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  1. Rtwpaul is selling his WR250 and he’s a master mechanic and set it up for world travel. Not sure what he’s asking but might be worth a check. I’ve learned so much from reading his build threads and set my DR650 up while following along.
  2. Guavadude

    Greasing linkages

    One tip from a mechanic on greasing needle bearings is to slide the inner bushing out halfway, grease the exposed area then slide it halfway out in the other direction. I cleaned first with non chlorinated brake cleaner then used a good water resistant grease like Bel Ray. This was on a ‘97 DR350SE so I wanted to get all the old grease and dirt out.
  3. Guavadude

    Lost tool tube, Big Bear trail, MI

    That sucks. I’m going to put contact info in my tool tube just in case.