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  1. Tanker01

    CRF450R dual pipes onto XR600R

    Update on this project: Still waiting on the pipes, shipping says its delayed. Just bought a SXS so I have been doing some work on that. As soon as the pipes come in I plan to try to fit them up at least with some hose clamps so I can see if my jetting is going to be ok and see how it sounds.
  2. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    You're supposed to lick 9v batteries
  3. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    What is the best way to tell if it is outputting AC or DC? I have a multimeter but I have never used it to determine whether the reading was AC or DC, just simple voltage readings and ohm readings of circuits I already knew which they were. EDIT: Is there a chance of messing up the pulse generator signal or CDI/coil by hooking a battery into the circuit?
  4. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    Yes if you need it work for a bit with the engine off you will need a very small battery. If you use a capacitor it's going to have to be yuge. With proper type of battery nothing special is needed to charge it, it will charge direct off the rectifier The bike in question is a '87 XR600R. It already has a voltage rectifier in the wiring harness. Would I be able to use that rectifier and run wires parallel from the output from it to a battery and then have a DC circuit?
  5. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    do you mean a rectifier and a battery charging circuit? or just a rectifier? If I just use a rectifier the lights will not work when the engine is off. To be street legal in Indiana, headlights and taillights need to be able to operate up to a minute after turning the engine off. I suppose a capacitor and rectifier together may accomplish this but I would rather just use a battery that I can replace or upgrade if I need to.
  6. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    Ok heres the math Front lights (assuming both on): 2(5W/12V)=0.82A Rear lights (assuming both on): 2(2W/12V)=0.33A Turn Signals (pulsing on hazard): 4(3W/12V)=1A Total amp draw with all lights on =2.15A So that 2200mAh light will last me an hour assuming my W values were correct. The battery in question (RC helicopter LiPo has a 50C rating) so 50c*2200v=110000mA it will have a 110A max discharge rate An hour of the street legal lighting should be more than enough for what I am planning to use it for. and at only 2.15A draw I am well within the max discharge rate. Any recommendations for a good flasher relay or handlebar light control?
  7. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    Ah math. I forgot this portion of Circuits class... That class is the reason why I became a ME not an EE... Best way to handle the turn signal flashing? same flasher relay for front and rear? or can I do the same flasher relay for all 4 lights even? Trying to keep this as simple as possible, its already a 300lb bike and it will be very seldom used on the road.
  8. Tanker01

    Lets talk LEDs and LiPos

    Wanting to hook up a lightweight rechargeable LiPo battery to power LEDs on my bike that I may be getting street legal eventually. How long should I expect a LiPo (lets say 2200MAh) to run my headlight, taillight, and signals for? I would run 2 LED small pods in the front for headlights, one flood and one spot (to simulate high beam and low beam) LED turn signals all around, and LED taillight and brake light. I am trying to keep this as simple as possible. I plan to keep my AC stator powered headlight as well as a backup. I am aware I will have to charge the LiPo separate from the vehicle. Has anyone done this or have any insight on doing this?
  9. Tanker01

    CRF450R dual pipes onto XR600R

    I may just cut the airbox sealing piece off of my R plastics and plastic weld the number plate portion of the L plastic to that. I will have to see once I get the exhaust on I will move to getting plastics to work. I was just looking around on Ebay for the L plastics.
  10. Tanker01

    CRF450R dual pipes onto XR600R

    Are you sure this will work? the plastics look very similar on mounting points but the part that concerns me is the front where the L plastics curve up with the seat and the R plastics dont. Should they still fit? I found a set on ebay for a '93 XR650L for a reasonable price but I think that may be too new to fit the '87 frame... What year range should I look for?
  11. Tanker01

    Weird oil color

    Have you done a compression test? What hose was it leaking oil from? You still haven't sent us any pictures so we can help you better...
  12. Tanker01

    winter 2018-2019 bike build

    Looks real good! Digging the meaty rear tire and the black swingarm. Get yourself a case saver you're giving me anxiety with that wide open front sprocket.
  13. Tanker01

    XR Video / Pic of the Day.......

    Man I just love how effortlessly these bikes lift up the front end. You see dudes on 2 strokes revving their bikes out and downshifting and clutch dropping and then on the XR you just give the throttle a little blip and your front wheel is 3 feet off the ground. As a dirtbike there is nothing that can compare to the big daddy XR.
  14. Tanker01

    CRF450R dual pipes onto XR600R

    Good point... Keep it simple...
  15. Tanker01

    CRF450R dual pipes onto XR600R

    It looks like it may fit but is going to be close. Maybe something a little heat wrap will help with if it just touches. I'm also thinking that since my mufflers are also coming with the header I may be able to chop up the header to make an adapter between the pipes. Really shouldn't be too hard to dremel and plastic weld it if I have to. I may just trim my rear number plates/airbox cover instead of get new one for the left side, only issue is going to be putting numbers on for racing... Maybe I can make some little sheet metal muffler shroud for the left side and mount it to the cut number plate and put numbers on that. My other worry now is the splash guard that my bike currently has where the Y pipe will be. I may have to relocate/resize that as well. This is definately going to be quite the adventure to do this but I know I can get it to work. I will make sure to update this thread as I progress. As soon as the pipes come in fitment testing will start. I have a hare scramble at the end of this month so I want to try to get these on before then if I can.