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  1. RidingWithStyle

    Lectrons worth it on YZ250s?

    Found a 2nd hand lectron for $150 local. Wondering if it is any good? I know the KTM guys swear by them till cows fly over the moon. How about on yz’s though? Tired of screwing with jetting and crap every year and want my bike to run cleaner. Would this help with that?
  2. RidingWithStyle

    05 250 high idle when cold

    I run 48P/175M in mine. I still have to richen it up some because on long uphills it slightly surges and when you get on it and kinda coast into corners it surges. Going to turn my A/S out to 2 turns out and see what happens.
  3. RidingWithStyle

    05 250 high idle when cold

    I never used choke during the summer and it would generally fire 1st kick. Sometimes i have to use it though. I always turn the throttle 2 blips before kicking and it fires right up. If it starts to die off i pull choke up and let it sit for a few seconds.
  4. RidingWithStyle

    05 250 high idle when cold

    I have a 48 pilot no leaks as well and noticed my idle was a tad higher than normal once it got colder out as well. I just turned it down and rode. I never have to use the choke on mine unless its sat for a while.
  5. RidingWithStyle

    Does Namura make a piston for an 03 kx 100?

    If youve already bought it, good luck man. But if you havent. Dont. Instead of buying junk multiple times, buy the good stuff once. The upfront cost is more but the longrun cost is less. Either way, your bike, your decision. We are just trying to tell you whats best as far as experience.
  6. RidingWithStyle

    Tusk Wheels?

    Hmm interesting. Always heard they were solid. I can get the wheels for i think $80 a hoop and buy another set of spokes if need be.
  7. RidingWithStyle

    Tusk Wheels?

    Cool. I just trail ride and want to maybe get into racing next year. Not trying to have a wheel fold like a burrito in 20hrs. Lol. As with any wheel tightening spokes is a must the 1st few hours new. Also I use tubes so slime wont be an issue.
  8. RidingWithStyle

    Does Namura make a piston for an 03 kx 100?

    True but with a small bore 2 stroke that has to be rung out to be ridden like it was designed, I wouldn’t risk it. And I have heard of namura pistons lasting a while, but on bigger bikes like 250s. Most small bore bikes with namura pistons have been a different story...
  9. RidingWithStyle

    Does Namura make a piston for an 03 kx 100?

    So.... are you trying to have your bike grenade on you or what? Buy a vertex or wiseco top end kit for a bit more. The motor will thank you.
  10. RidingWithStyle

    Tusk Wheels?

    Are these wheels any good? I am wanting to lace a set of their hoops and spokes to my stock YZ250 hub since my stock excels look beat and have slight flat spots from over the years. I have seen a few people where we trail ride running these and some youtubers i watch who beat their stuff to no avail and they look to be quality. Just curious as to what others in the community think of them and if they are worth $260 for a front/rear and spoke kit.... Forgot to add, I only ride in the woods. Will be buying the 18” if I get the wheels. Thanks.
  11. RidingWithStyle

    YZ250 - tuning help

    We ran klotz with 20% castor 40:1 and had great results. It smells amazing as well. Currently run golden spectro 40:1.
  12. 125s are hard on engine parts. Especially if you ride them in the powerband and ringing it out a lot. I used to do my 125 top end every 25-35hrs and bottom end every 8th top end. Depending on how much you ride, you may have to do a full rebuild every season and a half. Im on a 250 now and woods riding instead of track and hope to see 150hrs since i hardly ride in top end.
  13. RidingWithStyle

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Yep that happened... to me. Lmfaoooo. I was uhhh yeah that aint right. I was pissed.
  14. RidingWithStyle

    CRF250R 15’+ Forks For Woods?

    Wondering who likes these forks in the woods? All I hear is bad reviews about the TAC forks on the newer crfs... I hear they stick, are harsh in everything, etc. If need be I have a plan B to do the race tech conversion kit on them if they dont work out... but thats last resort.
  15. RidingWithStyle

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    Lol nothing is worse than fighting those stupid ass things in a hurry and get them both put on and clamped and THAN realize you have put the rads on the wrong side and one upside down... dont ask me how i know...