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  1. JSanfilippo

    1996 TTR250 Top end rebuild Needed

    Mic the cylinder. If it measures in spec clean and run a hone through it. It'll need a piston, wristpin, circlips, timing chain, base and head gaskets.
  2. JSanfilippo

    New WR450

    Sounds like you're gonna have a bad ass piece of machinery
  3. JSanfilippo

    Rangers ticketing in Spangler

    Wow that ranger was such a freakin' boy scout. Probably some eco nut that hates the fact that the family spent their hard earned money on offroad toys instead of donating it to the world wildlife fund or some BS like that. I suppose it would have been better for the ranger if the family stopped on the trail and flipped him the bird instead.
  4. JSanfilippo

    New WR450

    All solid mods. I'd recommend an aluminum skidplate, but for many the stock plastic one is good. You might want to order up a '06-'09 YZ 450f header to make the most of that new muffler. The stock WR header is very restrictive.
  5. JSanfilippo

    New WR450

    Nothing that effects the legendary reliability of these bikes. The frame is aluminium obviously, which makes working on the carb more difficult than the '06. If you don't mind the extra work it takes to work on the carb, its a non issue. There was much to do about weight centralization with that change. Some feel it, others don't. The engine has different castings. The oil passages are internal as opposed to external like on the '03-'06 bikes. Also the oil sump is between the cases on the '07+ bikes and holds just over a quart. If you do frequent oil changes (100-200 miles), its a non issue. The chain can rub on the subframe if it is a adjusted too loose or isn't squared up correctly. I put a piece of cut thick rubber hose in that general area of the subframe and I also started measuring the chain adjustment instead of relying on the markers. No more rubbing. You should probably put anti sieze lube on the bolts that fasten the case guard to the engine, rad shrouds to the tank, and spark plug. Grease every chassis bearing in that thing upon delivery. Apparently grease is in short supply in Japan
  6. JSanfilippo

    New WR450

    In the early '07 bikes, yamaha shipped the WR with the YZ air filter cage (with a hole in the middle for a bolt). IIRC there was a recall and the correct filter cage was fitted to those bikes. Other than that, it has been a solid platform. The knowledge is readily available to turn these things into monsters if that is your perrogative.
  7. JSanfilippo

    is the WR450F really just a trail bike?

    Interesting. I know if I won the idiot tax I'd buy every dirtbike that's on my lust list....twice.
  8. JSanfilippo

    is the WR450F really just a trail bike?

    That is all I've ever used mine for The limits of the bike (with intake/exhaust/carb tuning and suspension mods) far exceed the limits of this rider.... Bone stock is a completely different story.
  9. JSanfilippo

    Older 250's Showdown.

    Has that thing ever seen the ground?
  10. JSanfilippo

    this is why i need a CR500

    6 years into the relationship the opportunity to assert yourself has pretty much passed. Good luck and Godspeed.
  11. JSanfilippo

    carb swap for 250?

    I wonder if the OP realizes the stocker is a pumper carb. If the engine is stock, it is not under carburated. With a 325 big bore kit, yeah it is.
  12. JSanfilippo

    Let's see those WR's!

    That bike will be right at home at Carnegie.
  13. JSanfilippo

    Best Looking Baby Girl on a Bike

    Haaaaaaa! That is an awesome shot though. Cute kid:thumbsup:
  14. JSanfilippo

    cr125 or cr250???

    At 145 lbs, you're not to big for a 125. However, it probably wouldn't be the best choice for the desert.
  15. JSanfilippo

    CARB Removes KTM EXC's and Grn's From Sale

    This pisses me off. This is worse than when CARB was hounding the rangers at SVRAs to check bikes for smog block off kits. IIRC didn't the same thing happen to the RMX 450z and Suzuki just pulled that bike off of the market? At least Husqvarna, Husaberg, and Beta have street legal race bike offerings.