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  1. CFR Donkey

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Find the nearest storm drain...... Stubborn weeds that won't die...... Bon fire starter..... The options are endless. Unless that fuel is mixed with unicorn semen it's not worth saving or using. Ten bucks of fuel on a "maybe" will cost you ten fold in the end.
  2. CFR Donkey

    What Round(s)?

    I think this season is anyone's game. Muskin looks kinda weak holding the KTM torch but you never can tell. Kenny is in point if he rides smart. Barcia is on fire. The talent on the boards these days is unbelievable. Sounds like the old Ford, Dodge, Chevy saga It comes down to talent and the will to win!! I'm pumped for the season!! If I can see a top 5 of riders banging bars and going for it I'll watch every race this season.
  3. CFR Donkey

    Keep blowing horns?

    Get a 5 dollar emergency boat air horn. Zip tie that shit to the handlebars and watch the pedestrians jump 6' high when you hit it!!!!!
  4. CFR Donkey

    How to check oil level, crf450r

    A dip stick from a 450x may work? Not sure. I have an X and a R. I'll see if they are interchangeable when I get home.
  5. CFR Donkey

    2008 450R - Will "Newer" Plastic Fit...???

    Nobody is gonna notice as we pass you..... 😁
  6. CFR Donkey

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    Yes I am a kid, but if I call myself that it puts the eyes of a 9 year old in peoples head and they wont take me seriously, my age really isnt important in this regard. Thanks for the tips though, I appreciate it No worries man. Important part is you get something and get out and ride. We need more of the younger generation to get involved in riding. Not on the road being hoodlums. Actually involved in real riding. Take care and I hope the best. Keep me posted on how the purchase turns out. Cheers
  7. CFR Donkey

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    A "kid" yes unfortunately your still a kid in the eyes of veterans. Listen to what your "elders" recommend. We may be old and slow on our bikes but know what we are talking about. My best memories as a young lad is buying something that needed work. Get your hands dirty. If you have trouble figuring things out this site will guide you through. There is also your generation of utube videos. I didn't have that growing up. Pull it apart and use your hands again to put it together. Just an old guy giving advice. Take it as a grain of salt if you will
  8. CFR Donkey

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    You know I meant I'm not a young child. In the context it was in I would've thought you would understand, especially since this thread is talking about a dirt bike generally used by young kids, and whilst you knew this, Instead of responding to my question, or not responding at all, you had to come be rude and disrespectful. Would've you preferred I just lied and said I wasn't a child at all? Or Would've you preferred I just pretend like I'm 9? People wont take you seriously if they think you're a young kid, not a great situation to be in when I'm looking for help on how not to waste my money. Ok Jr. Relax, I was just messing with you!! Things to look for, lock the front tire between your legs and move the bars back and forth. There should be no movement, this will tell you if the front wheel bearings or riser bushings are shot. Do the same with the rear wheel. Next move on to the brakes pads. Check to see how worn they are. Like mentioned above a true bike owner will make sure things such as this are in good shape. Rear pads should have at least a 1/4" on them. Front about an 1/8. I never let mine go past that. I would not suggest buying it if you can't ride it. I like to at least run through the gears. You don't need to be full throttle but make sure they all work and this will also give you an idea of how the clutch is. Everything should shift smoothly. Pull the plug wire and look at the spark plug. If it looks like it was just put in(perfectly shiny white) walk away. Usually means that the bike is not running properly. New plug will get you through a sale but not a trip through the woods. Other than that air cleaner, fork seals and overall cosmetic appearance. For the price your by no means going to get a gem, remember that two. Wiegh things out. If you need to invest 4 or 5 hundred you still have a good bike at a good price. You start getting into the thousands you're gonna be upside down in a hurry. Now go finish your homework!!
  9. CFR Donkey

    How not to get screwed when buying dirt bike?

    "I'm not a kid, I'm a teenager" Haaaaahaaaaa,(deep breath), haaaaahaaaaa Sometimes I just gotta chime in!!
  10. CFR Donkey

    Steering stem bearing, replace or re-pack?

    If you have them apart already a new race and bearing kit is cheap. I bought a race drive kit from harbor freight. It actually works great. Pack the bearings by hand with a good marine grate grease. You'll never have an issue.
  11. CFR Donkey

    Roczen Dumping Cargo

    Never understood the e start on an MX bike. Woods bike I completely understand. If you go down hard the last thing your thinking about is pushing a button. A soft lay over you always see the clutch pulled in. Get up and BRAPP on..
  12. CFR Donkey

    Read my piston!

    That is a serious lean condition. You are aware that a 2 smoker needs mixex fuel? Bet that smoke pipe out the rear is clean as a whistle!! 👩‍🏫
  13. I'm coming for you....... . I'll have that piece tonight...... ??? Is the registration up to date? I can't afford to renew them??
  14. CFR Donkey

    crf450x or trail ready crf450r

    Just do what I did! Get one of each!
  15. CFR Donkey

    Best buffet exhaust for 250x?

    I own a 450 x. Did the air box mod with the J.D. jetting kit. Of course the emissions delete. Bike rips and still doesn't disterb the neighbors. Besides it's wonderful to pass your "loud mouth" buddies without them even hearing you coming. Leave the loud pipes for the MX track. Stick with stock out in the woods. Stock pipes flow fine.