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  1. Goets Rider

    Removing CRF150 wheels

    I'll do the whole deal for $20.
  2. Goets Rider

    ttr conversion

    thats pretty damn cool.
  3. Goets Rider


    does anyone have any pics of a 150 or 230 with the 85 forks on them? not an aluminum frame or a motor crammed into an 85 chassis.
  4. Goets Rider

    150 in 125 class

    ya, on my second race ever I got a 7th place (out of 22) on my ttr125 in 85sr. Go for it, if you dont do good you will have an excuse, your riding a trail bike. Good luck man. P.S. Dont feel bad if you beat those snotty little mini racers and there dads come and bitch at you (for cheating with a 4stroke).
  5. Goets Rider

    1980 xr80

    Would anyone know how much my 1980 xr80 would be worth, it is in very good condition and for the most part tottaly restored. Would it have any resale value?
  6. Goets Rider

    TTR 230 or Crf 230

    yeah, I think yamaha basicaly copied hondas bike, it shouldnt really matter.
  7. Goets Rider

    CR/XR conversion pics

    how much cutting and welding did you do to the frame?
  8. Goets Rider


    Is a ttr250 worthy of a serious enduro bike, I have a ttr125 and love to man-handle it in the woods, is this possible on a ttr250? I want something I can grow into instead of a WR, I usually ride my cr in the woods when I am not moto-ing it and I cant imagine riding a WR like a ttr. My ttr seems just so much more comfortable and I am debating if I should spend the money for hop-ups, get a ttr250, or just save all summer for a WR.?????????or what are the 230's like?
  9. Goets Rider

    Anyone bent a front rim on a 125?

    yup, it happens, I ripped a good dozen spokes out of my ttr wheels (front and back each) before I noticed, the first time I saw it was when I pancaked my fron wheel. I guess it is possible to straighten it, but your best bet would be to buy some new ones, they would just be that much stronger that stock and the stock ones are more likely to bend/break if you straighten them out.
  10. Goets Rider

    ttr conversion

    Anyone have any suggestions on what would be easier, putting a ttr125 motor in an 02 kx85 chassis, or getting the forks and shock from an yz85 and rigging on some disk brakes? Also, would it be possible to turn a ttr125 into a serious enduro bike?
  11. Goets Rider

    CR/XR conversion pics

    Thats some cool stuff, it just sucks when people spend big$$$ to go the easy way and get an aluminum frame bike. In my opinion the ones posted here are way cooler.