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  1. Sounds good, I guess I need to make a leap of faith...
  2. I probably ride >10% pavement. Tubliss is not DOT approved but then again my tires are probably not either. I really don't care...
  3. I have tuggers front and back
  4. The 350 4t is only about 5 lbs heavier than the 300 2t and seems like more of a known quantity in my feeble mind
  5. This is all true... I keep hearing the marvels of the PV. I am just not sure I want to gamble $10K on the PV miracle. I am like Mulder I want to believe!
  6. True but open class 2ts were a bit more forgiving at least with Senior Bulto's bikes. The only way to torque was more cc's.
  7. Ports were ports back in the stone age. The only cure for pipeyness (is that a word?) was displacement...
  8. I have never ridden a power valve 2t I understand there is strange magik involved with them....
  9. It's ok, needs fork work. The motor is awesome. Lots of power... I bet it is a blast... I don't know if I could handle that amount of power...
  10. I agree! That is why that 350FX is calling me... 220lbs and claimed 58HP
  11. You need to ride a 500EXC, that's a really exciting motorcycle. Just a monster off road. How is your Husky off road? That seems like it would be a monster off road...
  12. You need to ride a 500EXC, that's a really exciting motorcycle. Just a monster off road. I have an older 525 EXC is it a monster? It seems pretty tame to me, it does have balls but it is all about throttle control.
  13. My wife wants me to go riding too, but it's more of a lottery ticket for collecting on my life insurance deal. She'd be pretty stoked to trade me for 300k. While the spousal motivations are different, the result is the same. Ride whenever we want it could be much worse. You know upon reflection My wife only has $50k insurance on me... maybe she would trade me for that $50k, now I feel undervalued.
  14. Tubliss at leat on the rear is incredible. I was a little reluctant at first and ran 7psi on the rear it was good but when I lowered it to 5psi it is incredible! Tubliss on front is good and I have found about 9psi is good much lower and the front tire will roll too much in corners. On the back it is brilliant on the front it is okay...
  15. It probably is 40lbs lighter! I have been thinking about either a 300 2t or a 350 4t both are about 40lbs lighter than my '06 525 EXC...