a ride with our group and check it out! PS- this is the first video I have ever edited haha
  14. BMar

    Quick Edit of our last Trip to Mikes Sky Ranch

    Yes first post! The ride was the weekend of March 4th. We got some weather but not too bad. Took the race course most of the way down. Check out my full video! It shows our route way better.