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  1. MXMatt310

    Ktm 150sx For woods?

    Hey I’m just wondering how good is the ktm150 for woods/harescrambles. Thanks
  2. Hey I’m wondering what 250f would be the best for woods/harescrambles. My budget is about 4000 and I would want one that is between 2010 and 2016. Thanks
  3. Hi I am wondering what do you guys think is better for 1 1/2 hour harescramble races and woods riding. I am coming off a CRF150RB and I am about 5.9 and 140 pounds. Thank you
  4. Which is better for racing harescrambles and woods racing? I am 5.9 and 140 pounds. My budget is about $4000. Thank you.
  5. MXMatt310

    How long does a tank of gas last?

    Hello I might be getting a 2013 RMZ250 and I will be racing harescrambles. No company that I can find makes a oversize tank for one of these bikes so I’m wondering if one of these bikes can last a 1.5 hour race with the stock tank. Thanks.
  6. I am looking to get a new bike for harescrambles. I can’t decide between the two. Which would be better for the woods? I am 5.9 and about 140 pounds. My budget is at the most 4000. Thanks
  7. MXMatt310

    Woods bike

    What bike is best for woods? Coming off a CRF150RB. Looking at either a 250f or a 125 2-stroke? Which is a better choice for harescrambles?
  8. MXMatt310

    KTM 125 for woods

    Anyone have a KTM 125 setup for woods? If so post a picture of it down below!
  9. MXMatt310

    Found a great mounting location for an hour meter

    That’s a really good idea!
  10. MXMatt310

    CRF250R for woods?

    Hello, does anyone have a CRF250R set up for woods/harescrambles or have any advice for a CRF250R woods build? Thinking of buying one for harescrambles! Thanks
  11. MXMatt310

    Woods bike!

    So I’m thinking of getting a new bike next year. I’m coming off a CRF150RB. What would be the best bike for harescrambles? 250 2 stroke, 250f, or 125 2 stroke? Thank you!
  12. MXMatt310

    Too tall for CRF150RB?

    Hi, is 5 feet 9 inches too tall for a CRF150RB? I’m wondering if I should buy a 250f or keep my 150RB for another season? Thanks.
  13. What are some good hydration packs for harescrambles? Looking to get one for next season!
  14. MXMatt310

    2010 CRF250R

    Does this bike have air forks or spring forks? Can’t find anywhere that will tell me. Thanks.
  15. Hi i have a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z 125L and i am looking for more performance from it. I am already saving for a FMF Powercore 4 s/a slip on. If you guys know of any good performance mods for my bike please tell me!! Everything is appreciated!