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  1. rratsbor

    How to street legal an XR400R in GA?

    You would probably have better luck asking in the regional forum.
  2. rratsbor

    new project

    What rear fender is that?
  3. rratsbor

    XR250 Fork damper holder

    I've been doing a little research as I need to replace my seals (leaking oil) and I've found that this can be done without any special tools. You can use the triple clamps to hold it while you unscrew and torque the top cap. Search youtube, there is a good video that shows the process with basic hand tools.
  4. rratsbor

    Valve stem seals - OEM or aftermarket???

    It does have oversize KW SS valves. Any other parts I should have on hand besides the seals and a head gasket?
  5. I've got a 97 XR250(300) that is starting to smoke on startup but then stops once warmed up. I'm thinking it is the valve stem seals that are ready for replacing as the piston/sleeve doesn't have many hours on it. Is the general consensus to go OEM or would an aftermarket (Kibblewhite) be ok.
  6. rratsbor

    Should I change tire?

    You can flip it around and get that square edge on the power side. You will lose some braking though.
  7. rratsbor

    Tracking Device for Off Road

    As a father, my son is in the same boat as you. I settled on the Garmin Inreach mini. We all share it and use it whether we go out alone or as a group. You can also send/receive text messages for status updates.
  8. The fork seals on my 04 250 started leaking on the last ride. It's a very low hour bike that's never had anything done to the forks. I figured they just dried out from age. This will be my first time taking apart a set of moto forks (done mountain bike fork before) so just looking for advice on things to look out for and any low cost mods to make while I'm in there. The bike is ridden primarily by my son who is a beginner on trails here in central Arizona. Anyone use the RaceTech seals from RM. Or would I be better off sourcing OEM?
  9. rratsbor

    Electrical problems??

    Sounds like you might have something sucking power all the time, draining your battery while it is not in use. Fully charge the battery and let bike sit for a day or so and then check the voltage of the battery. If it is lower than when it started then something is draining it.
  10. rratsbor

    Chuffing / Rough idle?

    Your idle also sounds like it is closer to 1700-1800 rpm when it should be closer to 1300-1400. Turning the idle up when starting cold is ok, but be sure to turn it back down once warmed up.
  11. I'll hit you up once we get settled in and plan a ride. I showed my oldest son who is also into drones (freestyle) the mine site video and he said that building would be a great place to fly. He's got a couple videos up on youtube of his flying. https://www.youtube.com/user/14Elite15
  12. I really enjoyed both this vid and the one about your 3rd person pov mount. I find these types of vlogs more enjoyable when there are multiple pov and you can switch them around during different parts (helmet, 3rd pov, drone, handheld). Good edits, not too long, interesting destinations, good commentary. Would be interesting to see your journey as you learn to ride and explore all that area has to offer. You say you are in northern AZ, but I think you may be more central. The two geographic points you mention and your E-R shirt would lead me to believe you are in the Prescott area. I'm moving to the outskirts of Dewey in the next few weeks and can't wait to get out and ride there. We should get together and ride sometime. Me and my boys are on XR's also and fairly new to riding.
  13. rratsbor

    XR400 Header Pipes Glow

    At the top of the thread list on the right side, there is a red button you click to start a new thread.
  14. rratsbor

    Street legal 2008 ktm 450sxf

    If it is green sticker or red sticker you likely will not be able to plate it. Some say they can, but most don't even try. Inquire in the California regional forum.
  15. rratsbor

    New XR400R owner: jet kit question

    Yep, have to do it on both my 250 with stock carb and 440 with Mikuni.