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  1. Only three?
  2. Wow no hooligan laps around the neighborhood?
  3. Any noticable differences?
  4. I actually went on size softer than the charts due to my extreme lack of speed. In hindsight I should have got the heavier ones but I am reducing my tonnage so hopefully they will work out OK. If not then another couple hundred and new springs again.
  5. Stiffer both ends
  6. I bought new springs both ends off a chart and set comp and rebound to the default factory settings. It changed my bike from nearly unrideable to something that is pretty good with just a few clicks on both ends. Not perfect but pretty good!
  7. Yeah straight weight springs both ends on my bike. Makes it a bit simpler I guess.
  8. Oh I get it...I think. Sorry to belabor this but I am trying to un-*#%! the way the PO had setup my bike. It was really scary when I first got it. Compression jacked all the way up and massive preload! Just to save a couple of hundred on some springs.
  9. So theoretically, If the rider weight disparity between two different riders the lighter one might have 10mm of preload and the heavier rider would have no preload?
  10. Okay, if you have the proper spring rates for both rider A who weighs 150lbs and rider B who weighs 250lbs on each of their otherwise identical bikes. It would seem the static sag would be much different... I must be missing something.
  11. This maybe a dumb question but why does the static sag matter? So your bike handles better after the rider gets thrown off?
  12. Well, the Anasazi were an "advanced" civilization
  13. Very cool!
  14. Is there a background story that goes with that tower?
  15. Kinda like Chevy and Oldsmobile/ Buick