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  1. dangerboydesign

    Washed bike won't start...sometimes

    So yeah I washed my bike pretty carefully but did hose it off. I took it for a ride the next day and when I stopped at an intersection it stalled. wouldn't start back up. I kept trying and trying and it finally kicked over. Rode it long and hard to cook out any moisture. A few days later I went to ride it and it refused to start. Not even a cough. Later that day, it started fine. The next day it wouldn't start. Took it to the mechanic and of course it starts for him. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Thanks!
  2. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    damn! that looks like a sweet spot. shame i'm almost done my work up here...
  3. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    I've seen videos that show lightweight cargo carrier for a DRZ. The thing can easily take two people down the highway, so why not 1 person and 60 or 70 lbs of trailer and gear? https://www.facebook.com/MotoMule https://kipmoto.com/collections/trailers/products/sherpax-lightweight-dual-sport-trailer I know it's possible, but I'm just seeing if there's an easily purchasable after-market hitch that i can mount to my bike so that i can buy a used trailer rather than dropping $1000+ on a whole brand new system
  4. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    That's cool. Yeah, I've heard there are some random trails up Mt Bruce and Tuam off Musgrave Rd, but I haven't had much chance to explore yet. Sadly, my bike is more of a commuter than a trail bike these days. There's quite a few dualsport riders on SSI, so they must have places to go kick around...
  5. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    Salt Spring Island, but working on Vancouver Island around Parksville and Nanaimo for the spring.
  6. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    Nice! That's a great resource, and not too far from home. Thanks, man.
  7. dangerboydesign

    Tow-behind cargo tailer for a DRZ400?

    Does anyone have experience with setting up a DRX400 with a hitch to be able to tow a lightweight cargo trailer? I've found a decent little fiberglass clamshell trailer online, but donw't want to buy it if there's no way to attach it to my bike. I called a dealer, and he felt that there was no way my bike could handle it, but i've seen lots of reference online for DRZs towing. However, most of the images i see are complete systems where the trailer hooks directly to the rear of the bike, rather than a true hitch system. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. just seems weird that this always seems to happen after people either swap out or recharge their batteries...
  9. i have the same problem. nothing in the wiring has changed, but the problem started when my battery went dead and i had to rejuice it. now it resets the time and switches back to mph from kph every time my bike shuts off. the only thing i read that makes sense is that a connection has failed in the circuit board. any one else found reference to this or manages to find a fix? i don't want to shell out $250 for another dash cluster...