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  1. That’s not you. That’s Ryan Dungey. Lol
  2. Your under warranty. I was told too bad go to your local Husqvarna dealer. Your replacement will fail eventually.
  3. Might be the case too. Have you checked that on yours?
  4. I bought a brembo slave. While waiting for it to arrive, I went to hardware store and got a .64 o ring. Went home installed and bled, and like magic it was like new.
  5. How many hours do you have on your $2 replacement?
  6. Oberon, Rekluse, or Brembo. Take your pick 2.2 hours is a joke
  7. mirnldi

    TigerTanker's Bike Build Thread FE450 & FX350

    That sucks. You guys have a lot of time and money invested in the 350.
  8. mirnldi

    17' FX350 fuel range

    I’ve gone 95 miles on 18 FE450 desmogged with tuner. You should have no problem doing a 40 mile loop.
  9. mirnldi

    Deleting hand guards

    Shorter bolts included in packet from dealer.
  10. Shouldn’t have anymore failures. Switched to mineral oil [emoji1303]. And ya that o ring taking up tons of space in my backpack. Along with the syringe and a small bottle of mineral oil I think I takes up half a pocket of space.
  11. I could send you a .63 o ring that I found at my local hardware store on the stock magura slave that has held up for 3 rides now. I bought a Brembo slave and it’s sitting on my workbench just in case.
  12. mirnldi

    500 EXC leaking after oil change...

    Forget to put the crush washer back on one of the drain plugs?
  13. mirnldi

    Pontoon's 2020 Husqvarna FE350s Build

    Those cycra hand guards are worth every penny.
  14. mirnldi

    2018 fx350 starter issue

    When the tps is raised, it affects the low end of the map. I would try setting tps back to stock and adding fuel via jd/ktmhusky tuner