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  1. Dan__B

    450x Baja Build

  2. I plated a 450x not too long ago. Its still allowed in CA and easier than most people make it out to be. I was told all kinds of negative things but in the end, those folks were wrong. What it boils down to is this, if you have a green sticker bike you will be able to DS by adding certain parts and making sure it still has the original emissions sticker. DM me if you need any help.
  3. Dan__B

    Bike wouldn't start... Has this happened to you?

    Why are you kicking the X?
  4. Dan__B

    450x Baja Build

    Coming along!
  5. Check the easy stuff first. Ground wire, fuse, relay..
  6. Wow, glad you got it taken care of. My process was pretty painless compared to your experience. The DMV is able to do VIN inspections too.
  7. Dan__B

    Electric start Not Working

    Like Kranny says, It could be the 15 amp fuse at the starter magnetic switch
  8. I have a 450X plated in Ca. The hardest thing to find is the original emissions sticker for the year model 450X you are trying to register. Other than that, it's a lot easier to register these bikes in Ca than most people make it out to be.
  9. Dan__B


    Wish I were closer
  10. Dan__B

    LAB2V 450X

    Thanks guys! I think all that is left to get is a steering damper and some sort of gps.
  11. I have a plated 05 450x and also pay for the green sticker because funds generated from OHV registration along with a portion of the state gas tax are used for the acquisition, development, and operation of OHV areas throughout California.
  12. Dan__B

    Dual Sport Helmet

    I've never owned that helmet but it looks like it will do the job with tunes to boot!
  13. I'm running a 450X and it suits me fine!