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  1. mferring1

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Just signed up for Fluvanna. Only 5 hrs from me and easy driving from NM.
  2. Hmmmm. Works for me. Just search in Ebay for motorcycle spike weights. The ones I used are the brass conical bullet shaped ones with set screws.
  3. Sure thing Ben. I used ones like these. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162916136716 i think some did not go all the down over the spoke base. However, I used blue locktite for the set screw to clamp the spoke and none have fallen off over a 1000 miles of rough riding.
  4. I will throw in my two cents. I have a 17 500 RR-S. I have ridden my buddies KTM 350 XF a fair amount so have a good appreciation of the difference. I have not had the pleasure of riding a 390, but wish I did! Not sure how much different they are since they basically use the same frame and suspension...other than the power characteristics of course. I ride in the southern NM mountains (around Cloudcroft) where the conditions are much like your video. I have had my suspension revalved by Stillwell Performance for rocks and old guys. So my bike basically eats rocks for lunch now....probably at the expense of higher speed MX type riding. I am running Dunlop AT81s and I think this bike can do just about anything on the trail. The hydraulic clutch makes it incredibly easy to manage traction with the torque monster engine. I am not the fastest rider, but within my group, they generally have me try the hard hills first. Primarily because the 500 just has so much traction and is almost impossible to stall if you manage torque with the clutch. Also, since you ride at altitude, I will say that the Beta 500 still has plenty of power from 8000-12000 ft. But the altitude takes the edge off. So I find the power is really easy to modulate, regardless if I am in the wet map switch position or not. Although I generally put it in the wet map if I am doing gnarly slow riding. Finally, I find it goes just great on the highway. I sometimes have to ride up to 30 mi one way to get to trails. And other than getting cold(!), it is really smooth and purrs along at 65 with 13-48 gearing. With the stock 15-48 you could cruise above 70 easy. I did balance my wheels (due to the rim locks) with those ebay spoke weights. I just used 4oz in front and 6 oz in back opposite the rim lock as advised by someone here on this forum, and the wheels rotate smooth as silk. No jumping as they state in the Dirt Bike article. I know the 500 has greater rotating mass than the 390. And again, wish I could directly compare the two. But I would be surprised if they were hugely different if set up the same way.
  5. I use the tiny little ratchet tool from this along with the special hollow torx head from a bit kit I got years ago. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FNIL8K/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. mferring1

    Beta forum user question: Split this forum?

    I say keep it as one. I for one will likely have both a 2T and a 4T in the near future. Especially if Beta gets on the 2T FI bandwagon (want that fuel economy and altitude compensation!).
  7. mferring1


    Geez........ Thanks!
  8. mferring1


    OK, I know this is probably very simple....but I have been looking for 30 min and still can't figure out how to make a signature (where people put their bike types, etc) in a post. Please advise.
  9. mferring1

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    The only thing that truly makes me think twice about waiting for Beta 2T TPI is the possible 30-40% better fuel economy. I have to sometimes go pretty far on connecting roads to ride trails and the current carb fuel economy is worrisome in terms of range for my purpose. Don't really want to carry extra fuel. Other than that, I would likely be buying a 300RR now to go along with my 2017 500 RR-S.
  10. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    You got that right!
  11. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    I have a 6l dromedary water bag. Do you think it will hold up to gas hauling in terms of materials? Also, there are the Giant Loop fuel bags, although they are pricey. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/939/74985/Giant-Loop-Gas-Bag-Fuel-Safe-Bladder?s=1380037&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxtPYBRD6ARIsAKs1XJ5cGAinDC3UdhtSoq1YPhDrQP1lQbVhaomuLEj6h9Cw41n1rwxqCg4aAtc6EALw_wcB
  12. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    Thanks for the info guys. Nocturnal, the link for the fuel container you used did not seem to work for me. Can you give more info on this container please?
  13. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    30-35 is not bad weantright. Thanks for the info and how you achieved it. I have the Beta rear rack and rotopax hardware. I have a WR250R also and have regularly loaded that bad boy up with weight, including the Rotopax. WIth the 3g IMS tank I can go forever. However, for the Beta, I have kinda gone from loading up the bike to keeping everything extraneous in my Klim backpack. I ride pretty gnarly trails sometimes and I feel that the bike works much better on the hard stuff "unencumbered" by weighting it at non design points. But certainly something I could do for more dual sport type riding. I guess I could just go for the 300RR with the 4g tank (I am used to it as I have the same basic one on my 500RR and the extra width does not really bother me.) and only fill it up full when required. I guess I have to learn how to adjust carbs too. Wow, talk about an old/new science for me! Or wait, probably forever, for FI Beta 2 stroke models.
  14. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    OK, thanks much. Interesting info.
  15. mferring1

    2018 300RR/Xtrainer fuel mileage?

    Thanks guys. wwguy, appreciate the detailed info and the nice graph. Are you using the Lectron to get these numbers, or the stock carb?