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  1. THanks Scott, I ask this message on a public forum as someone might have tried it already and, assuming there's a definitive answer, it might allow another member to make a similar swap (or avoid it). In either case, I don't think it's an improper question on a public forum. Cheers,
  2. Good call, Mike. Yes, 32 on front and rear. I'm going to powder coat instead (hoping they hold up reasonably well). Any issues with spokes fitting after powdercoating (thinking of doing the hubs too)?
  3. I'm hoping to swap the front rim on my 03 XR650L for a 19" and found an excel with the same spoke count (32) at 19 x 1.85. Would I be able to use the rest of the stock components swapping the 21 x 1.6 for a 19 x 1.85 (both 32 spoke)? Thanks,
  4. Hoping for some help on the fog light question.. but the 'cafe' headlight might have killed the reply response, haha. Another question: Has anyone put a 1.85 inch wide rim on the front? I'm thinking about going with a 32 hole, 19" wheel up front (so it will mate to the stock hubs) and wanted to be sure it would fit. Buchannon's can do it (but I don't want to pay the $500 or so plus shipping). Thanks,
  5. I'm eventually going for a scrambler build with new subframe, tank, and seat but wanted to share my cheapo headlight setup ($29 shipped). There's a fog light in the headlamp setup but I didn't power it. Anyone know if running it continuously on the low-beam positive would cause an issue?
  6. Good advice, Revy. What else is in your spare parts kit? Thinking about putting one together (now that I can ride more than 4 miles without the engine dying, haha).
  7. Sure enough.. dried crap in the nipple of the gas cap vent. Running like a champ now. So sad I replaced all the other components before realizing such a simple 'fix.' Oi. Next time I'll be sure to ask you fellas before all the bonehead replacement$. haha. Thanks a bunch, gents! Here's a pic from the maiden (no stall) voyage.
  8. Thanks Double! I'll take her out today with a loose cap and see what she does!
  9. Thanks guys. I'll double check the petcock screen and vent/hose. I'm wondering if the fuel line I swapped when I had the old/OEM carb has a smaller diameter than the CRF250 (41mm) carb needs? Or is that over-thinking it?
  10. Thanks Creeky, I replaced the pulse generator this weekend (thought that was the issue), didn't solve the issue.
  11. Hoping for some help before I throw in the towel and end it all! Engine starts fine, runs and idles well for +/- 10 minutes, but cuts out while riding once the engine warms up (175 - 185) and intermittently cuts out thereafter (any speed/gear). It will start up after 30 seconds or so (but won't run for long before dying again). No spurting or surging.. just dies. I've replaced CDI (twice), Spark plug, spark wire and coil, and most recently pulse generator. I do have a 41mm Flat side carb from a CRF (and it has more power than the old carb setup), breathing through a Uni filter. Also, sealed battery tender battery (hasn't shown low when trickle charged). What's next on the test/replace list? Stator maybe? Please help...
  12. I'm a new owner of a 2005 XR650L and I'm going to build a scrambler style bike (eventually). While the weather is too gorgeous to spend sans moto, I'm doing what I can to streamline her and have read the available posts regarding Lithium/hidden batteries. I decided to fab the battery and electronics holder out of the rubber suitcase that held the old heavy/large battery. My apologies if it's been done before (if so, I couldn't find it). I trimmed a bit off the box for the wire, but the battery, CDI, fuses, etc should be as 'water/dust free' as they were in the stock setup.. actually a bit higher on the bike. It's temporary so far (no issues on a couple short rides) using heavy weight zips. Seems to leave enough room for travel and doesn't touch the mono shock. I just figured I'd post some pics and spread the idea for it should anyone be interested in re-purposing the stock rubber. I'll eventually swap the tank, seat, and sub-frame, but she's looking better for the current season IMO. Cheers,
  13. Appreciate your input, Joe!
  14. I currently have the choice between an 08 with 12k miles (clean, Dave's mods) for $3,700 or a 2003 with 5500 miles (rejetted, aftermarket pipes) for $3,200. Both sound good and don't seem to have any issues. Better to go lower mileage or newer bike? Both XR650L, of course..