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  1. RidingWithStyle

    Need some help/advice

    I mean the windshield fogs up because its cold outside so kind of hard to tell. I dont have carpet in my truck. Just a rubber mat and theres no spots on it. Ill look into those next. And no i dont.
  2. RidingWithStyle

    Need some help/advice

    Its got 2 lines hot and cold. Cold it sits just above the line. Hot it sits at the line or a bit above. Its a aftermarket reservoir from PO. And no i have not. It just started doing all this about 2 weeks ago and i have been working a lot. The truck gets driven every few days as i am in my work van mostly.
  3. I have my 99 chevy silverado 1500 4.3L v6 and it smells of coolant when you shut it off after driving for awhile. Like today my dad drove it and after he parked it, he said it smelled like coolant. We checked under the hood and saw no visible leaks or anywhere wet if it sprayed. No check engine lights, temps and gauges all where they should be. I have coolant in the reservoir as well. We also checked around the waterpump and no leaks there as well. Any ideas? Im stumped. Could it be my heater core going bad maybe? I have been running the heat a lot. The AC also does not work (not cold but blows basically warm air). Could it be something to do with the compressor?
  4. RidingWithStyle

    Dealing with nerves?

    How do you guys deal with your nerves when riding or on the way to ride? I tend to get so nervous going riding I get cramps everywhere almost. I listen to music on the way there to clear my mind but it still lingers..... anyway to try and mitigate it?
  5. RidingWithStyle

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    I had the same issue installing my pro bends. I had to crank on it by itself forever for it to finally grab. Once you get it to grab and tighten it till your allen wrench bends, it aint going no where....
  6. 2016 350sxf. Love the bike but I find myself barely being able to use 2nd gear before I have to go to 3rd. 90% of the trails we ride are easily 2nd gear trails and some hillclimbs or slick stuff being the 1st gear lug type. It has stock gearing. What gearing works best on this bike? On my old YZ250 i ran 13-50 and 2nd was like a 1st gear on it and rarely saw 3rd unless you were HAULING ASS.
  7. RidingWithStyle

    Just bought this jewel

    Restyle plastics ASAP!
  8. RidingWithStyle

    Stickers for Sale

    The piles of stickers:
  9. RidingWithStyle

    Stickers for Sale

    Time Left: 17 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    I have probably over 2k stickers i have collected over the years and would like to get rid of them as I will never use them all. I have mainly mx brands and a few other brands like work clothing and other sports stickers. I would like to sell them cheap as most stickers dealers or shop sell are $2-6 a sticker. $5 for 15 stickers I believe is a solid deal....? PM me if you are interested. I have stickers from - Fly Racing, 100%, motosport, nitro circus, monster energy, ktm, gopro, sunstar sprockets, renthal, pro taper, many many more.


  10. RidingWithStyle

    Greasing wheel bearings

    Me personally i would pop the red seal off and pack it full. Sealed bearings NEVER have enough grease in them to last long. Doesnt take 10 minutes to prevent costing yourself more money in the long run.
  11. RidingWithStyle

    Leak Down Test Question

    I used a gas pressure test guage with the schrader valve, guage, and female threads all in one piece. Was like $10. And then various pvc fittings depending on bike. Costed like $20 to make.
  12. RidingWithStyle

    Greasing wheel bearings

    May not need them but go ahead and replace them. When greasing the new bearings use something like maximas waterproof grease and get a huge wad on your finger and “push” it into the bearings working it around until you see it coming out the other side. Do both like that and install with a press or a socket that fits the outer races. Then grease up axel and cram it through the hub. Loads of grease and good to go. Thats how ive done every wheel bearing since i learned to replace them myself.
  13. RidingWithStyle

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

    Damn right. Gonna tear apart and detail it up because the car wash pressure washer sucked.
  14. RidingWithStyle

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

  15. RidingWithStyle

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

    Will do for sure. Just changed the oil and filter. I have to figure out the yellow and red knobs. The guy the yellow sucks in when its hot?