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  1. Kenda Parker DT
  2. I wonder how much the Factory Race Teams add to the cost of each bike sold at retail...
  3. Registration in AZ as well as getting it plated is no problem. CA will require sales tax be paid I am pretty sure. Depending on what model they may require OHV and/or street tags. I would contact the dealer in question and see what they can do for you.
  4. My dad always said they are made from hardened peanut butter...
  5. Well there is that I guess!
  6. That is good. Just got to keep climbing back on the horse that threw you!
  7. Yikes! That doesn't sound good. I hope you heal quickly.
  8. Be careful!
  9. As it is "not running" it is kind of a crap shoot. But heck it is a Honda. Guy says it needs a tank. I may go take a look tomorrow. Anything special I should look for?
  10. I found one that's been parked for a few years. It's pretty cheap.
  11. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know what the seat height of a 2001 XR250R is?
  13. I love my Ram 2500 TD 4x4. It is the best truck I have ever had.
  14. For me it comes down to wants vs. needs. I want a 350 Husky, but my current bike fits my needs just fine.
  15. Yes! That is one of the few things I dislike about my diesel truck. But with oil capacity in gallons instead of quarts I guess it is just part of it.