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  1. noste500

    Will a KTM 125 sx jump good?

    And he’s not even going for the brake tap yet bob 👍 great shot btw
  2. noste500

    2020 - Add the kicker or not?

    Only joking pal
  3. noste500

    2020 - Add the kicker or not?

    That’s a great idea , just make sure you take either 2 bike stands or 3 mates to hold the wheels up 😂👍
  4. noste500

    85 Crank failure after 6 hrs...

    2016 65 is 60:1 2017 85 is 40:1 not sure on other model years ( as per manual )
  5. noste500

    150 sx jetting 2018

    If you go to 35/1 it will lean out more due to less fuel .. don’t do that .
  6. noste500

    150 sx jetting 2018

    See my findings as this is what happened to me . I would order a full gasket set and the small block gasket ( name ?) and rebuild your carb. I switched out for a kehein and went with 2016 jetting as recommended in manual , later going with the JD jetting kit needle. and it’s been great.
  7. noste500

    2017+ Mikuni carb jetting thread for 250/300

    What’s the app called ?
  8. noste500

    2020 KTM TPI

    How long before 2t motocross models go Fi ? Anyone know ?
  9. ^^this i had this on my 18.
  10. noste500

    Top 5 Bike Setup Adjustments

    As above forks sag please ?
  11. noste500

    2020 ktm 125sx - pic

    The new husky pics are out and look good as well .
  12. noste500

    TC250 too fast

    ^ if you do this be carefully your cable doesn’t jump out and lock ( as is happening with kids 50 ktm a etc) I wouldn’t advise that .
  13. noste500

    2018 Tc125 sputtering mid range

    If it’s the same problem I had with my 18 sx150 it was down to the carb, swapped for a kehein and had not a single issue .
  14. noste500

    150sx standard pipe mod?

    Seem to remember someone ( was it mog ?) that cut down the std silencer .. what were the gains ? Looking for options with modding the standard pipe . 18 bike running kehien carb , tighter squish 1.1 iirc and V4 reeds/block Cheers in advance .
  15. noste500

    tx300 throttle is stiff

    If same as ktm they changed the throttle setup from 17 onwards (iirc ) i went to a 16 throttle set up on my 2018 orange bike to get the loose throttle back .