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    What 450 should I get for trails

    What Dodging_roost said. I'm 49 yr old man and Im a big guy pushing 280lbs. Did all the "go-fast" mods to my KLX450 that folks suggested on this forum. The bike is a beast. I'm almost scared of it because of my age and past back surgeries . Its heavier than a 250 too, so if you ride trails like me...get in shape 'cause a 450 will get away from you,you will be picking it up a lot. It's a work-out but I absolutely love the rush. Get a 250.
  2. Grady Harrington

    Sx change id like to see

    How bout having them starting out in reverse.
  3. Grady Harrington

    Craigslist flakes?

    Try FaceBook marketplace. I’ve had good experience with that.
  4. Grady Harrington

    '08 KLX 450r "best mods to have"

    Oh, I live in eastern NC and usually ride to parks around here within 150 miles. Around here, tracks are usually tore up by 4x4’s, but I make do. Hatfield and McCoys is in the bucket list.
  5. Grady Harrington

    '08 KLX 450r "best mods to have"

    Thanks for your response. So far, I have installed the boyesen pump, new cycra colony hoses, snorkel mode, FMF exhaust with power bomb, and trailtech vapor with water temp. I also installed that emission blockoff kit from applied racing. Next I have to do the carb resetting, which I’m reluctant to try on my own because I’m mechanically challenged. I have the JF kit, but what I here on Thumper, it does not include the main pilot jet for what is need. I’m at ride at 70 ft at sea level. I do intend on getting the flex fuel screw from what everyone suggest. I really do t know jack about carbs so I wish I could see some pictures somewhere on what to do. After all that is done, my plans are to get suspense right for my weight. I am an old timer and ride light trails with experienced kx 250 friends. I certainly can’t keep up, but still have a blast. My plans are to keep this bike for when my some graduates from his TTR 230. I used to hell on the tracks and trails when I was young, but age, back and weight issues have got in the way sense. For that, I peddle around on my V-strom 650. I’m going to lower the subframe and remove the rear spring and take the carb out like other suggest. Being an ‘08 model, it probably needs a good cleaning anyway. Any post with pictures on re-jetting the carb would be greatly appreciated. Especially, the needle that need changing out. Thanks.
  6. Grady Harrington

    Trail Tech speedo

    I’m installing the trail Tech vapor on my KLX450R. Those that have done this, when installing the speedo sensor what do you do with the stock speedometer gear case assembly? Do you take the thing off or just cut the wire.
  7. Grady Harrington

    '08 KLX 450r "best mods to have"

    New to Thumper and new to the '08 KLX 450r. I purchased this bike a few months ago. It was showroom condition. Took it to a very reliable mechanic that I've known for years and he said that the bike probably had less than 10 hours on it. Speedo/tach/hour meter computer no longer worked. Previous owner said he bought it from a dealer new in crate 4 years ago (hard to believe I know) and that he was the only one that rode it. Dealer was saving for himself. Probably hiding it from the IRS or something. Previous owner said he was selling it because he never rode it, parts would be hard to come buy, value was dropping because it's not available in the US anymore and he didn't won't to deal with it. If it means anything, he was in his late 50's. I also took it to a local dealer mechanic and he said the same thing my mechanic said. Based on the condition of the bike and what everyone said about it, I couldn't resist and dropped $4,000 on it. Maybe a little to high for a bike that old, but based on the condition, good reviews and how easy it is to work on, I figured it would be a reliable bike that I could trail ride on for a few years. It's a little heavy, especially carrying my fat ass around. I'm 6 ft pushing close to 300 lbs and 47. What are the basic first mods that everyone does, what mods are recommended in conjunction with other mods to get the best performance out of. Seller included a Jd jet kit just never installed it. What brand of mods is the best to get. I realize that I could search here and there through the forums, but just would like a list on one posting. Sorry about that, but thanks for your input and advise in advance.