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  1. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    https://www.matadormotorco.com/blog/2018/5/23/bul-fighter-cont Detailed blog^^^ TL;DR vvv In the air today, America bound. Got as much done on this project as i could before leaving! You'll have to wait a few months for the test ride videos though, Ive got a camper to refit, parkour summer camps to teach, and lots of wood projects stateside. If'n you're looking for a high quality Cajon Box drum, im your man! Enjoy a few photos of where i left it, and ill be back online in september!
  2. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Side panels mounted. seat foamed up. tires tomorrow!
  3. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Welded on the seat supports and got a few of the panels bolted up today. The mud guard, tail lower, and tail section are all finished. Gotta decide how I want to attach the side panels and I'll be done the bodywork! wednesday I'll get the seat pan foamed and ready to upholster and take the wheels to get rubber.
  4. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Appreciated, i def try to keep it close to my welds. I just move it down to the peg so I can step over it easily with my clunky ortho-boot when I stand up! Everything is a trip hazard right now
  5. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    My folks came to visit, so ive been taking them around Istanbul, and haven't had much time in the shop. This week i got the carb cleaned up and Threw some body filler on over the old tank badge mounts. The XL200 comes with a keihin PD pumper carb. Similar to some years of the XR250 i believe. Got my panels back from the laser cutter and started bending and rolling things to fit. The seat pan is going to require some more massaging and may be a bit of trimming, but the side panel patterns and the tail piece have worked out good. I was definitely surprised how easily/exactly it translated from cardboard to sheet. It was a lot of fun Revisiting my high school drafting classes to translate the cardboard models to usable tech. drawings. I should've stuck with the program through CAD though and saved my laser cutter a few hours having to redraw them on the computer. Its all held on with gaffing tape until i fab tabs for it all and supports for the seat pan Would be rad to make a quick release for the seat, but im just not sure how to do it yet.
  6. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    I bought a welder! Spent a month learnin and practicing on scrap sheet and tube, then went to it. Thanks! I'm starting to walk again, when I get back from the states in September I should be good enough to ride this thing!
  7. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Thankfully i've got a few spares!
  8. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Bingo! I tore my achilles tendon 2 months ago, so ive had plenty of time to set in the shop and rock out.
  9. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    And heres one with the new sub-frame visible.
  10. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Ive got a full write up on my blog if you want all the details: https://www.matadormotorco.com/blog/2018/5/7/honda-xl200-the-bul-fighter But to catch it up to now, besides the brakes, bearings, bolts, etc i have: Bored it to 210cc and modded a wiseco piston for the xr200 to fit. Painted up the engine. Bolted on an XR swingarm and linkage and added a YSS rear shock for the XR250. This, coupled with the frame changes got me to a solid 24cm rear wheel travel, while increasing the seat height and maintaining the stock 27.5* rake. RaceTech internals and gold valves up front. Laced on some excels. Mounted a cg125 gas tank and some rando secondhand front fender. I got a couple LED spots for the headlights and am going LEDstrip for the reaer/brake/signals. XR's Only Header. Shortened a FMF Powercore to fit the lines. Redesigned the subframe to a flat tracker stance. Heres how it stands currently, the cardboard is modeling for the body work ill be doing:
  11. Etbewild

    XL200 rebuild log

    Ive been posting a solid once every two months here when i run into something interesting about this bike. But i've been putting in hours on it in the meantime. It started as a beat 2002 XL200 but now its getting on its final form as something to rip up the tiny, crowded, Istanbul streets and get to the trails when i can. I moved here a year ago, and found out my wife (then GF) had it rotting out front of her moms apartment building. I didn't bring tools with me when i moved here (Id be finished already if i had) so ive been getting work done here and there as parts and tools get shipped in. Heres what i started with. Rust, UV damage, bad rubber, and not running. Pretty much everything except the frame and engine was trash, you could break off pieces of the plastics with your fingers. Oh and her ex-boyfriend was so kind as to do some work to it which included closing up the engine side covers with flathead screws, and clogging the oil passages with RTV.
  12. Etbewild

    chinese xr xl 185 piston and cylinder kits

    Chuck, out of curiosity, whats the limit to how thin is "too thin" on the spigots?
  13. Etbewild

    XR 250 to 18" rim spoke length

    Maybe I should've included a bit more information. This set came at their suggestion. It was then shipped to the otherside of the globe, to me, which is both expensive($70 shipping plus $15 intl handling fee) and time consuming(over a month wait) so I have a number to double check against when I communicate with them on Monday, I'm wondering if anyone knows what length spokes to go for. I don't want to risk getting the wrong size again, so it would be super helpful if anyone knows that offhand! im just looking for peace of mind here with the next order!
  14. Hey all, Ive got and 2002 XL200, it runs a xr250 rear hub. I ordered a set of spokes form buchanons to lace my XR 250 hub to a new 18" rim. upon receiving them they are too short. Seeing as its still stock diameter can anyone provide the spoke lengths for the rear wheel? Id really appreciate it so i can double check before my replacement order (international shipping times are rough) I cut out the old seized spokes, so i dont have a stock one to measure against. Thanks! ET
  15. Etbewild

    Boring an xl200

    Ill probably pickup a wiseco 65.5 mm piston if it has a matching compression height. Its compression height is not listed on their webpage or on any ebay ads ive seen for it. Can someone comfirm that for me?