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  1. Hndyman55

    HELP! TTR125L Crank Rebuild HELP!

    Seen some on YouTube where they have removed a bearing right up against the crank web. One way is to use a chisel to separate it and another is using a bearing puller
  2. Right on![emoji106]
  3. Hndyman55

    Air filter

    You can clean and oil the air filter instead of buying a new one when it gets dirty
  4. Hndyman55

    Rmx250 1995 project

  5. Why not just keep them in the house that is temperature controlled. I’ve never had anything rust or corrode in the house
  6. Hndyman55

    Is this a 2001 OEM xr50 Carb?

    That’s crazy. I always use eBay. Hopefully he will make it right
  7. Hndyman55

    Is this a 2001 OEM xr50 Carb?

    Wow. Does he have a lot of sales?
  8. Hndyman55

    Is this a 2001 OEM xr50 Carb?

    I wonder what that guys feedback looks like
  9. Hndyman55

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    This might be a silly question. When you set the float height did you make sure to not let the weight of the float compress the spring on the needle? I don’t think it would make a lot of difference but it would be more lean that way
  10. Hndyman55

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    I would definitely get an inline filter. It’s not fun diagnosing a carb that keeps getting plugged with junk right after you clean it. Have you checked the petcock on the tank to make sure it’s flowing freely? It should also have a small filter/strainer on it. It sure sounds like it’s running out of gas/lean. Have you tried running without the gas cap on to make sure the tank is venting properly?
  11. Hndyman55

    SSR125 Strange running condition after adjusting valves

    A sticky/gunky, or a bound or improperly routed cable can cause hang-ups as well It does sound more like a lean condition as you have suggested. Does the carb slide have a gasket under the cap? Do you have an in-line fuel filter between the tank and the carb?
  12. You can try to “lap” the valves to make them seat again. You will have to remove the valve keepers and springs to do that. Once the valves are out you should roll them on a flat surface to make sure the stems aren’t bent, which can also cause the valve to not fully close
  13. Did you use a compression tester?
  14. If the rings are bad yes it will most likely smoke. Yes the timing needs to be spot on. There is usually some sort of timing marks or dots to visually align for making sure it’s in time. It has to be on TDC on the compression stroke not the exhaust stroke when checking/setting. You may be able to find a downloadable service manual for that bike online somewhere that will guide you through the process