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  1. I have a couple of Tuff Jugs w/ Ripper spouts. They work pretty good for me. No tank mods needed. I think RMATVMC has video about them.
  2. Dwrizzol

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

    Damn you went and got it all dirty.
  3. Dwrizzol

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

    Pretty good price! Let us know how the ride goes.
  4. Dwrizzol

    Joined the Orange Brigade!

  5. Dwrizzol

    how to avoid getting paralyzed lol

    but you repeat yourself CJ
  6. Dwrizzol

    VP Dealer in Tucson, AZ

    That gas station out by the drag strip sells "race gas" right at the pump. Seems to me it was about $7/ gallon last I checked a couple of months ago.
  7. Dwrizzol

    swollen clutch membrane

    Not sure about your model/ year, but mine takes mineral oil in the clutch reservoir.
  8. Dwrizzol


    That is the combo I am running. It seems pretty good so far, about 200 miles.
  9. You could ride at night/ early morning, I have done that a few times...
  10. Just think of driving into a blow dryer for hours...
  11. Dwrizzol

    XC-F vs EXC-F motors.

    The EXC is 50 State street legal from 2007 forward and thusly needs to pass stringent smog and noise regulations. The XC is a closed course race bike.
  12. Dwrizzol

    XC-F vs EXC-F motors.

    The transmission gear ratios are different. The XC motor is closer to the SX motor than the EXC is.
  13. Dwrizzol

    530 EXC Cylinder bore question

    They normally bore and sleeve I believe. Then plate them.
  14. I understand that was a false alarm and personally, I never have had a bike with OI. But even in your case if you were far from the truck or in a race, dumping in a couple ounces of oil would finish the race or get the bike back. Would it run rich (in oil)? Yes, but it would get back. Just a thought...