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  1. Bruce Martens

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    What does any of that have to do with the pictures I posted? Also I have never used simple green. Po may have but I doubt it since it was so oiley
  2. Bruce Martens

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  3. Bruce Martens

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  4. Bruce Martens

    Hot rods vs wiseco

    Yeah lol idfk
  5. Bruce Martens

    Hot rods vs wiseco

    The only part bad about the wiseco cranks is the rod as far as I can see, and wiseco owns proX so idk bout that.
  6. Bruce Martens

    Hot rods vs wiseco

    Wiseco pistons are good from my experience anyway, that's all I've ever used in my snowmobiles and two strokes, only thing I know is that since they are forged they expand a lil more so just let it warm up good before you ride,
  7. Bruce Martens

    Hot rods vs wiseco

    Use factory, I'ma stay away from wiseco cranks from now on after mine busted halfway on the stand for no reason, no where near revlimit, all the crank bearings and every thing felt good tho, still ran with the rod like this too
  8. My 2016 1000 pioneer had a recall for the heat shielding around the seats and the muffler and one that replaced all the clutches and basket because of the wear/slipping issues, didn't have any issues with the clutch before but it definitely shifts smoother now.
  9. Bruce Martens

    2017 CRF250F Fork Seals Leak

    Get a seal buddy or one of those seal cleaners you stick up in the seals and hook the dirt out. I made one out of a sheet of plastic I clamped around a pipe about the size of my forks and heated up so it would take shape. Works like a charm.
  10. Bruce Martens

    HELP!! Cracks or casting imperfections??

    Just casting marks man, nothing to worry about
  11. Bruce Martens

    2017 CRF250R Kickstart Broke Case & Side Cover

  12. Bruce Martens

    How to repair aluminium crank case?

    Mine had gouges kinda like that all around it, probably smaller tho, when I fully rebuilt it, it should be fine.
  13. Bruce Martens

    Why is my plug red?

    Looks great, more of a cardboard brown, perfect for a two-stroke imo
  14. Bruce Martens

    2004 crf250r project

    i dont mean to alarm you but i would highly recommend returning that wiseco bottom end for a stock or hot rods, a hot rods is close to the same price and even closer is a stock crank from motosport.com (just rebuilt mine). heres a pic of my rod on my wiseco crank that busted the rod for literally no reason, nothing siezed, it even still was idleing:
  15. Bruce Martens

    First full motor rebuild @ bottom end compatibility

    Well I'd be willing to bet that,just like my bike, the only reason it blew up was because it had a wiseco crank. My wiseco crank, or more specifically the rod, broke 3/4 of the way across at mid rpm and still idled, albeit smacking the head from added rod length. All my bearings still spun freely, no failure other than the rod, also from what I've heard hotrods cranks are pretty good, when I rebuilt mine I put in a stock one from motosport, witch was like $100 off so it was basically the same as a hotrods.