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  1. Ron Denham

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    lets ride one of these days. my buddy unfortunately just broke his wrist riding the other day. finally got my bike running and its brappp time! that looks like mount olive highschool or something near by.
  2. Ron Denham

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    oh damn, yea im in budlake area. you got that power bomb exhaust. you getting some sm rims and tires soon? i did a lighting kit cuz mine was a dirtbike and not street legal and for some reason the pos kit i got made it so my bike doesnt get spark so i tried everything to my knowledge to get it running, havent even gotten the chance to ride it with the sm rims and tires on it yet. i rode it like 4 times before it acted up.
  3. Ron Denham

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    yea my bikes in the shop at the moment, couldnt figure out why i wasnt getting spark, so im done wrenching on the thing and figured ill let someone else deal with it, but once its done im just gonna be rippin around all the time. where you from? oh whatever you do if you dont have a lighting kit and need one, do not use the baja designs wire harness and light kit, &%$#@!ed my bike all up.
  4. Ok so i put my rims and tires on for my supermoto conversion and it looks bad ass, i ordered a high out put stator to get rid of the problem i had with the baja designs light kit, so im installing it tonight, im curious as to whether or not i will need a new battery or special kind of battery for the new stator. its a trail tech high out put stator for my 2013 wr250f. i mean i guess ill find out tonight after i install it. i bought a new battery anyway that hopefully works out ok with no problems. but just curious if anybody else has experience with this.
  5. Ron Denham

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    ohhh and im not done building my bike but hopefully i get all the parts in like a week or 2 so ill be good to go. little history on me, ive been riding all my life,raced mx for like 10 or so years, s0ld my cruiser a year or 2 ago and now im building a wr250f supermoto. and its not running or supermoto yet. lol so waiting on that shit and ill be good, deffinitely tired of putting this shit together and ready to just ride but my rims and stuff still arent here and its been over a month. plus my buddy got a new header and parts for his so his is a part too right now for the week or so. but yea like i said hit me up. lets ride.
  6. looking for supermoto guys or girls to brap with. so far theirs 3 of us. looking for a couple more to ride with and get lost and explore with and do fun shit with, no creeps, ass holes, scummy people. keep it real, supermotos, trying to keep it safe and fun and fairly legal and no douchery. theirs a time and place for everything and we dont need tickets and to get screwed up or anything. i sound like a priest or some little bitch saying that but i know alot of shitty people in the world so yea i dont care. 3 of us mid 20s, single and free to ride almost all summer other than work getting in the way of riding. we usually just get lost on back roads, towns, wherever the road takes us and cool places. its cool. so hit me up we would love a couple more cool people to chill with and ride with and do supermoto shit with. warren, morris, sussex county areas, washington, hackettstown, even pburg and stuff we ride wherever pretty much, but those general areas. we go out to pa along the deleware alot and stuff, its fun, alright im done typing, just hit me up, we arent bad dudes. id put pics of our bikes and us up and stuff but i dont have any on my computer so, idk just hit me up....
  7. Ron Denham

    converting wr250f

    sweet that makes me feel better, haha i needed to hear that from somebody else to make sure im on the right path. been a while since ive really tinkered with bikes.
  8. Ron Denham

    converting wr250f

  9. Ron Denham

    converting wr250f

    anyone who has converted a 250 dirtbike to supermoto knows the stock gearing with sprockets and everything sucks for road use, this being my first conversion i had no idea until i actually took it on a street ride on the dirt tires and stock gearing... i havent yet gotten my smaller sprocket but how much will going from the stock 50tooth sprocket to a 43tooth sprocket help for street riding so im not rev limiting the shit out of my bike at 50mph. also debating on going a tooth or 2 bigger on the front... im already stuck with the wr250f model not the wr250r model and ordered rims and everything for it and put mad money into it so anything to help and words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  10. Ron Denham

    2013 Wr250f sm conversion. Help...

    yea im dropping a good 7 teeth when my rims come. ill check the coolant and stuff. probably gonna drill a couple holes in the airbox. hopefully this helps.
  11. Ron Denham

    Unknown electrical connector

    I had the same thing not connected on my bike before i installed my bd street legal kit. It was never connected in the first place as far as im concerned, idk what its for but i do know that it wasnt connected since i bought my bike.
  12. Ron Denham

    '15 + WR250F ignition key wiring

    Think its the same for a 2013wr250f? Because im having the same issues. And when i was riding street my bike stayed running but lost like 50% of throttle power. Not sure if its because of this bd kit or something else, but i let my bike sit for 5min, kicked it over and the throttle power went back up to 100% it was some weird shit.
  13. Ron Denham

    2013 Wr250f sm conversion. Help...

    Appologies for the book but bare with me here, in need of some input... Ok, so i bought a wr250f it wasnt street legal i made it legal and got plated through south dakota. I did a baja designs enduro lighting harness kit with the stator modification. Put an fmf slip on exhaust on it and jetted the carb. I forget what jets i used and i put an air fuel mixture screw in it. Problem1.After my baja kit i put on it wouldnt start. Turned out that the solenoid under the seat was loose or something i pushed down on it when it was clicking and it started running again. Problem 2.Went riding, it ran great on the trails. Went riding for a day or 2 on the street, after a while the electric start stopped working and it became a bitch to kick over. It started making the same click noise like when the battery is dead under the seat. Idk whats up with that. Then on the street i was riding and the bike stopped having power in the throttle i would pin it full throttle and it wouldnt take off like it usuallt does. I pulled over, let it sit for 5min and kicked it over again and the power i had came back in the throttle. It did that 2 more times durring the ride and i went home. Do you think this is a computer issue, a carb issue, fuel air ratio issue. Im going to do an airbox mod on it thiss weekend maybe thatll help. Problem3. I ordered some rims and stuff from warp9 so i can sumo it out and i was curious on what size sprocket would make my gears longer and better so im not maxing my rpms out at 40mph. I can do a solid 65mph on the bike but thats like pushing it and im in 5th gear as soon as i hit like 30mph, id love 6gears but im trying to avoid regearing the bike and using a smaller sprocket in the rear and maybe a tooth or 2 bigger in the front i guess, i still wanna be able to pull wheelies. I feel like im gonna blow the motor if i leave it alone and just ride street with it. Mind you this was the wr250f=for off road use only. not the wr250r=street legal from factory, i live in nj. I should have just got the street legal one or a supermoto already done but i wanted to build one and make it custom for me. I already put alot of money in to it and dont even own it 100% yet so im not trying to get rid of it anytime soon. Im not even done with it yet.