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  1. floydstar

    2007/2008 Will SXS-F tank fit a EXC ?

    Thanks Eastreich - very helpful and saved me £$£$£ finding out for myself
  2. Some help please. I've got a 2007 450 EXC with orange tank. I want to fit a black tank like that on the 2008 EXC. Question 1: I found a 2008 black tank for sale and the guy reckons the tank will fit but I'd have to go to the 2008 rad scoops. I looked up the part numbers on and the 2007 and 2008 tank seem to have different numbers. Anyone know if the 2008 tank will fit my 2007 bike? Question 2: Also found an "2007-2010 SXS-F 450 tank". Anyone know if that will fit my 2007 EXC 450? Thanks, Dan.
  3. floydstar

    2004 YZ450F Wont Start

    Hi guys 2004 YZ450F. Bought the bike recently and am using for Flat Track racing in the UK. It'll been tricky to start off the kick start since I bought it but always bumped easily. Did a practice day yesterday and it go harder and harder to bump throughout the day to the point where we gave up. I've had a look at it today and not the following: There is no spark when kicking it over with the plug resting on a stud Same, no spark, when I changed the plug I have replaced the kill switch (actually its running a lanyard style kill switch where if you fall off it pull out and kills the engine). I've tried a new one of these and same issue, no spark. I found the wire from the neutral switch to ecu ripped out of the switch unit under the gear shifter. From what I've read this doesn't matter/relate to ignition. I have tried to kick and check for spark with this not touching the frame and also tried with it bolted to the frame. Still no spark. I notice the wires from the loom to the coil have damaged shielding - see photo attached - this doesn't look like new damage though but could well be causing the issue? Previous owner said it was a b*tch to start until they replaced the stator. If I remove that whole cover to inspect will it drop the oil? Where are the 'ground points' on a YZ450F? The bike is pretty old and well used so anything in the wiring could be suspect. It ran perfectly every time after bumping starting yesterday but got harder and harder to bump until nothing. I'm supposed to be racing this Saturday but currently bikes in bits and I don't know what try now. Knowing nothing about electrics doesn't help. Any help really appreciated. Thanks, Dan.
  4. floydstar

    Timing Chain Links

    New chain now fitted and swedged - thankfully it pulled through ok using a bit of thin wire to connect the old chain to the new chain. Meant I had a chain to practice on too which help when I can to riveting the new chain. That's fiddly! Hope the gaskets ok as the heads been on a off a few times now. Valve adjustment next. It's locked in TDC now. I cant find any shims - did this model RFS not have shims? 2004 400 EXC-R.... Thanks
  5. floydstar

    Timing Chain Links

    Piston is is TDC now and I've locked it there with the locking bolt (thick washer removed to lock it). I set it this way before I put the head back on to make sure it was in TDC for when I re-swedged the chain and got onto the valves adjustment Questions: 1) Can the piston only ever be in TDC when the lock bolt is in lock position or is it possible to find the crank locking position with the bolt when the piston is on overlap stroke? 2) I've only just put the head back on, new gasket, and torqued it down. The engine hasn't run. If I removed the head again to ensure I get true TDC, and lock it out with the bolt again, then replace the timing chain with the head still off (should be easier to feed it through with less of distance) and feed the new chain through the motor can I re-use the head gasket? or is it knackered after its been torqued down once? Thanks for your help
  6. floydstar

    Timing Chain Links

    Thanks guys. If I order a new timing chain can I connect it to the existing chain and pull it through the motor so as not to have to strip everything down again?
  7. floydstar

    Timing Chain Links

    Rebuilding top end of my 2004 EXC 400. Now onto re-riveting the timing chain but having some problems. 1) it looks like I 'broke' the chain incorrectly? I've managed to remove this section: Opposed to this section (new replacement riveting link, (I bought 2 in case a damaged one)) I was hooing to just use the old pins and re-swedge them but the old pins will not fit in the links in the chain now (by hand). The pins will not push into these link holes.... I thought I must have distorted the ends enough when removing that they no longer fit but then I tried the new riveting link in these same holes and they don't fit either! Then I tried pushing (again by hand) the new riveting plate to on to the new riveting link pins (plate see resting on top if the pins below but that also doesn't fit.... So am guessing plates have to be pressed back on to the pins (old or new pins). Is this correct? Given the way I 'broke' the chain its going to be very tricky press the old pins through the chain, though the section I removed and in the plate. I'm using the motion pro chain riveting tool... Any advice/thoughts welcome. Far too many tiny bits to juggle and not drop in the motor! Have I buggered it by removing the section rather then riveting link supplied as replacement? Hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance. Dan.
  8. floydstar

    Con Rod play

    Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. I took it to my local bike shop/service centre today and they agreed they didn't look too bad and it measured true but they said they could rehone it within tolerance of a new piston for £35 Plus the price of the vertex piston I was going to buy and install anyway. Seems like win-win and some peace of mind but not a lot of cash
  9. floydstar

    Con Rod play

    Thanks for the replies guys. Whilst I'm here how does the piston and cylinder look to you guys? The marks on the sleeve are imperceptible to touch, cant feel any grooves/scratches with my finger nail). I cant feel any variation in the cylinder where you see the marks. It's more targeted polishing than gouges and theses no lip at all at the top of the cylinder when the rings top out which I believe is a good sign? Presumably I do need to change that piston? not looking good on the skirts I can borrow a bore gauge and measure front to back, side t side of the cylinder - would that indicate if OK or not? Another bit I'd happily take advice on is state of the valves/heard - should I clean this up, get valves ground and seats re-cut? All this was working perfectly fine by the way. I'm doing a bit of restore on the old girl, haven't changed the piston in a few thousand miles so thought it time to. Thanks, Dan.
  10. floydstar

    Con Rod play

    Just doing my first piston change on my 2004 EXC 400. Head and cylinder off, I can move the con rod from side to side a centimetre or two, affectively moving side to side on the big end. Is this normal/ok or should there be no lateral moment?Video here Thanks, Dan.
  11. floydstar

    Wossner Piston upgrade reviews ?

    Appreciate the feedback
  12. I am stripping my 2004 EXC 400 RFS motor and will replace the piston. Does anyone have any experience with high compression pistons? Wossner for example. Thanks in advance.