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  1. Metallica - Fuel Kicking Harold - Gasoline Blur - Song 2 Dope - Die MF'r Die Spiderbait - Black Betty
  2. fritzelman

    Motocross related tattoo ideas?

    I remember seeing a thread on here some time ago with some good ideas. One was to get a funnel and quart of Yamaha lube on your bicep to make it look like it was pouring into your arm. I'm getting my bike on my shoulder to make it look like its going across my arm. Another idea was a skull and crossbones but using pistons and conrods as the crossbones. Sprockets, chains, skulls, spark plugs, pistons, con-rods, tires are all good ideas. Just pick something thats right for you and can live with for a LONG time. On the other hand, one of my college buddies got a cartoon carrot running on his shoulder. When I asked about it he said "the best tattoos are the ones that are spur of the moment." Had nothing to do with anything he did, but was funny.
  3. fritzelman

    What do you do for a living?

    Farmhand on a 15,000 acre dryland wheat farm. Combines, tractors, and trucks. Not as much riding time available during the season, but I got lots of ground to ride on in my free time here. Kinda nice too, all I can do is laugh when my dad or brother get excited cause they get a cubical with a window!
  4. fritzelman

    Fouling plugs on my YZ 426 F

    I was having the same problem with mine a few years ago. Turns out the fuel petcock was leaking. If the bike was warm I was fine, but as soon as I let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes I was stuck. New seal and bent the tension ring a little and havent had a problem since.
  5. fritzelman

    what was your 1st dirt bike???

    1976 Yamaha DT 125. Awsome bike really, small, lightweight, and got it in a trade with my buddy for an old golf cart. Learned a lot
  6. fritzelman

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    Well, this was our 3rd year going to the desert 100 but the first year I ever participated in the race. Friday afternoon I decided to take the YZ426 out for a quick spin just to realize that the suspension was way out of adjustment. Took it back to camp and worked on it until 6, before finally driving back to Cheney to pick up a spare rear shock. Pulled back in at 9, and partied that night. Saturday morning I swapped out the shock which made no difference whatsoever. We screwed with it all morning until we decided to head out for the dual sport poker run. By that late afternoon I was back to working on the bike. In the mean time my dad disassembled the old shock to see if something was screwed up, which it wasn't. By that night we finally figured out one of the bolts for the bottom of the shock was rusted/fatigued so bad that it wouldnt let the swingarm move smoothly. Lots of oil and some hammering and we made it half way rideable and called it good enough. As for the race, the start was a little screwed up, we were on the east side of the line when someone yelled out "what the hell, what are they doin?" Of course after everyone looked and saw the riders taking off we took off for the bikes. There was a stumpjumpers guy trying to tell everyone to stop, but gave in and told everyone to just go. The bomb run was fun, until I hit the gate and couldn't see more then 10 feet in front of me. I did alright until the 2nd checkpoint, then I ate it hard. Just as I took off from my check the guy in front took off and cut me off. That threw me to the right between two tracks where I encountered sagebrush and a 16 inch rock that threw me off. Got back up and inspected the damage. Broken hand guard, bent handlebars, broke one of the two throttle cables, dented the front rim something bad, broke my helmet visor, scratched the hell out of my goggles, and a bloody nose and bruises. But, like any loyal bike should, it fired back up and I was able to finish the rest of the race, bent bars and all. After the race when we were loading up the bike, I noticed the rear axle nut and adjuster block were missing, fell off sometime during the race. That would explain the extremely loose chain and screwed up sprockets. And for one last story, on the first lap right before the second bridge there was that ditch that everyone seemed to crash into. The kid in front of me went in too fast and endo'd at the bottom. I got across and went back with another rider to help him get his bike out. Just after we got him out another group of riders come and the last one slams his front brakes before the ditch and endo's over and the bike landed on him. So we head over and help him out. And yet again, just after we get out of the way another rider goes into the bottom and does the exact same thing as the first guy. I did notice though, that they flagged off that crossing when I came through for the second lap. It was a fun weekend and I had a blast. Can't wait until next year. Good job stumpjumpers!
  7. fritzelman

    desert 100 start debacle

    Yea, he made it. Came in about 10 minutes in front of me. I never saw the easter bunny after the starting line.
  8. fritzelman

    Desert 100---Dualsport route

    Both me, my brother, and his wife did it last year and plan on doing it again this year.
  9. fritzelman

    Odessa's desert 100 riders list and discussion.

    This is our 3rd year going. Last two years it was just me and my brother, this year we got the two of us plus his wife and even my parents decided to come! I'll be doing the dual sport poker run saturday on my XR650L, and my bro on his KLR650 and his wife on a XT350. Sunday I plan (keyword, plan) on doing the race on my YZ426. Should be a fun year!
  10. fritzelman

    Check out the "Dessert 100"

    already preregistered for this year. Can't wait! But I kind of wish they would do that meet and greet thing on friday night. We usually get there friday afternoon and it would be cool to meet up with some fellow riders, since there really isn't anything else to do on the friday before race weekend. There would be more people around to check it out too. Just my 2 cents. But none the less, I cant wait for it!
  11. fritzelman

    Help---Dropped Circlip in crank case

    I had this happen to one of my old two strokers. We ended up hanging it from a tree (literally) from the back tire cause we didn't want to unmount the motor. A little shaking and a magnetic pen finally did the trick. I'll have to see if I can find the pic of it. But either way, flipping the bike up on end was what worked for us. Good luck.
  12. fritzelman

    No 5th gear in 2002 YZ426

    What all was done to it in the rebuild? My guess would be they screwed up the spacing one one or both of you transmission shafts. In my case it was just to cogs on the 5 gearset had warn enough to pop out of gear.
  13. fritzelman

    post pics of your bike during maintenence!

    dont have any of just the bike, but got a couple of all the parts laid out when I had to swap out the 5th gearset in my 02 YZ426.
  14. fritzelman

    License help.

    The best route would obviously be to file for a lost title and get it changed over to you. But, if your cheap like I am and dont mind not having a title, you can get Oregon ORV tags. Thats what me and my brother always did with our old junker bikes. We never wanted to go through the work of filing for a lost title, and found that you can go to oregon with your VIN and get an oregon ATV permet for like 10 or 20 bucks. And they are good for a few years. No inspection or background check or anything. Just give them the vin and tell them its a motorcycle (class 1 ATV permit I think) As for washington the only way I currently know of is to renew the registration.
  15. fritzelman

    helmet cam question

    Got any pics of it? I've been debating on making one of those for mine, but can't think of a good way to rig it. For mine, I just used the rounded adhesive mount and stuck it on top of my helmet behind my visor like the other guy. I got bored and wanted to be able to remount it on other things, so I made a magnetic mount from some old hard drive magnets and double sided tape. I also had a spare RAM mount for my old gps that wasn't being used so I rigged that up as well. Between the two they work great. Can mount them to cars, trucks, semi's, tractors, mirror mounts, or anything metallic or pipe.