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  1. ChadBNasty


    Has anyone messed around with the gearing? I'm interested and want to see if I can get a little more top end?
  2. ChadBNasty

    OEM exhaust

    The exhaust is in great shape, there really no need to throw them away. If rather just replace the packing. Now the header on the other hand needs to be replaced. It's rusty and getting thin in places.
  3. ChadBNasty

    OEM exhaust

    2009, crf250r duel exhaust
  4. ChadBNasty

    CRF250r stutters and dies when hot

    It's also possible that your Fuel/ Air mix screw may need adjustment.
  5. ChadBNasty

    OEM exhaust

    Has anyone ever taken their OEM muffler and repacked it. What kinda of obstacles will run into? Any suggestions?