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  1. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Update. Returned the superclean and bought simple green and a pack of scotch brite sponges... Tried the best i could without having to dissamble the bike due to time crunch but i also used a tooth brush to get at the corners... id say it turned out pretty damn good for $8 worth of stuff...
  2. RidingWithStyle

    Case protectors

    Ahh the classic 06 paper thin yzf covers. I was riding down a dirt road on my 06 250f and it knocked a hole in it. Ended up buying a new one and putting on a steel/metal skidplate that wrapped completely around. SxS or enduro engineering makes insanely durable ones given you will have to deal with the rattling they make against the frame if you dont put weatherstripping along the frame rails under them...
  3. RidingWithStyle

    Case protectors

    The polisport covers are nice where you use longer bolts and mount that way.
  4. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Coil cleaner for ac units is literally pure acid. Stuff will burn you if it splashes back on you. I tried some of the superclean on a buddies rmz motor and frame earlier (which is why i didnt reply) and it turned out looking really good for just using a toothbrush. Key to the stuff is to not let it dry once its on the motor or whatever. Thats where you mess it up. I did the spray on, scrub with the toothbrush and rinse off and move to the next spot. It takes forever but makes it look great.
  5. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Reason im not using those. And coil cleaner is nasty stuff... had a bit of it spill in the truck bed on the rhino liner and it left a white streak where it ran out of the bed on it. Read my recent post of what i went with. Everyone says its really solid cleaner...
  6. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Picked up superclean degreaser. Gonna go at it tomorrow. Still have to grab some sos pads though...
  7. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    SOS pads work? Like 0000?
  8. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Thats was my plan to begin with as people said not to do it on a dry bike and let it dry. I am gonna soak the bike spray motor and whatever, scrub and wash off and see what it does. Any brush size recommendations? Im going to auto parts store here in about an hour
  9. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Gimme gimme. Scraping the aluminum cleaner idea then and going with superclean and some brushes. Is the stuff safe on all aluminum though like wheels and swingarm? Also my swingarm has graphics on it. Just want to clean the underside and the axel holes and where the swingarm bolt goes through since it has premix splattered everywhere from before.
  10. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Thanks. Ill pick some up then. Any recommendations for brushes, etc that will help speed the process up? My main concern is removing that piled up gunk besides the waterpump cover because i dont want it to permanently stain the cases. Also is the superclean safe for gaskets, and all rubber parts? How about my excel wheels that looks thrashed with stains?
  11. RidingWithStyle

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Well i plan on washing the bike so id spray it down with water then spray cleaner on it and scrub for a few minutes then wash it off and go at another spot. Would doing that instead help it not mess the aluminum up? And ive heard that some sort of strong degreaser works good as well. Any recommendations?
  12. RidingWithStyle

    2015 CRF450R vs YZ450F

    I have the SSS on my yz250 and i like them so far. Havent had to touch them besides servicing them and i weigh 225 all gear and hydro. Looking to sell it though as the 2t life just aint for me...
  13. RidingWithStyle


    I never see the point in trying to bring plastics “back to life”. Its cheap enough to buy new ones the time and money put into products, etc is not worth it. Plus brand new plastics always have the joy of tearing the plastic wrapping off them...
  14. RidingWithStyle

    Motion Pro Cables...

    Has anyone else ever had an issue with Motion Pro cables specifically? Every time I have ordered one for any of the bikes in our garage the cables either seem way “off” or really bad experiences as in rough pull (even with lubing the cable multiple times) or even the cable being too short or not long enough for oem routing. I never rant about products but its been at least 2 seasons of bad cables from them and it gets to a point of getting “pissed off”. What else do you guys recommend? I would buy OEM but it is 2-3x the cost of aftermarket.