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  1. Pro taper. I tried the tusk ones before. They work great but for some reason i had issues getting my twinwalls to mount to them.
  2. Got a reply back from the company who put my graphics on saying the unlined 2t tanks are horrible with graphics. It all depends on if its lined or not. Next set of graphics i will have it lined so they wont come off. Luckily they are blue and dont have anything on them so a plain tank wont ruin the look too bad. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. So my new graphics kit is coming off the tank! Awesome. What can i do to fix this? Bike sat for a couple weeks. Also the graphics are perforated with holes. Its not big bubbles but tons of small ones around each slit.
  4. Yep! Will have to split cases. If you will be doing it yourself you will need a few tools to do the job. If I were you I would get a wrench rabbits kit as it comes with everything you need to do the whole motor. Its runs like $500-600 dependent on where you buy.
  5. Went withe the fox 2018 v1. Tried my dads on it fits perfect. I did try the mx9 on and it put too much pressure on my forehead
  6. My bike smokes a lot but when its cold and because im mixing 32:1. I had spooge rolling down my pipe. But it doesnt smoke once its warm
  7. Exactly mine were just replaced as well as all the seals in the bottom end. What do you think it is man? All ive heard so far is “crank seals” and no solutions.
  8. See thats what i thinking. Since i was running 40-45:1 before rebuild and never had an issue. I thought well.... fresh motor? Run tons of oil in the gas to give it good lubrication. Im going to try mixing a can of 40:1 again and run it and see if the issue stops. If it doesnt im taking it to the shop to have them look it over and get it right.
  9. What could i try to fix this issue? Run 40:1? I did put new rads on my bike after the rebuild. If the bike was getting too hot, wouldnt it run wayyy worse and overheat easily? Sorry to thread jack OP! Having same issue and asking questions! 1st person ive seen with the issue im having...
  10. Could it be from running to much oil? I started my fresh rebuild running between 32-36:1. We ran 40:1 before the rebuild. Im having the exact same problem on my 10’ yz 250. It like it idle surges while riding and while idling like when waiting down the trail on someone..
  11. Bday is coming up next week and i am need of a new helmet as mine is a fly kinetic helmet from 2012 and is too big as in falls down my face cramming my goggles over my nose. I tried my dads fox helmet on thats an xl and it fits amazing. I was planning on buying the se4 polyacrylite helmet from troy lee but they are on backorder for who knows how long right now... So next option is to look around more. I need suggestions on helmets... thanks.
  12. Mine is doing the exact same thing. It just rebuilt top to bottom! PLEASE whatever you find tell me how to fix it.
  13. Park in front of the harley bros... will fit in nicely
  14. Yes it does. If you pit it on a supermoto it would look nice.