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  1. I haven't ridden since I started working out. Was wanting to go out tomorrow for awhile. My problem is I hadn't done any legit exercise in almost 10 years. I was getting exhausted from being almost 40 and out of shape. Not to mention I just got back on dirt bikes after 5 years of not riding dirt at all. Pretty happy with today's workout tho. Was doing lower body push day, and really cranked out some good dead lifts. Did 2 sets of 8 reps at 135 pounds, then did 2 sets of 8 reps at 185 pounds. Really had to grunt out the last few, but got them all in. So that felt really good.
  2. I do 20-30 minutes of cardio everyday. Never said I was getting buff already, just mentioned I'm feeling better than I did. I don't plan on being cut until next year sometime. Just going it too better myself. I love riding dirt bikes, but when I get gassed after 20 minutes, not so much.
  3. About a week ago, I decided to start body building. Came to the conclusion that I wasn't at all happy with that current state of strength and conditioning. As it would be, my wife started exercising over 2 months ago to lose weight. She's been doing awesome and lost 20 pounds already! I got inspiration from her and a guy she follows on YouTube who went from 360 pounds to 180 and ripped AF. Truth is I've been underweight for my height my entire life (6'1" 170 pounds), so my goal is to put on 15 pounds of muscle and get up to 185-190 where I should be. Anyway, race is 2 weeks away. I'll definitely be in better shape by race day. I also downloaded a macros app which is really helping me track my calories and nutrition. The app will help me stay on track and make sure I'm getting enough calories, protein and water. It even has motocross as a form of exercise, so I'll even be able to track burned calories while riding and get notifications if I need more water.
  4. Hi everyone. Still training for my first hare scramble coming up next month. Finally just got off my butt and started exercising because I'm still getting bad arm pump. Rewind 15 years ago... I was kickboxing and fighting MMA and training 5-7 days a week, most times 2 or 3 times a day. At age 30, I got into management, stopped fighting, stopped training and exercising. My real question, aside from cranking out cardio on the elliptical, what types of exercises are good for training your arms for pump?
  5. A lot of times when a 4 stroke (car or bike) is overturned for a period of time, the oil leaks out of the crank case and intro the cylinder itself. If your engines cylinder did oil sump, you should have pulled the spark plug and cranked it over to spit out any oil. This could also be the cause of your fouling plugs.
  6. You mentioned the bike being upside down for five minutes. Was it running upside, or started immediately after pulling out of the ditch?
  7. In a nut shell, tight single track trails and inexperienced riders on bikes and quads going both directions on every trail. Then add in a few guys that ride fast in the mix, and things get chaotic.
  8. High surging idle is usually a sign of a lean condition. Either caused by a clogged key or fuel passage, lean jetting, or an outside source allowing extra air into the system. Take a propane bottle (brake cleaner and staying fluid work too) and "spray" the unlit gas around the intake and intake boot. If the idle changes at all, you have an air leak. I was suffering from this too, recently. Went thru all the motions and couldn't find a leak anywhere, until my exhaust started making noise. Turned out my head pipe had been cracking which ended up being the source of my lean condition. Replaced the pipe, and no more popping or surging idle.
  9. I was going to say that those look like valve spring seats. Definitely don't want to forget those.
  10. Looks like you're picking up speed and riding with more confidence. Maybe work on your cornering, looks like your braking pretty early coming into the turns, and get on the throttle a little harder coming out. Definitely looking better than your original vid. Just keep riding and keep having fun.
  11. Apparently, I wish I could afford half of your toys. Nice collection.
  12. But, now that I think of it. When I cased the jump the bike came down on the left side. So I don't think that played a factor in the head pipe cracking. Glue it and screw it! I'm just going to toss the pipe on and ride! Besides, now that summer is almost over I'm going to have to rejet again soon anyway.
  13. Yep, 95 octane is the European equivalent to US 91 octane. Definitely run ethanol free if you can find it. Unfortunately for me and others in Colorado, our fuel sucks and even the 91 oct isn't all that great. Ethanol in fuel is a joke and causes more mechanical problems than it does any good for the environment. But I am a firm believer that all powersports toys should be ran on premium, as a general rule.
  14. I know, I know. Just getting frustrated. First the silencer mount keep shearing the rivets, beating it all to heck. Then complete carb rebuild and 3 rejets. Then valve adjust. Then the ignition coil. And now the header. I just want to freaking ride! But the dang thing keeps breaking. I think it's safe to say the previous owner seriously neglected this bike. Then again, casing a tabletop on the pro track probably didn't help any. Haha
  15. General Performance question... I'm very knowledgeable about bikes and cars and extensive performance modifications, so I don't need schooling on the workings of engines. Just looking for insight and opinions from other performance minded people. Bike: 2005 YZ450F with an Athena big bore kit at mile high Denver. Current setup is stock head pipe, FMF core 4 silencer, 160 main 40 pilot. Problem: The head pipe developed major cracking at the first bend of the pipe. Bike had nasty pop when closing throttle, then pipe completely failed. But did not catch the problem until the exhaust leak became obnoxiously loud. Question: I ordered and will be installing a FMF power bomb pipe. Will the power bomb flow significantly more requiring re-jet? Or possibly, will the bad head pipe caused skewed jet settings? Thanks!