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  1. Master Chief XCF

    Desmogging a 2018 KTM 450 EXC

    Thanks for the input Gentlemen, (if I may be so presumptuous). Would the JD JEtting FI tuner correct the lean condition caused by using a race exhaust and omitting the intake reeds? Me (redsox hat) at NE24 Challenge NY
  2. Master Chief XCF

    Desmogging a 2018 KTM 450 EXC

    @Gflo I certainly appreciate the the detailed response. Could I get a KTM dealer to flash the ECU and put the Eu offroad map in?
  3. Master Chief XCF

    Desmogging a 2018 KTM 450 EXC

    Hey there. I have the same Bike, 6-Days 2018 450. I put my old 16-XCF silencer on it and it really opens things up a bit. 1. She now backfires a little. 2. Throttle response still blows . Quick blips of the throttle, lets say for a Pivot turn, results in a sputtering flameout. Its infuriating but has been there since day-1 Can I just completely remove the airbox reed valve? Will this correct the throttle and backfire issues?
  4. Master Chief XCF

    2018 450 EXCF Six Days short on Wheelie power

    Thanks for the advice guys.. I can weight and deweight the suspension to do it now but I really have to give it jumping on to get it up in 2nd. It takes a lot of energy. I’ll go up to 52t in the rear and see how it goes. investigate desmoging too... not to sure I want to comment on wheelies in 5th or 6th... haha... I’ll leave that to better riders than me.
  5. Got about 250 hours on my 18 EXCF-450. I've got my suspension dialed in- im a big rider. 1st gear wheelies effortlessly in any situation -as it should. 2nd - 4th gear cant wheelie at all, which is where I need it (mostly 2&3). Its utter shit. My 16 XC-f 350 would wheelie if a light breeze caught the throttle tube in any gear. I ride singletrack/Enduro. I only do practical wheelies to get the front up over logs, small pits, jumps-kickers etc... Dam thing flames out on quick throttle blips. I went down on the front sprocket from 14 to 13- Not much help, but 1st does respond quicker. Looking for advise to get the front end up with a blip and zap. -Praying that the $1000 Vortex ECU isn't the answer. HELP!
  6. Master Chief XCF

    EXC-F Electrical Power

    I just got got a 18 EXC-F 450 six Days about a month ago, already have 200miles of singletrack/Enduro on her. Can someone, anyone please explain the electrical system as it relates to powering auxiliary devices, (flood lights, heated grips, etc) How much wattage is available? How much wattage can I use without impacting the battery? Does the system switch from battery to stator after engine starts? dont be afraid to get technical, i can take it.
  7. Master Chief XCF

    Head light kit for XC-F 450 2017

    KMKommes- -my 2016 350 XCF Manual had an incorrect Wattage rating for the Stator. I would assume it would be the same for 2017 since the xcf AND sXF are almost identical. Reference this list. It supports my statement. (it says your 17-450 has only 20W available). https://www.bajadesigns.com/tech-info/KTM-Power-Output-Chart.asp Good luck and let us know what you find.
  8. Master Chief XCF

    Head light kit for XC-F 450 2017

    Hey, I had a 16' 350-XCF. it has no stock wiring for accessories. You'll need the ricky-stator upgrade. This will buy you ~65Watts to do whatever you want with. I ran a www.taskracing.com bar light. (55W) HUGE Light in the woods. Recommend leaving the existing stock system alone, tapping off the stator wires and adding a new "accessory" rectifier/regulator. Not cheap but necessary because KTM frowns on Kickstarts. Not a problem on my new sixdays 450 EXCF. https://taskracing.com/product-category/light-bars/
  9. Master Chief XCF

    Anyone 49 plus still riding?

    My buddy is 6-2 210 and flys in the woods with a 250-Stroker and a Rekluse. Also, I ride a 350XCF stroker and got on my buddys 250BETA RR smoker and Holy Cow... the bike felt small for me but all the power was there.
  10. Master Chief XCF

    2016 350 XCF Electrical

    as anyone that rides an xcf knows we are 100% dependent on our batteries. My XCF is street legal with a light kit. But I need to add a fan as the bike is a Pizza Oven in the woods. My question, I have 70W to play with as I upgraded the stator. Can I run my additional loads (lights/fan) off the battery terminals and still expect the battery to keep charge? Or do I need to wire in a separately derived system?
  11. Master Chief XCF

    2016 KTM 350 XCF Burnt oil smell

    My 16' 350XCF is a pizza oven. I'm surrounded by some great medium level woods/enduro stuff. Im slow as im a new rider. Just yesterday, out loitering around jumping rocks, pivot turns etc my radiator temp got to 300. (tusk radiator cap thermostat). This was with the boysen impeller, engine ice coolant, and 3 hours on the oil. Rotella 5w-40. im a big dude, 260 lbs if that means anything. I found that the supercooler-impeller and engine ice help to hold off the heat, but inevitably the heat will overcome if you are really cranking on the gnarly stuff. I think I;ve got no choice at this point and have to get the fan. Does anyone know what the upper limit of engine temp is? Because if the radiator is reaching 300, I would expect the engine to be a littler warmer.
  12. Master Chief XCF

    Anyone 49 plus still riding?

    I ripped some medium level enduro with a 62 year old from Fall River the other day. He was faster than me! im 39 but only started Ripping 6 mos ago.
  13. Master Chief XCF

    Major problems with 2016 KTM 350 xc-f

    Cant speak to your engine issues, but the XCF-350 is a race bike and super twitchy. If you are singletrack, like me, you need to consider taming her. I use a throttle tamer and put in a flywheel weight. Eliminated 80% of stalling/Whiskey issues. -i rarely need more than 3rd gear where I rip. its all technical, turns, elevation changes and singletrack. Good luck
  14. Master Chief XCF

    2016 KTM 350 XCF Steahly Flywheel weight install.

    Great ideas guys, The flywheel weight is in. NIGHT and DAY... Cures most of my stalling and I can CHUG in low gear. It was a &*&%^*( to install though. Ill be adding the map switch but I have a hard time paying for a 1p3t switch for 150 bucks. anyone got schematics on 2016 XCF? I will also be getting a new front gear.
  15. Master Chief XCF

    2016 KTM 350 XCF Steahly Flywheel weight install.

    ItS supposed to help with stalling and smooth out the power on the low end... i use my xcf for the woods, She is a little twitchy off the shelf. Also, I'm new to the sport