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  1. Any suggestions at all?
  2. 2005 YZ450F, Athena Big Bore, Power Bomb, Q4. Ok. Last fall after a decently hot day at the track, I noticed coolant leaking from the weep hole on my water pump after pulling into the pits. Ordered an Athena re-seal kit, put it all back together and didn't really get a chance to ride it. 3 weeks ago, went out to the track, and after about 20 laps, it started leaking again. Kept filling it with water to get thru the day, never ran anywhere close to dry or empty, jut a cup or 2 low. Ordered a Hot Rods re-seal kit with bearing and also ordered a new w/p shaft. Did it all again and got it back together, ran it, and as soon as it got to temp, it was leaking out of the weep hole again. So, what the heck am I missing? I'm totally stumped on this one. Is something wrong with my case cover? Do I need to replace the w/p itself? I'm feeling like I should've just ponied up for the Boysen in the first place, and now it's biting me in the butt. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Montrose is right by Tailor Park. I've never been there, but I here it is the most epic place in the state for both trails and fishing.
  4. Got a break in the weather over the weekend, and was finally able to get out on a track for the first time since October. I know I suck compared to a lot of guys (and kids for that matter), but I always have a blast twisting a grip and roosting some dirt! Here's a raw uncut lap around the MX track at IMI Motorsports Complex in Dacono, CO. Was a fun day despite some wind. Also, there was a drift car club having a meet on the road course. So, got to check out some drift car action while we were taking a break.
  5. Anyone have a trail status for Rampart? Trying to decide if I'm riding track or trails tomorrow.
  6. The vent coming off of the bottom of the bowl is actually the bowl drain. Either the screw is open or the seat is damaged. The other vent that is puking is the overflow vent. If it is puking fuel, either the float is damaged and taking on fuel causing it to sink. The float is out of adjustment and is not shutting off. Or, the float needle and/or seat are worn and need to be replaced. I also HIGHLY recommend inspecting the accelerator pump diaphragm and make sure it isn't cracked and worn. It will be next to impossible to get it tuned and running correctly if the diaphragm is bad. And while you're at it, verify that the a/p rod is timed correctly and do the O Ring mod. Check the slide plate seal as well. My 2005 allegedly had the carb gone thru when I got it. It ran like crap and I found all of this wrong with my carb. Runs like a angry gorilla now.
  7. And here I thought the whole point of riding trails WAS to seek thrills. I guess I'm doing it wrong.
  8. Thanks for the specs. I wasn't for sure with a DRZ, was just throwing out general performance guidelines. For what it's worth, I have a 2005 YZ450F with an Athena BB kit, and it is downright ridiculous. Not sure if the PO did cams with the big bore or if they are stock, but now that I have it dialed in and jetted correctly, it is the RAUNCHIEST dirt bike I've ever owned, let alone ridden. Its a 4 speed, and I've only hit 4th gear 3 times, and all 3 times were on pavement. I rarely get out of second to be honest. And it will stand up in any gear without slipping the clutch.
  9. Essentially what you want to do is place a flattened piece of clay about 8mm thick on the dome of the piston, install the head with the stark plug removed, and very carefully and slowly turn the engine by hand until you reach TDC. Then VERY carefully try to turn it past TDC. Don't force it tho. Then remove the head and measure the distance from the deepest indentation in the clay from the valves to the piston, which should be about 3mm roughly. Sounds redundant, but is cheaper than grenading your valves on the first kick if there isn't enough clearance. You should be able to find some "how-to" videos on YouTube about the procedure for more accurate steps.
  10. Cams will have a bigger performance boost than the BB kit itself. But to answer your question directly, if you have the money to spend, I'd do cams as well. You will definitely get the most out of the BB kit with the addition of cams. Keep in mind, if you reduce base gaskets and do cams, you'll like need to do a clay squish test to make sure your valves aren't going to hit the piston. So if you do go that route, make sure you have a couple of head gaskets ready, as the only way to do a proper clay squish test is to torque the head to spec with a head gasket. Once you remove the head to investigate your valve clearance, you will need to replace the head gasket with a new one.
  11. Dang! Did it pop? Looks dry, but definitely did a number on it. My radiator guard was bent up pretty bad after my crash that broke my sternum. I just removed the guard and beat it back into shape with a body hammer and anvil on a bench vice. Hope you're ok.
  12. There are several different reg/rec/capacitor units available. Look into Tympanium and PodTronics. Both are a very simple 12V 4 wire set up that are quite easy to install. Just run your stator wires to yellow wires of the unit, then + and - to your battery terminals. I recommend installing a fuse on the positive wire before the battery just to be safe. If your stator is a 3 wire coil setup, then simply bridge 2 of your stator windings to 1 yellow wire, and the single stator wire to the other yellow wire. I've used both on my 1958 Enfield Indian cafe racer that I converted to 12V from 6V, and also converted the magneto to electronic ignition. The only reason I've gone thru a couple is because I had an alignment issue with my primary case that I wasn't aware of, and the stator kept grounding out. Hope this helps.
  13. I actually do too. I'm on Hampden & Tower. Will hit you up. I should be free to ride next weekend Sunday or Monday.
  14. I do. I should be done around noon, but supposed to go to the gym with my wife around 2:30 too. Plus I still haven't gotten around to getting trail stickers this year and kind of pointless now. Been riding at Jewell for the most part. I do. I should be done around noon, but supposed to go to the gym with my wife around 2:30 too. Plus I still haven't gotten around to getting trail stickers this year and kind of pointless now. Been riding at Jewell for the most part.