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  1. Well my birthday is in a few months. Will probably get a new one then. In the process of buying new gear anyways over this season.
  2. I bought the right size helmet because it fit super tight when i bought it. Im thinking it might be the foam inside that is worn out? Ive washed it nearly 20 times last year because it stunk terribly after riding with it 2-3 times unwashed.
  3. Could it be the foam in the helmet is worn out? The helmet is 3 years old with 1 year of hard usage and a few times this year. It the right size because i tried the same helmet on at the race shop and a size lower would never fit me and a size bigger i could fit a hand on each side plus my head. What can i do as a fix till i can get money to buy me a new helmet?
  4. I dont know if its the strap or what. It causes me to not be able to breathe out of my nose when it happens though.
  5. I just replaced my 100% goggles with a new set as the old ones were worn and falling over my nose. I figured “well the face foam is probably done for, so i will get new ones!”. Well the new ones do the same thing. It is “as you would expect” very damn annoying. It slows me down when riding as I have to keep adjusting them back on top of my nose. My helmet is a Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet and it fits good. I keep the strap tight. I keep my goggles tight around the helmet as well in the goggle dip on the helmet. Im at a loss honestly as to how I can keep these goggles from bothering me while riding.
  6. Lol we probably wont be back up till like 1st weekend in april or so. Busy + planning a trip to stay at CAW
  7. Where would i get just springs from? Are they specific or could i get any 2 stroke pipe springs from my local shop?
  8. Ordered a new gnarly pipe for my bike and it says it comes with new o rings. Does it also come with new springs too? Im missing one and the other is stretched to no end. I know you can buy a spring and oring kit but shouldnt a new pipe come with both?
  9. Time Left: 2 days and 13 hours

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    In need of Cycra Handguards (probends) for my bike. Need 1 1/8 clamp size for renthal twinwalls. Message me if you have any for sale at a good price!


  10. Was literally perfect. Some mudholes that were deep but damn it was fun. Only thing that sucked was my face got wind burnt.
  11. Haha ive done it 2 times on a yz250f. Easy if the mud is tacky and you give er hell up it. I had it ringed out wheel spinning up it lol. Hit that damn rock on the right side and about flipped backwards on my yz250. I jumped off and let her slide down bars 1st lol
  12. Lol. Saw some dude trying to go up the main hill on a husky dead start from mud pit at the bottom, lets say he didnt make it.
  13. Damn thats terrible. Were you the older guy sitting down with the trailer?
  14. I was. Where were you parked at? We parked to the left coming in, 1st truck. We rode our “loop” and youth trail as a warmup. Then my step brother ran over a damn deer hurting his shoulder and hyperextending his clutch fingers. So we sat around for about an hour with him and he finally started riding again hitting damn doubles at the MX track lol. Then I went and rode 1B/3B by MX track and it comes out besides big main hill climb.

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    Will sell for $160 firm. No leaks/cracks. In good shape. Uses stock tanks petcock. It holds 3.2 Gallons and it came off a 2010 YZ250. I have no use for it. Will also consider trades on the following below... - New Renthal Sprockets (Front/Rear) & Chain - Pro Taper or Renthal 1 1/8 bars (lighty used) - Set of NEW Dunlop MX3S (MX32) Front/Rear message me if you are interested! Thanks