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  1. So my first question is what year subframes will bolt on to my 98 yz250 as I have just bent mine up pretty good, second what is the best way to clean dirt and grime off a motor without pulling it and soda blasting it?
  2. I bought this 07 used and when I tore it apart it had a weisco crank in it so that's not an option unfortunately.
  3. in thinking while I have her torn apart I'm going to do the top end as well traditionally I've only used single ring weisco pistons I don't race moto only woods has anyone had any experience with both double and single ring pistons as far as single rings giving you noticeably more power??
  4. It's time for a new crank just wanted to see what you guys had to say about your experiences what worked and what didn't
  5. Jaker1996


    It ended up being a washer from one of the bolts that hold the crank together wedged itself in there and stopped the crank from rotating at all just replaced it everythings fine now thanks for your help.
  6. Jaker1996


    No sir all scraping was done below the exhaust port besides the port is slanted downward so I would have to be done on purpose could it be a vapor lock??
  7. Jaker1996


    I took my pipe off the scrape some mud off the engine below the exhaust port that I couldn't get to with the pipe on it sat with the pipe off for almost a week in my garage I just put the pipe back on went to kick it with the choke on and it kicked four times and now the kicker is locked in place mind you it was running flawlessly before I took the pipe off I have no idea what would cause this to happen I'm absolutely stumped. 07'yz250
  8. Jaker1996

    2004 YZ125 top end seizure, 3rd piston now.

    Is it completely locked up??
  9. Jaker1996

    V FORCE VS RAD VALVE: Pro's & Con's???

    That's weird I get 10 extra horsepower when I use the white ones I also put the purple powerband in and I can't keep the front end on the ground
  10. Jaker1996

    V FORCE VS RAD VALVE: Pro's & Con's???

    I have V force3 reeds in my 07' and 98' yz250s both have improved torque in the low end and throughout the rpm range in whole. What you will find is that there really isn't a noticeable difference in the two from people I have talked too....the customer service of Moto tassinari is second to none IMO you can't go wrong with the Vforce products.
  11. Jaker1996

    V FORCE VS RAD VALVE: Pro's & Con's???

    This has nothing to do with a yz250 nor does being able to wheelie in first or second gear. You could do wheelies in any gear you want with stock reeds if you know how.
  12. Jaker1996

    Yz250 pistons

    In your opinion what are the highest quality Pistons made for the yz250??
  13. Looking to get a group together to do some trail riding in preparation for this years upcoming harescramble series let me know what's good
  14. Jaker1996

    07' yz250 slow leak pleas help!!

    I figured that's what it was in going to do a top end here soon before my harescramble series starts up I appreciate your advice.