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  1. ndawg22

    engine idea

    No, you would have to use the head off what ever engine you got it off of and bolt patterns wouldn't match. Everything would have to be perfect or it would be a disaster. If you don't mind spending a chunk of money go to http://www.powroll.com/P_YAMAHA_TTR125.htm and get a 170 kit.
  2. ndawg22

    MMI anyone?

    AMI still around? I haven't herd of them in a long time. I never gave much thought about it really but ill have to check into it. The guy I know that went to MMI liked it but i was just wondering if anyone else really knew much about it. I'll have to check that out though
  3. ndawg22

    MMI anyone?

    So I went to college for a year for accounting and really didn't like it, so I talked to my parents about MMI and luckily they were all for it since they know its something that I like to do. I'll be going to the Orlando Campus in November and was just wondering if anyone that has been to MMI and how they/you liked it? I'm pretty excited to start in November. Any info will be appreciated! Thanks, Nate
  4. ndawg22

    TTR125L Preload Adjustment

    .............and no more missing chunks from the shock nuts or fingers from missing the screwdriver.
  5. ndawg22

    Snaped drive axle

    '03 TTR 125L with a BBR 150 Big Bore Kit and some other minor stuff
  6. ndawg22

    Snaped drive axle

    ??? happened not too long after a pretty nice wipe out so that might have contributed to it but i was just riding along and it started making a terrible wining sound. Then it got parked for over a year and I figured might as well fix it.
  7. ndawg22

    Snaped drive axle

    I decided to fix what I thought was going to be a quick and simple gear replacement when I noticed the starter gear was sticking out too far so I go to take the gear off when half the shaft comes out instead:censored: Anyone had a problem like this, or ever hear of this happening? A few pics I took of the mess.
  8. ndawg22

    TTR parts on thumpertalk's oem store???

    Awesome, thanks sundog!!
  9. I haven't been on here for quite a while but is it just me or is there no place in the oem parts store for the TTR's??? I broke the gear shaft in half so was hoping to support TT Thanks, Nate
  10. The title speaks for its self, I was bored and thought id share. *****WARNING...UNWANTED CRACK IN THIS VIDEO***** Enjoy:thumbsup:
  11. ndawg22

    Hot rumor of the day: Stewart to San Manuel Yamaha

    I think in the twmx galleries talked about Reed and Davi as potential teammates. I know I for one would love to see them on a team, but what happens happens, no telling what goes for a while. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1435443359/bctid1537853721also talked a bit about bubba takin the spot.
  12. ndawg22

    TT-Rs in action

    just givin ya some advise...esp since ttr dont exactly have the best jumping suspension
  13. ndawg22

    rocket exhaust?!?!

    race series pipe im guessing is going to be loud and i would hope since its a race pipe it would help power...speed is going to depend more on your gearing tho
  14. ndawg22

    ttr 125 Mods >> Vendor Websites

    ok new links up...i only have some off of dennis kirk so far...so if any links dont work or they are in the wrong place let me know and ill fix em
  15. ndawg22

    TT-Rs in action

    jumping with out boots:naughty: that might hurt your ankles after a little of that and deffenetly if you land wrong or wreck