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  1. mathius lynch


    That's great, glad to hear you got it up and running. Man I'm not sure what I'm waiting on to tell you the truth. Well, I guess right now repainting the headers is my project. Pretty much have everything sanded except a few little crevices that I just can't seem to get the old paint out of. You think it will be alright if I waited to cure the paint until I get the carb back on and the bike running? It shouldn't be the long but I want to get those headers painted and back on the bike along with the carb asap, and as long as the bike will start I can cure the paint at that point. I just know if I put those things in the oven my old lady would ring my neck and I don't want them getting rusted up just sitting. I guess these are the trials and tribulations of a first timer and I'm in no rush but I sure am getting the itch to ride that damn thing. I've sat and stared at it for far too long.
  2. mathius lynch

    XT 225 mystery part!

    Mystery part no more. Found this pic from a distributor out of Europe.
  3. mathius lynch

    anybody rides xt660 here?

    It could very well be from within the diaphragm set. I did replace the diaphragm itself but I did not remove any other parts from that specific area. I have a feeling it could be from within the needle valve set #13. I do have some clearer photos but as far as size I say its comparable to the rivet on a pair of levis. Thanks for your help and input, I'm so reluctant to put the carb back on the bike until I know for sure where that piece is from.
  4. mathius lynch

    XT 225 mystery part!

    How's your 81 coming along? If its anything like mine I started with intentions of carb rebuild and now its turning into as much of a complete rebuild/revitalization that I can do. Aside from the carb I really want to leave any other motor stuff to someone that has some experience. As much as I'm doing it step by step and documenting everything I don't want any more mystery parts showing up. I still am not positive exactly where it came from which bothers the heck out of me.
  5. mathius lynch

    XT 225 mystery part!

    I defenitely think its a spring base, I'm just confused as to where it came from considering I can't find any real mention of it in the carburetor diagram or any other reference. I took some hopefully better photos of itsnd included a spring on one to show. I seem to think its part of the jet needle assembly but the diagram just shows like 2 plastic spacers between a washer type deal and a spring. I may just have To take that apart again and reevaluate everything. I knew there would be something not right considering this is my first time ever rebuilding a carburetor. Thank you for your help by the way. I really do appreciate it.
  6. mathius lynch

    XT 225 mystery part!

    Man I have a mystery part that I just can't seem to figure out where it came from. I've asked around looked through multiple parts diagrams but no luck. I think it possibly came from the secondary throttle valve and if not then I'm pretty positive it was like the base to a spring and helped it to stay in place or whatever. Any possibilities?
  7. mathius lynch

    gas in engine after petcock rebuild

    I went ahead and installed that filter considering I had a brand new one and removed an old brittle one from the original. Seat. It wouldn't hurt to also run another fuel filter from the tank to the carb would it?
  8. mathius lynch

    XT 225 mystery part!

    At first I thought the pattern looked fairly similar to one on the down tube of my 89 xt right around where the skid plate mounts to the frame. The more I look at my bike I notice a few other possibilities along the frame where that could possibly mount, but I don't see anything that specifically resembles that bracket.
  9. mathius lynch

    gas in engine after petcock rebuild

    Regarding the o rings and fuel valve seat, Are there two separate O rings that go in there or is it just the one that goes around the valve seat? There is also a little dome shaped piece that goes at the same end which I assume is s fuel filter of sorts?
  10. Hey everybody. I'm fairly new to this forum as well as dual sport bikes like my xt600. It was my brothers who passed away and after a few years of sitting I have decided to revive it. I deciding to do any of the work I felt I could handle myself so I began learning about carburetors and am just finishing up my first cleaning/rebuild. All I thought I had left was to set the float height and then test out the fuel flow and hopefully kick it over. Well I have a mystery part and I have no idea where it came from. I documented most of the process as well as took step by step photos but thus piece seemed to have came out of no where. Only thing I could think is possibly the jet needle assembly. For some reason I think it was with a spring somewhere. If anyone has any idea or even just a possibility I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks everyone.
  11. mathius lynch

    anybody rides xt660 here?

    So I'm just about done with the carburetor when I realized they had sent me a float needle and seat for a 1990 and up model. I knew it obviously lookef different from the start but figured it would still work and that maybe they had just changed it midway through production or something. I have one on order and it should be arriving any day. I Just grabbed some apple cider vinegar tonight and going to put it in the tank tonight and see how that works. Not too sure how long I will leave it considering the rust is really light and only in certain areas so I don't want to overdo it. I guess the only issue I have after I get the correct float needle is that there is one little piece that I have no idea where it came from. During disassembly I really took my time photographed everything but this little guy slipped by me and I cannot find any reference or part that looks even similar to it either in my manual or online. The best way for me to describe it is that it resembles like a little tab or rivet on say a pair of Levi's but has like a little nipple in the center. Think it could have possibly come from the needle set when I disassembled the throttle valve arm but I'm not positive. If I take a picture can I post it on here and maybe you know where it goes or came from? or--if I'm just crazy and it has nothing to do with the carburetor at all.
  12. mathius lynch

    anybody rides xt660 here?

    Yeah I've been reading a lot about apple cider vinegar on line. It looks like the rust was just starting to form when I noticed it because there in much at all, really just a spec here and there. Thankfully this bike was well taken care if aside from the 3 or 4 years after my brother passed and it sat covered on the side yard. I did notice the petcock wasn't completely shutting off the fuel flow which would explain that carb being as gunky as it was. piecing it all back together today and then comes the fun part of trying to get that thing to fit back in.
  13. mathius lynch

    anybody rides xt660 here?

    Just wanted to provide an update. I have the carburetor removed and about 95% dissassembled. Thinks were certainly gunned up in there and I'm sure the fact that my petcock was leaking played a good role in that too. I've gone ahead and purchased just about all that I could find to replace the old jets, gaskets, o-rings, and the diaphragm set. Should be here today or tomorrow and I will do one last thorough cleaning before I put everything back together. I'm amazed the bike even started last time I ran it given the condition of the carb. I did discover some tiny rust spots developing in the tank. Its not much but I'm defenitely not going to risk messing up the carb or worse running any fuel through the tank until I get the rust spots taken care of. Any suggestions? I've searched all over the web but not sure what to do since the rust is a fairly small amount.
  14. mathius lynch

    anybody rides xt660 here?

    Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. I haven't seen much in the form of service manuals other than Clymer and Tech Spark, but I do have those to reference as well as great places like this and people like yourself who have done it countless times and willing to help out a rookie mechanic like myself. I will defenitely update soon as I begin to really start breaking it down piece by piece and cleaning it out, or more likely as soon as I get stuck and don't know what to do. In the mean time I better find any other available resource to reference because I know I will need it.
  15. mathius lynch

    1989 XT600 WC

    Copy all. I'm sitting in my garage as I type this just staring at this hybernating beast. Both your bikes are real nice. What year is your blue XT?