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  1. Hey all. Just picked up a new, left over 17 250 SX. Be using this one for track work. Full disclosure, I'm straight crap, but I have fun. I used the JD kit for my XC, and imo it's awful close to perfect, near as I can tell, however my butt Dyno has some extra layers these days, not as fine tuned as it once was.. Can you get anywhere near close with the stock brass? Just get another JD kit and cal it good? Suzuki needle? I ride 1,000-3,000 feet, and anywhere from 10*c to 35*c... Bike all stock for now, but most likely swap over my PC pipe/silencer, and toss in some V-Force, or the Rad Valve.. Thanks in advance, happy trails!
  2. GRamg

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Bought it and brought it home 😀
  3. GRamg

    You dream 2 bikes

    Well I'm most of the way there.. Have my CVO Road Glide, dirt stuff is a '17 KTM 250XC, that I had thought about making into a track bike, but after getting it back on a track last fall, not certain it's the best base to start with. My fat, old carcass needs something better, so thinking an '18 Husky TC 250. Most of the stuff I bought to perk up the XC, will direct swap to the Husky! And then Keep my YZ250FX for the woods. It's bit underpowered for my size, but man, it's soooo much fun!
  4. GRamg

    New full exhaust, do I need to rejet?

    I did a Pro Circuit setup on my 17 XC250.. left jetting alone, seems to run crisp. Plug looks good, piston wash looks good.. No stumbles or bumbles, seems to rip! Mind you, not on stock jetting, went with the JD kit...
  5. GRamg

    2018 350 Questions...

    Yup been riding sleds for 35 years, more hp the merrier. It's the round-about reason I want a snow bike. Getting the wife into sledding, but she will be riding fairly slowly, my new 850 likes to have some snow going across the cooler, so slow speeds does it no benefit. Hence the snow bike. They're fun to ride slow, don't need to dive into powder every 50 feet to cool the thing off etc. I could play in the ditches/sides of trail while she mosey's along on her sled, and we'd be going about the same pace. Be pretty light duty usage for the snow bike, not busing high marks and powder fields all day long. A 120, 129 kit MAX, for busting along trail sides and the odd cutblock we'd come across.
  6. GRamg

    2018 350 Questions...

    Thanks OM, guess I should have mentioned, where I'd be riding it, is only 1500-4000' elevation.. nothing like where we sled up to 7,000 etc..
  7. GRamg

    2018 350 Questions...

    Thanks Glenn. Have a 250XC for the trails and such, but at some point would want to ride the thumper as well. Had a YZ450F, and for what/where we ride, it was a bit of a handful for sure. Is why I thought the 350 would be a good compromise. Lots of power up top, just not the violence off the bottom lol.
  8. Looking at a KTM 350 XC holdover in a 2018. great looking bike, especially with the orange frame.. Would like the bike to do double duty as a snowlike in the winter with a short track kit. Just wondering if there is a power difference between the SX and XC ? Is the XC muted some for better bush riding capability? Or do they share the same ECU settings etc between them? Thanks in advance..
  9. GRamg

    Bang for the buck... a this or That ??

    Both? haha on the track, like to let it rev out, but in the bush it's more slow speed stuff.. Just going to toss the head on, see how that effects things. Have a few months to go before we can ride anyways, no panic on this.. Think between the head and play with the pv spring some, should get it fairly close to what I'm doing that particular day..
  10. Have a '17 250XC. Light mods, a PC pipe and SA, V-Force reed block, about it. Use the bike for light duty MX and bush riding. Have had it re-valved/re-sprung for my weight. Bit of a larger fella at 220 geared up, so wondering what is the best use of funds to get a bit extra out of it? A PWK with STIC? Or the factory 300 kit? Both awful close to same price, around $1,000.00 (Cdn) Or is there another option? Have an RK head, just hasn't been installed yet... Perhaps that's all I'd need for the extra I'm looking for?
  11. GRamg

    Bought the 300 kit... 250 ->300

    Far from an expert, but I can throw some good "guesses" your way.. To base gaskets, have to install your piston to the rod, toss the jug on, and measure to see where you end up. Should be looking for zero deck height on piston to jug measurement. So say the piston is 0.025 above the jug, use that for your gasket thickness (numbers just for illustration purposes) Reasonably certain that the RK head is the same jug to jug, but you'd need a different insert to account for the bigger bore. This is my speculation, haven't confirmed if the jugs share sizing or not (hope so as I also have that head and am looking at a 300 kit lol ) Noise wise it may be a tickle louder, owing to a slight increase in intake noise? Exhaust side is still controlled by your pipe/silencer My JD kit I picked up from the dealer they actually sold me a 300 kit, not a 250, so I should be able to scrape up their instructions for guidelines if you like. Failing that, I just called JD and they emailed them right over. they were awful similar though, if memory serves..
  12. Just recently started wearing glasses, and didn't realize how bad my vision had slowly gotten haha. But between having prescription glasses for driving and day tot day, prescription sunglasses for when I golf/outdoor activities, prescription goggles for snowmobiles and dirt bikes... be cheaper to get Lasik almost lol...
  13. GRamg

    2020 Yz250fx

    I find 1 -2 is fine, along with 2-3.. it's 3-4 where it has a huge gap.. could stand to tighten that up a bit..
  14. Yup, have a 250XC that's a gas to ride, and also a 250FX.. Plan was to use the XC for some light duty MX work and single track, but I just can't give up that little FX, it really is a ton of fun in the bush !
  15. GRamg


    I went with the Lexx muffler, here in BC its required to have a SA. Sounds awesome, didn't weigh to see if there was a difference. Should have in hindsight for general knowledge, but seeings how its the law here.. Anyways, nice thing with the Lexx is the replaceable end caps, screens etc. Can remove the SA for closed course stuff like MX, or make it uber neigbourhood friendly in a few minutes, really versatile.