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  1. I did check for that, I don't have a good nose when it comes to gas/ oil smells, it all smells the same to me, same with my Dad. I'm just going to change it regardless to fully get my mind off of it.
  2. No, I definitely was not holding the throttle open but the second it turned over I revved it up high to make sure it didn't die. The bike was definitely idling odd because I had it on high idle and it was not idling high. I assume it ran rough off the start because it was un-flooding itself?
  3. If I flooded my engine did it continue to un-flood when I bump started it/rode it around? I just dont understand how it went from not starting at all to running fine now. Or the alternative in which I pray is not the case - the bike is waiting to have an issue.
  4. So I'm pretty new to carb bikes, I used to have a CBR-600rr and decided I wanted a supermoto. I have read the repetitive topics concerning leaving your bike on prime but no answer as to why my bike is ok, everyone seems to have problems. One day I was in the trails and my bike tipped over and wouldn't start, so I set the pet cock to prime and it started fine and I rode/left it sitting like that for 3 weeks because I went to Florida. When I came back I shit myself when I noticed I left it on prime, the bike wouldn't start but was cranking. Eventually I killed the battery trying different choke settings and decided to try to push start it and it started right up. It wasn't idling high like the choke setting was set to but after riding it around for the day it was fine. I let it cool and it started fine. Why does my bike seem ok after what is supposed to be a horrible mess up? Does anyone know the science behind why it wouldn't start at all choked but started fine when I pushed it?