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  1. Snikkeren

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    There’s a yellow/orange light indicating that the ABS is off on the rear wheel. [emoji106]
  2. Snikkeren

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    I had a great ride a couple of weeks ago. For me this was the highligt of the season. Normally I make norwegian MotoVlogs, but for this one, I made a short video without me speaking. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Snikkeren

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    It's not like the chain is soaking wet, and we leave a trail of oil behind us. Sounds like you don't have any first hans experience with automatic chain oilers. Of course we don't want to spray the roads in oil. They would be dangerous to ride on then. I mean, come on...
  4. Snikkeren

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    If you've got an automatic chain oiler, the chain will be cleaner, and you don't have to clean the chain that often. The difference between the oil for chain oilers and normal oil on a spraycan, is that the oil for the chain oilers isn't that sticky. The oil then gets thrown off the chain, and takes dirt/dust with it. Normal chain oil is often sticky so it sticks better to the chain, but then dirt will also stick. I will absolutely recommend an automatic chain oiler.
  5. Snikkeren

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    May I Ask how long your chains usually last? I must say I'm not sold on these arguments. I've always lubed my chains, also for offroad use. Edit: let me add that I've never had to change a chain on any of my bikes. I've always sold them before the chain is worn. But that doesn't mean I don't ride much. The last bike I sold had 35000 km on the odometer, and the chain was probably good for at least 10000 more.
  6. Snikkeren

    Automatic Chain Oiler

    Go for the Tutoro. Easy install, and works perfectly. No need to tap in to the vacuum or any electronics. Just mount, adjust and drive. [emoji106]