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  1. Two points. 1) the wires coming out of the back of the vapour (head unit) are the normal small thin wires that will break in time if they vibrate much... so secure these so they don't flex with turning of the bars, wind, etc. Newer units might be better. 2) I'm a huge fan of the vapour, but the LCD backlight when on bike power is WAY too bright at night.
  2. tbrown-bc

    DRZ 400 engine bearing numbers

    I have the same sets of bearings out and laid out an image to help me keep them organized. From what I can see on the bearing sites, the shift and clutch shaft bearings should be: shift shaft has a needle bearing LH side. BEARING, GEAR SHAFT (14X20X12 09263-14027 ( HK1412 ? ) clutch shaft has two drawn cup needle bearings BEARING, CLUTCH RELEASE LOW 10X14X10 09263-10014 ( HK1010 ? ) BEARING, CLUTCH RELEASE UP 12X16X10 09263-12024 ( HK1210 ? ) Posting on this old thread as it seems to be the reference for "DRZ bearing numbers" ... Oh, and the left side balancer, and left side input / center shaft bearings are "blind", you can't push them out, you need a blind bearing puller. All the others can be "hammered" out (USE HEAT!).
  3. tbrown-bc

    Help - kickstart engine, manual decomp shaft removal

    Awesome. My mind did stray down the "there's nothing really holding this in" line of thought, but obviously I didn't finish it. AFAIK, that's my last roadblock. I'm doing a top-end swap, the other engine is sitting there with the connecting rod in the air. with luck, all the pieces to rebuild should arrive tomorrow. THANK YOU. -Tom
  4. Trying to pull a 400Y engine apart, but I'm stuck at the manual decompression shaft. AFAIK, none of the e-start bikes will have this shaft. Thanks for any help.