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  1. Just looking at Google maps of the area. Has anyone ridden the fire service roads between Downieville and Empire off the north side of I-70? Looks like that might be fun looking at the satellite view.
  2. When I spoke to the Forest Service about riding Jeep trails earlier in the year, I was told as long as you have trail stickers and a spark arrester you're fine. As long as it's a fire service road or legit Jeep trail. Not so much on actual marked dirt roads. Granted, I never got around to buying stickers this year, so haven't really ridden a lot of trails this year.
  3. I've been wanting to go ride the Kingston Peak Jeep trails. Been up there with my Subaru before and always thought it'd be fun to ride bike around those parts. Where exactly are you riding in Central City? Is there other trails in that area?
  4. Must be jetting. I went and kicked it again the next day and fired right up on the first kick. Guess I need to throw some fatter jets in the carb.
  5. Bike is back to giving me trouble again. Has ran great the last few rides, but yesterday I tried to fire her up for her weekly run, and I couldn't even get a sputter out of her. Not sure if the temp has dropped enough to completely lean out the idle circuit or what. I did have the fuel screw about 3 turns out the last couple of rides due to falling air temp. Plenty of compression kicking thru the bike, and I just did a valve adjust about 15 hours ago. The only thing I can think of at this point is to put fatter main and pilot jets back in. But, open to any other suggestions that might sound plausible.
  6. I'm actually driving to Santa Fe this weekend to deliver a couple of quads. So no riding for me.
  7. Yep. Well once, anyway. Looped her out practicing wheelies back at the beginning of summer. Just waiting for this winter. Bike is getting a complete tear down and frames and swing arm are getting powder coated gloss black, fork tubes are getting anodized black, and bike will be getting a set of black plastics. That's the plan anyway.
  8. It's my only burnout there. But certainly isn't the only burnout that's been done there. Haha
  9. If money isn't an issue, always go OEM.
  10. Oh... Just a video of me disposing of a dry rotted Michelin Starcross.
  11. No worries. My friend that was supposed to meet me there bailed on me. But ended up running into a couple different riding buddies. Added in a new whoop section, so that was cool.
  12. I'm here now, on the east side of the pro track.
  13. $20
  14. I'll be headed to Watkins for the day here in a couple of hours.
  15. Not very big ones anyway. Haha! But it's close to home and literally smack dab in between home and work. Plus I've become good friends with the owners, so I do enjoy riding there. I'm just stoked at how much better and faster my riding has gotten since breaking my sternum. I was bit intimidated getting back on the track at first, but decided I'm not a bitch and needed to stop acting like one.