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  1. I always like to see around the 135 to 150 psi ,pretty sure the ts is a low comp motor so it might not see those sort of numbers
  2. Seems a tad low ,I take it you held it full throttle for at least half dozen kicks
  3. Thank guys just the info I needed
  4. Hey fellas I have a question ,I'm putting together some parts in order to freshen up my brothers 07 yz250, Now pro x list a kit that covers 99 through 2016 ,oem list two different part numbers ,so my question is can the earlier gasket be used in place of the later if using oem ?
  5. I've got a new oem sitting on the shelf ,might go and weigh it
  6. My daughters pw80 does that only when in gear if the idle is too high,centrifugal clutch trying to engage ,idle down and she's all good
  7. Agreed ,I'm liking the price ,its $30 cheaper on a 4l bottle than motorex
  8. Yep 06 525exc ,just serviced it has 140 original hrs ,don't ride as much as I'd like but that's life
  9. Time to buy some oil and I've been looking at this stuff ,opinions please
  10. My daughters pw80 came with a eBay carb ,and the original carb in pieces, do yourself a favour and rebuild the OEM unit ,I did and the bike runs as it should ,the China carb was a pain in the butt so I ditched it
  11. Just to clear it up ,50/50 green auto coolant and distilled water ,no issues with engine ,no leaks no overheating yada yada,still see it under my cap if the bike sits for Week or two, [emoji106]
  12. If I dumped my coolant everytime I see that I would be changing it weekly
  13. No linkage on this one ,PDS rear
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