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  1. Thanks Joe. I have a lowering link on the rear.. currently sitting an inch lower in front to compensate (through the triple clamps). If it's an inch shorter and I raise it an inch (back to flush) through the tripple clamps, I should be fairly close (I figure). I also have 19" rims in front.. so it might be wonky no matter what, haha.
  2. Putting .48kg Eibach's on the front this week (2 inch spacers, which should drop the front about an inch). I'll report back ($99 from XRs Only).
  3. Thanks Mystic. I'm waiting for the front forks to be powder coated. I'll post a pic when I get them back on.
  4. Thanks Dirt. I didn't think about the 'minor' impact scenarios. I'm looking at a Bell Moto 3 helmet.. I suppose it might be 'Enduro' style and take some minor bumps without any issues?
  5. Hey Dirt, I wear goggles and am using a street helmet while riding (Biltwell Gringo which has a full face, fits snug and seems like it would provide as much protection) and don't see how an MX helmet would do much different/protect better. Not trying to be argumentative, what's the benefit of MX helmet vs street?
  6. Ok, getting more convinced to ask the wife for riding boots (to replace my Redwing Iron Rangers) for Fathers Day. Anyone tried Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech's?
  7. Thanks for bringing this up, DBryant. I'm in the same boat (so far, protection is a helmet, goggles, and a RSD jacket with padding). I'd like advice on boots (I have a wide foot) and pants (why do they all look like they're fishing lures!?).
  8. Thanks Eric. Can't say I'll do it after every ride, but I'm going to buy a second Uni to have the ability to swap them out (while one is cleaned/dries). Too inexpensive not to let it breathe cleaner!
  9. I appreciate it, Eric. I do oil the Uni, but not after every ride. It's probably time for a clean and re-oil. Dusty in these parts..
  10. Hey Mystic, I actually went with a 19x1.85 and used the stock (32 hole) hub with the custom spokes. Front tire I'm using is a Shinko 804 100/90-19.
  11. Thanks, Mystic. I did paint the rear fender (and trimmed it a bit). I actually installed found an Excel 19x1.85 to install on the front (Angel from Buchanan's did the custom spokes for $106). Tire choices are more limited, but I'm loving it.
  12. Not sure about parking in the rain Joe, but I've driven through it without issue. I'm East of the Cascades in WA, so not much rainfall here. I did put on an Outerwears pre-filter that is supposed to repel water (not sure how much it helps). Pic attached..
  13. lrbest.. I missed your question about the battery under the seat. I used the 'suitcase' and moved it under the seat as a temporary/cheap solution. Has held up fine for me so far (about 400 miles). Here's the original post about moving it with some pics:
  14. I love the aesthetics of the bike without tupperware. I swapped the carb for a 41mm from a CRF250 and rejetted it (fit directly without anything custom). Choke cable still works and the throttle is quite a bit more responsive. I recently put on a filter cover that is supposed to increase water resistance (no feedback on that yet, but I can send pic/product info if you're interested). Cheers,
  15. Buchanan's came through with the custom spokes for the 19" front. Looks pretty good in my opinion. Hoping I'll be able to TIG a new subframe and swap the seat/tank soon.